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Jaina Voice in Back....
Jaina Voice is back with a new format. Editor-in-Chief Dr.H.A.Parshwanath speaks abouts its new structure and format. more....

Jai Jinendra!

It has been quite some time that Jaina Voice had not been published due to some inevitable reasons. During this period we have received numerous emails, enquires and requests from diferent individuals, organisations and Samaj's to restart its publication. This was the time when we realised the impression 'Jaina Voice' had created on our readers. It was around the same time when we had planned of restructuring our website WWW.JAINHERITAGECNETRES.COM and hence decided to republish this on completing our restructuring.

It has been around three months that WWW.JAINHERITAGECNETRES.COM is live with a new design. On its relaunch we had received numerous appreciation mails and this further motivated us to come out with the current format of 'Jaina Voice'.

The previous version of 'Jaina Voice' was in the form of a newsletter with prime focus on news. However, the new version will take the shape of a maganize. Numerous people have helped us with their inputs and suggestions in this process of evolution from a newsletter on to a Jain magazine. This redesign is the brain child of my son and our director of WWW.JAINHERITAGECNETRES.COM Nitin H.P.. He put in his experience gained at his work place (Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.) in designing this and also my special thanks to Dr.C.Devakumar (New Delhi), Gaurav Jain (New Delhi), Pankaz Hingarh (Mumbai) and Yogesh Jain (New Delhi) for their kind inputs.

Coming on to new design as already mentioned we have this in the form of a magazine with a special focus on some Jain heritage sites - Heritage Highlight, an article specially focusing on some rituals or events or a place or of some unknow proceedings in the community - Focus, articles related to Jainism from various scholars and experts in their respective fields, articles in different Indian languages and as before the news updates.

The news updates have been categorised into News Stories (news updates related to Jainism), Panchakalyanas (information about Panchakalyanas planned and panchakalyanas that have been conducted), Poojas, Awards (information about awards conferred and awards announced) and Forthcoming events (information about forthcoming events related to Jainism). The Poojas section is planned at providing a platform of even the remotest of the remote villages across India and the world to publish information about the forthcoming annual pooja and rathayatra celebrations planned and conducted.

As far design is concerned, we have taken care to have it in such a way that it will be a printer friendly version so that a reader need not make any realigements while printing. In addition to this we have taken utmost care to make sure that the pages are not too long.

Having said all this I would like to present before you the frist redesigned version of Jaina Voice and request you to kindly send us news and articles for publishing in WWW.JAINHERITAGECNETRES.COM and Jaina Voice.

I look forward to hear from you with your comments and suggestions on the new design of JAINA VOICE.

With best Regards,



Editorial - Jaina Voice is Back...

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