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Forthcoming Events ...
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18 - 22 January 2010 - Annual Panchakalyana Celebrations at Vimalanatha Jain Temple, Bellur, Mandya District, Karnataka.
20 - 22 January 2010 - Panchakalyana Celebrations at Janakal, Chitradurga District, Karnataka
26 January 2010 - Conferring of Ratnakaravarni Award, Bangalore
31 January 2010 - Jain Matrimonial Meet, Bangalore
31 January 2010 - Annual pooja mahotsava of Sri Ananthanatha Tirthanakara and Goddess Padmavathidevi at Pane Mangalore (Bantawala Taluk, Mangalore District, Karnataka)

11 - 21 February 2010 - Panchakalyana and Masthakabhisheka Mahotsava at Jambudweep

17 - 22 February 2010 - Panchakalyana Celebrations at Vasundhara, Gaziabad
22 - 26 February 2010 - Siddachakra Mahamandala Vidhan at Puttenahalli Jain Temple, Bangalore
21 - 28 February 2010 - Siddachakra Mahamandala Vidhan at Deh (Nagaur, Rajasthan)


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Heritage Highlight:
Kanakagiri - The only Siddakshetra in south India

Focus: Recreating Shravanabelagola's Bahubali...


Father of American Jainism - Virchand Raghavji Gandhi - Pankaz Hingarh

Kamandal - Jain Emblem of Saving Ecology - Gaurav Jain

Kannada - Anuvratagalu - Dr.T.R.Jodatti - ಅಣುವ್ರತಗಳು -


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10th All India Jain Students Felicitation Function

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