Bottom Panel of the attractive Sallekhana Memorial of a Jain Queen at Hombuja.

Hombuja’s Attractive Sallekhana Memorial of a Jain Queen

– Article , Photos, Design & Concept: Nitin H P, Bengaluru (HPN@JHC) people visiting the ancient Jain Heritage Centre Hombuja/Humcha (Hosanagara Taluk, Shivamogga District, Karnataka), the land of Santharas wouldn’t have visited Bogara basadi and people who have visited Bogara basadi might not have noticed the ancient “Sallekhana Memorial inscription – Nishadi” found in front […]

Traces of Jainism Found in Ethiopia

Bengaluru (Karnataka), 28th June 2019: Jains are businessmen since time immemorial and had their transactions spread the world over. They constructed Jain temples/basadis at the places of their residence for their daily darshana. The traces of Jainism found at Kosmi Caves in Kenya and at Cambodia are one of the best examples in this regard. […]

Manastambha at Karkala, Udupi District, Karnataka.

Altruism speaks from the grand pavilions

– Article & Images Courtesy: Ashwini Jain, Deccan Herald Ancient architecture never fails to awe us when it comes to finding essence and meaning behind physical constructions. While most heritage sites in India stand an evidence to that, a few unsung establishments in coastal Karnataka embody that spirit. These establishments are nothing more than pillars […]

The temple ruins are located at Punchavayal, near Panamaram, in Kerala's Wayanad district.

Old Jain shrine in Wayanad in ruins due to ASI apathy

– Article & Photos Courtesy: Anjana Menon, Manorama Online A Jain Temple likely constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries during the Hoysala reign in present-day Karnataka region is now in ruins, unprotected and abandoned though ironically a signboard of Archeological Survey of India (ASI) stands at the entrance declaring it to be a protected monument and legal action […]

Parshwanath Tirthankar Jain temple before renovation, Makodu, Mysuru, district, Karnataka.

Restoring Heritage Sites

Vestiges Pooja Mahesh writes about a collaborative effort to save the Jain Heritage sites of the state. Home to many artefacts, archaeological and architectural wonders, it is of little wonder that several of these reflect the rich heritage of the country. There are various structures such as buildings, monuments, artefacts, spaces and precincts that are […]

Grandeur in simplicity

– Ashwini Jain (Article Courtesy: Deccan Herald) From atop the Bahubali hill at Karkala, the town unfolds like a masterpiece of an artist. Amidst nature, households, roads and structures; the Chaturmukha Basadi steals the limelight. The four-faceted Jain temple is situated at the centre of Karkala and gives an illusion that the entire town is […]


A ruined ancient Digambar Jain temple of 11th Century A.D. in Chikamagalur District, Karnataka, India. Located in the midst of Western Ghats. – Article, Photos, Video & Video Editing  – Nitin H.P., Bengaluru Karnataka has always been a hotbed of Jainism. We can find historical references about the presence of Jainism in Karnataka since 2nd century […]

Jain Tirthankar idol at Hanamkonda

Hanamkonda, Warangal were once Jain learning centres

Hyderabad: Based on archaeological evidences, the member of the committee on Telangana History, Ramoju Haragopal and his team found out that Warangal and Hanamkonda were once thrived as seats of Jain learning. According to the Warangal Kaifiyat (local records), Jains of Vengi region migrated to Hanamkonda on account of attacks against them. The Kakatiya Prola-II […]

Idol of Lord Bahubali at Venur

Rendezvous With Karnataka’s Jaina Trail

The more I see, the more I’m fascinated with temple architecture in India. This urge has been fuelled manifold since our taking up residence in Bengaluru a few years ago. For Karnataka is strewn with monuments that are as varied in their construction style and ornamentation as the dynasties that gave birth to them. One […]

ಬಸದಿ ಹೊಸಕೋಟೆಯ ಭಗವಾನ್ ಬಾಹುಬಲಿ ವಿಗ್ರಹ.

A forgotten Jain site

Kushal V R visits the Jain shrines and other relics in Basadi Hosakote, a nondescript village in Mandya district that was a major Jain pilgrimage centre in the past. In the history of humankind, how god should be worshipped evolved into various different religions. While some of these religions have disappeared into oblivion, others flourished […]

Varuna Jain Ruins & Inscriptions

Varuna a small hamlet situated at a distance of 12 Kms from Mysore the cultural capital of Karnataka at the outset appears just like any another village in Karnataka until we start exploring its heritage. It bears a rich heritage in terms of history and culture from the period of early Western Gangas of Talakad […]

Carving of Gajalakshmi on Indragiri Hillock at Shravanabelagola

Jain History Rocks

With a colossal statue of Bahubali watching over ancient hieroglyphics, Shravanabelagola holds both, surprises and shocks for history buffs Karnataka has a lot to offer the road-trip enthusiast: there’s the ancient temple town of Hampi; Badami, the site of cave temples carved out of sandstone; and then, there’s the lesser-known Shravanabelagola, a place of religious […]

Shravanabelagola's - Siddhara Gundu and its heritage

Shravanabelagola’s Siddhara Gundu and its Heritage

– Article & photos by Nitin H.P. A rock boulder located besides Akhanda Bagilu on Indragiri Hillock, Shravanabelagola, Hassan District, Karnataka, India. Has 8 inscriptions – related to carvings on the hillock, Sallekhana memorials, visit of devotees & construction of a water reservoir. Seven Sallekhana memorials with & without inscriptions. Carvings of Jinas and a group […]

A look at Jain manuscripts and drawings from the early 19th century

The British Library’s Mackenzie Collection provides a fascinating record of Jainism in Karnataka over 200 years ago. The British Library holds over a thousand Jain manuscripts, most of which were collected in the 19th Century, by Indologists and East India Company officials. In a recent blog, Pasquale Manzo, the British Library’s Sanskrit curator, gives an […]

A part of the temple complex.

Jain temple ruins ‘conserved’ for Rs 72 lakh?

Jaipur: The ancient Jain temple at Juna, located in land belonging to the forest department about 12 kilometres from the headquarters of Barmer district in Rajasthan, is dated to the 12th century. However, when visitors visit the spot, they see only rubble. A board at the spot proclaims that this is a protected monument, one […]

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