Main Deity – About 2 feet high marble idol of Lord Chandraprabhu in padmasana posture. History – Nawada is a part of the famous ancient Magadh division of south Bihar. The origin of the name Nawada is believed to be derived from the old persian name Nau-abadah , which means “new town” which was earlier known […]


History – The present day Barker river was the Rujubaluka river of the ancient times. It is believed that this great tirth was called Rujuvaluka. On the farm of the farmer Shyamak on the bank of this river under a shali tree at an auspicious time of Vijay Muhurta on the tenth day of the […]


History – The garbha, janma and diksha Kalyana of Tirthankar Puspdantha were held at this place. Muni Abhayghosh attained nirvana at this place. Numerous Jain idols were recovered from this place. Three hills and tanks indicate the antiquity of this place. Temple Name – Sri Pushpadantha Digambar Jain Temple. Temple Type – Digambar Temple Main Deity […]


History – Two Jain temples are seen at Gaya one among them being the temple of Bhagawan Mahavira. Gaya is also famous for the Bodhi tree where Lord Gautam Budha got the Bodhitatva. How to Reach – Gaya has good rail and road facilities from Patna. Accommodation Details – Lodging and boarding facilities are available […]


History – This tirth belongs to a period earlier than the times of the last Tirthankara Bhagawan Mahavir. It was the capital of King Siddhartha, the father of Bhagawan Mahavir. bhagwan Mahavira spent nearly 30 years of his life time at this place. He took diksa at the age of thirty on the auspicious tenth day […]


  How to Reach – Guniyaji is a small village on the Patna-Ranchi main road. It is 20 Kms from Pavapuri. Bus service and private vehicles are available. Temple Name – Sri Gautam Ganadhar Swami Jain Temple. Main Deity – About 1 feet high, white-colored idol of Swami Gautam Ganadhar in the Padmasana posture. Temple History […]


History – This place is known as Bhondal Village .This is the place of Janma Kalyana of bhagwan Sheetalnath (some scholars opine that Udaygiri near Vidhisha in Madhya Pradesh is the birth place of bhagwan Sheetalnath). The Bhondalgaon or Bhadalpur or Bhadrikapuri is considered to be the Sahetuk forest where the Bhagwan Sheetalnath attained salvation(Kewalgyan). […]


History – The present city of Patna was called as Kusumpur in the history. It was built by Udayan, a follower of the Jain religion, in memory of his father. The large city was the capital of the Magadhas. King Udayan built in it manyJain temples, Gajashalas, Ashvashalas, Pansadhashalas, dispensaries etc. This is the birth […]


History – Gunava is the Nirvana place of Swami Gautam Ganadhar. The Jain temple here is situated at the centre of a pond and a bridge about 60 meters long connects the temple to the land. We can see the Charana of Swami Gautham Ganadhar installed inside the temple. Heritage Centre Type – Atishaya Kshetra. […]


History – This is the birth place of three of the eleven Gandhars of Bhagawan Mahavira namely the three brothers Indrabhuti, Agnibhuti and Vayubuthi. Nalanda and Kundalpur were suburbs of Rajgiri. A University was found at Nalanda and was a great center of Buddhist studies. It is said that Bhagawan Mahavir had meet Goshalak here. In […]


History – Pavapuri called as ‘Apapuri’ in the history was ruled by the Magadhas.This is the place of the last monsoon sojourns of Mahavir Swami. Many kings and rich merchants had visited this place to hear the sermons of Mahavir. Many people were influenced by the discourses of Lord Mahavir. Since their doubts were removed, […]


History – The ancient name of this place is Kundgram (Vasukund). This is the place of the three Kalyanas (events beneficent the world) – Garbha, Janma and Diksha Kalyana of Lord Mahavir, according to the Digambar belief. It is said that Vaishali was a very prosperous city and ruled mainly by Lichchhvi dynasty. They were […]


History – Ara is an ancient Jain centre and is famous for ancient Jain temples with around 40 Digambar Jain temples. A good collection of hundreds of Jain manuscripts are found at Jain Sidhdhant Bhavan. The Jain Mahila Ashram setup by Mahila Ratna Brahmacharini Chandanbhai can be found at Dharamkunj. Heritage Centre Type – Atishaya […]


History – This is the only place where all the five kalyanas- garbha, janma, diksha, kevalagnana and moksha kalyana of bhagwan Vasupujya took place. It is said that Bhagawan Adinatha, Bhagwan Parshwanatha and Bhagawan Mahavira had their monsoon stay at this place. Bhagawan Mahavira had his third and twelfth monsoon stay at this place. Many […]

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