Asuriya – Samavasarana Tirth

History : Bharuch region happens to be the place of Samavasarana (Samavasarana Bhoomi) of Lord Ajithanath, Chandraprabhu and Munisuvratanath Tirthankars. This Tirth has been set up in memory of this. Heritage Centre Type : Tirtha Kshetra How to Reach : The tirth is located near Asuriya village besides the national highway 8 (NH8) while travelling from […]


The inscriptions besides the idols reveals that they belong to the year 1200 of the Vikram era. They were installed by the king Rana  Shri Gambhirsinhji in the month of Magh in the year 1928 of the Vikram era and the temple was renovated by the Sangha in the year 1959 of the Vikram era. […]


This place has a very ancient history. This idol is one of the three idols which were installed by Shravak Ashadhi. The architecture of the idol and many artistic remains found around the village, prove that this is a very ancient pilgrim place. The founding day of this temple is celebrated every year on the […]


History – Shrimad Vijayanandaghanasuri Maharaj Saheb conceived an idea of establishing a small tirth for their holiness Sadhus-Sadhvis and the Jain community within 30 kilometers near Himmatnagar and Idar on the Ambaji state highway. Under his inspiration and instructions, the idea of establishing a small tirth developed into setting up a big tirth. His holiness Acharyadev […]


History – It is said that the ancient name of this place was Valapalli. This temple of Bhagawan Parshwanatha is said to belong to a period prior to the twelfth century. It is believed that once upon a time abundant nectar was oozing out of this idol. That is why the devotees began to call […]


History – It is believed that this temple belongs to a period prior to the fifteenth century of the Vikram era. This idol was formally installed by His Holiness Acharya Shri Bhaktisurisvarji in the newly built temple, on the thirteenth day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the year 1944 of […]


How to Reach – The temple at Una is about 1 Km from the railway station. Buses and taxis are also available here. There is a Dharmashala at this place.


History – A story say that nobody could visit it without paying the tax of  one gold coin (muhar) to the village chief. People, therefore, called the idol by the name, Muhari Parshvanath. A few years ago, a monk saw in a dream that this idol was buried under a ruined house on the Shamalaji […]


History – The ancient names of this city were Thirpur, Thiradi, Tharadara, Thirapadra etc. History says that a very huge and high temple with 52 idols was built here in the year 1444 of the Vikram era. Maharaja Kumarpal built here a place named ‘Kumar Vihara’. There was a time when this was a very […]


History – This temple belongs to the group of the five temples of Abadasa. It is believed that the idol of this temple was installed by King Samprati. This temple was rebuilt in the year 1915 of the Vikram era and in the year 2027, its last renovation was undertaken under the auspices of Acharya […]


History – Digambara Jains settled on this isolated hill with it’s three rocky peaks. taranaga is a siddh kshetra. It is said that 3.5 crore muni including Vardutt and sagardutt attained nirvana from this place. The two hillocks named  kotishila and sidhhshila are having   idols of bhagawan Neminatha and Bhagwan Mallinatha of Vikram 1292. […]


History – In ancient times, this sacred place was considered as a peak of Mt. Shetrunjaya. Today, it is considered as one of the group of the five sacred places of Mt. Siddhachal. This hill is nearly 320 Ft. high. The climb is easy and only half kilometer long. There are many  small as well […]


History – This place is considered to be one of the main pilgrim place of the ‘Abadasa’ Taluk of Bhuj – Kutch. Shri Uddeshi Shravaka got this idol from a villager. He took it home and put it in the granary. The granary got filled with grains. Similarly, during the construction and rituals, the ghee-pots […]


History – There are 7 Digamabar Temples and 6 Chaitalaya. Among the 7 Digambara temples 4 are found at Navapura (one each of Mewada’s; Gujrati’s;  Chopra’s; Dandia’s) one  at gopipura and two near chandawadi. How to Reach – Surat is situated on the banks of river Tapti, is at a distance of 263 kms from […]


History – This place is famous due to center of activities of swami Kanji. Here the Digamabar temple of Bhagwan Simandharswami; Manastambh; Samavasran mandir; Sri Kundkund Digamabar jain Paramagam mandir; Sri Kahan Rahat center trust etc and other temples are worth seeing. How to Reach – This place is about 2 kms from Songarh station in […]


History – The temple here is the oldest temple of the Surendranagar district, Shiyani attracts Jain and non – Jain devotees. This sacred place is very ancient The beautiful main idol of Bhagawan Shantinatha was formally installed by King Samprati. A fair is held here every year on the fifth day of the bright half […]


History – Earlier Sherisa was a part of the city of Sonpur. The relics and pillars of the year 1500 of the Vikram era which are seen even today give an indication of the antiquity of this place. The idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha was installed by Devendrasurisvarji as the idol of Lodhan Parshwanatha in the […]

Shatrunjaya Dham

History – This huge Jain temple was built under the guidance of Acharya Vijayanandsurisavarji. The main idol is huge and attractive. This temple was formally installed on the tenth day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in the year 2030 of the Vikram era. How to Reach – The temple here is […]


History – Under the inspirations of His Holiness Acharyadev Jinchandrasuriji Maharaj Saheb and His Holiness Sharadchandravijayji, this idol of Bhagawan Shambavanatha was installed on the eleventh day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the years 2046 and 2048 of the Vikram era. A shepherd of Bavala, Seth Shri Chhaganbhai and the […]

Sankeshwar – Padmavathi

History – Under the auspicious of the Acharya Shrimad Hemchandrasurisvarji and under the inspiration and with blessings Muni Shri Lekhendravijayji, this new temple was built in the year 2050 of the Vikram era. The idol of Sankeshwar Parshwanatha is installed in the upper storey of this pinnacle temple. it is nearly 4 feet high. In […]

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