Bhandari Basadi

It is the largest temple seen in the town at Shravanabelagola and is built at different stages in different times. It measures 266 feet X 78 Feet. It bears Garbagriha, Antarala, Sabhamantapa and Mukha Mantapa constructed in simple architectural style. There is a long row of 24 prophets of 3 feet height in Kadgasana filling […]

Jain Math and Mathada Basadi

– Article by Dr. H.A. Parshwanath The Panchaparameshti Basadi or the Danashale basadi near the entrance to Akkana Basadi enshrines the Pancha-parameshthi group. The five panchaparameshtis are the Jinas, Siddhas, ACharyas, Upadhyas and the Sadhus. Jain mutt is a place where the propagator and the server of Jainism lives and under whose guidance the religious […]


On the way to Indragiri hill at Shravanabelagola from the vidyananda Yatri Nivas, the first structure that meets the eye of the visitor is the beautiful pond or Kalyani. This is a large beautiful pond situated at the centre of the town. It has steps on all sides and surrounded by a wall with gates surmounted by […]

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