::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: The ancestors of King Surajmal, the King of Gwalior, built this place about 2000 years ago. This place was one of the important Jain heritage centres  and many temples were found here. In 10 CAD, this place was ruined by the invasions and was neglected till the beginning of 20 CAD. Inspite of […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: The history of this place is very ancient. We can find many inscription belonging to the 11th century at this place which describe about the antiquity of the place. The temple is situated on a small hill on the bank of the river Narmda near the village Omkareshvar. The last renovation of this […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: We can find 13 jain temples at this place. The college established by Sri Ganeshprasad Varni and the library are very famous. There is a huge lake at this place. ::/history|0|heritage_centre::::heritage_centre_type|0|heritage_centre::N/A::/heritage_centre_type|0|heritage_centre::::how_to_reach|0|heritage_centre:: Sagar is situated at a distance of 78 kms from Damoh. ::/how_to_reach|0|heritage_centre::::accommodation_details|0|heritage_centre:: ::/accommodation_details|0|heritage_centre::::heritage_centre_map|0|heritage_centre:: ::/heritage_centre_map|0|heritage_centre::::near_by_places_of_jain_interest|0|heritage_centre:: ::/near_by_places_of_jain_interest|0|heritage_centre::::near_by_tourist_places|0|heritage_centre:: ::/near_by_tourist_places|0|heritage_centre::::related_links|0|heritage_centre:: ::/related_links|0|heritage_centre::::jseblodend_heritage_centre::::/jseblodend_heritage_centre:: ::temple::1::/temple:: ::jseblod_temple::temple_details::/jseblod_temple::::temple_name|0|temple:: ::/temple_name|0|temple::::temple_type|0|temple::N/A::/temple_type|0|temple::::main_deity|0|temple:: ::/main_deity|0|temple::::temple_history|0|temple:: ::/temple_history|0|temple::::special_events_at_the_temple|0|temple:: […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: The temple is situated on a small hill near the Resandigiri village. This place is also known as Nainagiri. The temple of Bhagawan Parshwanatha remained unseen for centuries. During the end of 19th century this temple was found by the land excavations on the hill according to the dream seen by a Shravak. […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: The history of this place begins from the times of Bhagawan Adinath. Previously this place was called by the name Prayag. The tree under which Bhagawan Adinatha attained omniscience is found at this place. It is called by the name ‘Akshray Vatavruksha’. In a holy book  of the year 1556 of the Vikram […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: As a whole we can find 37 Jain temples at this place. The main temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Mahavir Swami. We can find the tonks of all the 24 tirthankaras at this place. A Jain gurukul and an hostel for the Jain students is also found here. There is a very interesting […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: We can find 3 Jain temples at Pavagiri. The idols here are said to be very miraculous. Muni Swargbhdra has attained nirvana from this place. Five temples are found on a small hill known as Panch Pahadi. The idols and temples of Pavagiri ar said to belong to the 11th and 12th century […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: Patna Ganj is an Athishayakshetra.  We can find 25 Jain temples at this place. The idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha in the 23rd temple is very miraculous. ::/history|0|heritage_centre::::heritage_centre_type|0|heritage_centre::N/A::/heritage_centre_type|0|heritage_centre::::how_to_reach|0|heritage_centre:: Patnaganj is situated near the village Rahli at a distance of 42 Kms from Sagar. The boarding and lodging facilities are available in the Dharmashalas at […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: There are many stories associated with this place, these stories tell us about the various miracles that have taken place. Even to this day many miracles are seen at Parasali. Just to mention a few, it is said that a person by name Rameshvarji regained his eye sight by using the water that […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: Previously called by the name Pampapur, Papora is called as the city of temples. The temple of Bhagawan Adinatha was renovated in the year 1718 of the Vikrama era. We can find the inscriprions of the twelfth century on most of the idols here. This tells us about the historical importance of the […]