::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: Ter was one of the important ancient Jain centres, but now we cannout find even a single Jain family at this place. There are two temples at Ter and are found situated in a single compound. We can find many Jain idols and the footprints of Jain asectics. The temple is is situated outside […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: Sholapur is a major city of Maharastra and a important Jain centre.We can find eight Digambara temples at Sholapur. Two Dogambara temples are situated in the Sukervar peth locality, one in Kasagi area, one at Shravikashram,  one at Bhusari and seth sakharamji temple. We can find many Jain institutions at thsi place. The […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: This place is at the bank of Aasana river. The idol of Bhagwan Mallinath is said to be very miraculous. We can also find a white coloured idol of Bhagawan Mallinatha at this temple. The idols of other tirthanakars are also found in this temple. The Samadhi of Bhattarak Devenderkirtiji can also be […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: We can find two Jain temples at Shirpur. One of these temples has the black coloured idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha in the Padmasana posture. The idol in this temple is very ancient. This idol was installed by Mali and Sumali, the servants of Khaldusan, the brother-in-law of King Ravan. In the due course […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: The history of this tirth is believed to belong to the times of Bhagawan Munisuvrata. In the Padmapuran written by Acharya Raviseno is Vanshagiri(Ramtek), it is said that Ramchandraji built a number of Jain temples. The idol of Bhagawan Shantinatha installed here is believed to fulfill the desires of the devotees. There is […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: History says that the idol of Manovanchhit Parshwanatha of the city of Ner was brought here from Burhanpur. This idol is about 500 years old. It is said that the of Manovanchhit Parshvanath destroys unfulfilled desires of the devotees. This temple was renovated under the guidance of His Holiness Panyasapravar Surendravijayji on the […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: Previously called as ‘Parthisthan’ Pethan is one of the  Digamabar jain Atisay Kshetra. The ancient name od this place was ‘Partisthan’. The black colored idol of the main deity is made of sandstone and is very ancient. The idol was polished in 1964. Jains and people from other religions come here to fulfill their […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: The idol of Bhagwan Neminath at Navagarh-Ukhlad is said to be very miraculous. It is said that earlier a Parasmani (having power to convert iron into gold) was found in the foot of the idol which was thrown into the river to avoid its misuse. This place is one of the Athishayakshetra. ::/history|0|heritage_centre::::heritage_centre_type|0|heritage_centre::N/A::/heritage_centre_type|0|heritage_centre::::how_to_reach|0|heritage_centre:: […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: By reading the history of Nasikyapurkalpa written by Shri Jinaprabhsuri on basis of stories prevalent among Jains and non-Jains, one gets acquainted with the antiquity of this place. The temple of Chandraprabha Swami and its ancient idol are not present today but the ancient idols of Jain Tirthankaras can be seen on the […]


::jseblod::heritage_centre::/jseblod::::heritage_centre::1::/heritage_centre:: ::jseblod_heritage_centre::heritage_centre_details::/jseblod_heritage_centre::::history|0|heritage_centre:: Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra state and India’s financial and commercial centre and principal port on the Arabian Sea. It is one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Mumbai is located on a site of ancient settlement and took its name from the local goddess Mumba—a form […]