Mozmabad / Mozamabad has two Digambar Jain Temples, Viz – Bada Mandir / Sri Adinath Mandir & Kanch Mandir. Sri Adinath Swamy Digambar Jain Mandir – This temple was built in the year 1607 A.D. by Amatya (chief minister) Nanumal Godha one of the close aides of Raja Mansingh of Amer, one of Akbar’s trusted […]


Heritage Centre Details – Virvada was previously called as Virpalli. An inscription on one of the pillars of this templs states that this temple was renovated in the year 1410 of the Vikram era. We can find a mention of this place in the tirth malas composed in the years 1499, 1745 and 1755. The […]


History – This history of this place belongs to the period of King Dhandhal. On the idol of the main deity, there is an inscription of the year 1545. History says that this idol was installed at the time of renovation. On the sixth day of the dark half of the month of Vaishakha, a […]


History – This place is said to have been a very prosperous city. Merchants of Shrimalpur renovated this place during the period of king Kumbha. The idol of Varkana Parshvanath is very ancient. This idol was found in the ground to a shepard. In the year 1211 of the Vikram era, this temple was build […]


History – According to the inscriptions carved on the walls of the temple it is said that thi temple was constructed on the fifth day of the dark half of the month of Jeth in the year 1251 of the Vikram era. Some of the inscriptions found in this temple tell us that the history of […]

Marble Idol of Jain Tirthankaras in Kayotsarga 15th-16th century.


History – Udaipur is named after Udai Singh who founded the present city in 1572.Chittorgarh had fallen to the Mughals The ‘glass’ temple, as the Shitalanatha Mandir is usually called, is very attractive, we can find a library and two big rooms for Jaina ascetics here. This temple is situated near the clock tower at […]


History – Tijara was called by the name Dehra in the history. The main idol of Chandraprabhu was found during digging on 16 august    1956 . The idol of Chandraprabhu is very miraculous and people come here to solve all their worries. this place is well known for curing supernatural sufferings.A fair is organized […]


History – Swarngiri was famous as Kanakachal in history. The temple of Bhagawan Parshvanath (Kumarvihar) built by King Kamarpal, was constructed in the year 1221 of the Vikram era. Temples were built here and Jaymalji, the king’s advisor, renovated all other temples. The last renovation was accomplished under instructions of Vijayrajendrasuriji. It is mentioned that […]


History – Stone inscriptions tell us that Sivera was called by the name Siperak. According to the inscription carved in the temple, the idol was installed on the eighth day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in the year 1109 of the Vikram era.  This helps us to conclude that the history of […]


History – Sirohi was said to be built in about the fourth century BC under the name of Shivapuri. From 1405 onward, after the devastation of Chandravati at the south- eastern foot of Mount Abu by Muslim forces, it was the capital of Sirohi State, up to Independence in 1947. We can find sixteen Swethambara Jain […]


History – This temple was renovated about the year 1500 of the Vikram era. The last renovation of this temple was celebrated under the guidance of His Holiness Acharyadev Shrimadvijayji Premsurishvarji in the year 2018 of the Vikram era. This idol is also called as Godiji Parshvanath. How to Reach – The nearest railway station […]


History – An inscription of 1172 of the Vikram era says that Bhagawan Mahavir Swami was the main deity here. At the time of renovation in the year 2014, the ancient idol of Bhagawan Shantinath was installed here. All the idols in this temple seem to belong to the thirteenth century. There were as many as […]


History – The present temple is said to have been built in the year 1187 of the Vikram era by a person called as Mandan Sanghvi. This temple was renovated many times. Its last renovation was carried out on the fourteenth day of the bright half of the month of Ashad in the year 2020 of […]


History – Sawaimadhopur is also called as Chamatakarji because of miracles associated with the idol of Bhagwan Adinatha. A story says that on the 1st day of dark moon in the month of Bhadrapadin vikram samavat 1889, a Jogi in Aalanapur has a dream about the idol and he found the idol in his field while […]


History – This history of this place belongs to the times of Bhagawan Mahavir. It is described in the ‘Jagachintamani Stotra’ that the ancient name of Sanchor was Satyapur or Satyapuri. The history of the present Jain temple here not known much. This temple was renovated in the year 1963. The impact of this place was […]

Samina Kheda

History – This tirth of Samina Kheda in the Mewar region is an ancient. It is a place of many historical events. A metal idol of the eighth century found here tell us about the antiquity of this place. It is the birthplace of the Acharya Jinchandrasuri and Jinkushalsuri. In the “365 Shri Parshvajina Namamala”, Samina […]


History – The Parsvanath temple here is very artistically constructed. Sadri has 14 jain temples of 10 to 11 CAD. The glass temple built recently is very beautiful and attractive. The other  Jain centre Narlai situated near Sadri has 11 temples. How to Reach – Sadri is situated at the mid way to Ranakpur from Sirohi. […]


History – The grandest of the Jaina temples built after 1300 is the Adinath Vihara at Ranakpur. It spread over an area of 3720 square meters and the twenty nine halls are supported by420 pillars. The construction work of this temple began in 1389 and was completed in the year 1389.  The contributions of the four […]

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