Sri Adinath Digambar Jain Temple at Valathi


Heritage Centre Type : Tirtha Kshetra Temple Name : Sri Adinath Digambar Jain Temple Main Deity : About 3 feet high black coloured idol of Lord Adinath in padmasana. Temple History : Valathi/Valathy houses an ancient Digambar Jain temple dedicated to the 1st Tirthankar of Jainism Lord Adinath. It is called as Sri Adinath Digambar Jain Temple […]


Main Deity – Idol of Lord Adinath in Padmasana. History – Alagramam Jain temple was built in the 17th Century. The temple is centrally located in the Alagramam village. The Temple Was Built in phases in between 17th-18th Century. Prior to its construction the Jains at Alagramam used to go to Keezh Idayalam Jain Temple […]


Main Deity – Idol of Lord Pushpadanthanathar. History – Its history dates back to 15th century A.D. Location – Tirupanamoor is located to the southwest of Kanchipuram on Kanchipuram – Vandavasi route. It is located at a distance of 46 Kms from Vandavasi, 45 Kms from Arni and 20 Kms from Kanchipuram.


The history of Vallimalai dates back to 9th century A.D. We can find five inscriptions here that belong to the period of Rachamalla II (or Rajamalla II) of the Western Ganga Dynasty. The inscriptions are carved in Tamil, Grantha & Kannada languages. These inscriptions establishes the connection between Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. One of the […]


How to Reach – Villukkam is situated in the South Arcot District of Tamil Nadu. Apart from the idol of Bhagawan Adinatha we can also find many other attractive tirthankara idols.


History – Vijayamangalam has its history which dates back to the 6th century. It was the capital of Kongunadu. The temple of Bhagawan Chandraprabha was built by king Konguvelire who ruled over this region. The people of this place call this temple as the Amneshavar temple. How to Reach – The temple is situated near […]


History – The temple structure has lost most of its original architectural features subsequent to extensive repairs and renovations. A fragmentary record of the R.astrakuta king, Krsna III (939-968 C.E.), however, is still visible on a slab built into the floor of the passage leading to the mandapa located in front of the central shrine. […]


History – Tondur has a cave temple with an image of Parshwanatha carved on a overhanging rock. During the tenth century, the Sramana abode was known as Valuva-Molipperumpalli, and was headed by the monk Vajra Singailam Perumanadigal. Vinnakovaraiyan, the Hana feudatory of Parantaka I, had gifted the village Gunaneri-Mangaiam together with some lands in Tondur […]


History – We can find two Jain temples at Tirupparuttikkunram. One of these temples is dedicated to Bhagawan Vardhamana Mahavira and the other to Bhagawan Chandraprabha. How to Reach – Tirupparuttikkunram is situated in the Chengulpet district of Tamil Nadu.


History – Tinmanmgondai, is one of the important sacred Jain centres to which pilgrims from various parts of the country throng during festive occasions. The huge hillock in the village contains the famous Appandainatha temple, which is well known through-the periods of Cola kings Rajaraja I and Kulottunga Ill, has a rich collection of bronze […]


History – The temple is situated besides a huge cave on the top of a hill. We can find a five feet high idol of Bhagawan Chandraprabha in this temple. We can also find an attractive idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha on the hill. People of all religions visit this place with an intension to fulfill […]

Tirumalai (Arihantagiri)

History – Th history of Tirumalai is more than 2000 years old. We can find two Jain temples here. The temple of Bhagawan Mahavira is situated on the foot of the hills and the temple of Bhagawan Neminatha is situated on the top of the hill. The idol of Bhagawan Neminatha is 4.8 meters high […]


History – The Jain temple at Tirakkol is dedicated to Bhagawan Parshwanatha. How to Reach – Tirakkol is situated at a distance of 25 kilometers from Gingee towards Desur. Main Deity – Idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha.


History – Tenimalai is also known as Tenunnalai. It was one of the early Jain centres in the Pudukkottai region. On its eastern flank, the hill has a natural cavern, locally known as andar madam, “the Monastery of Mendicants” since it was the habitat of the Jain monks. The epigraphs and sculptural representations of the […]


Temple Type – Digambar Jain Temple. Main Deity – Idol of Bhagawan Adinatha. How to Reach – Thanjavur is located at a distance of 314 km to the south-west of Chennai and 56 km east of Tiruchirappalli.


History – Sittannavasal is the oldest and most famous Jain center in the region. It possesses both an early Jain cave shelter, and a medieval rock-cut temple with excellent fresco paintings. One of the steep hills in the village contains an isolated but spacious cavern. Locally, this cavern is known as Eladipattam, a name that is […]


History – It had a Jain temple built by the side of the local water tank called Palliyurani. The structure became neglected over time and many of the stone blocks from this ruined edifice has been used in the construction of the Chokkanachchiyar shrine at Puttambur. As well, three of the lion-based pillars from the […]


History – About half a kilometre from the Siva temple is a boulder containing an image of a Tirthankara shown seated in the dhyana posture. It is a medium-sized relief, aid to be of Adinatha, and exhibits ninth century stylistic features. The image together with the nearby cavern habitat was Once known as Perunarkilicolaperumapani. An […]


History – It is said that this temple was constructed by King Nandivarman in a huge area. The temple is surrounded by hundreds of mango trees. The huge stone temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Adinath. Along with this we can find the attractive idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha. It is said that the idol of Bhagawan […]

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