Mahavir’s Life of Equanimity

– Article Courtesy: The Times of India On the occasion of the Mahavir Jayanthi we would like to place before our visitors this special article that had appeared in the editorial of The Times of India. Saturday, April 3, 2004 : A number of people are born every day but Mahavir’s birth in 511 BC […]

Mahavira’s Life & Teachings

MAHAVIRA’S LIFE AND TEACHINGS – A GLORIOUS CHAPTER OF COMPASSION – Article Courtesy: On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanthi  we would like to present before our visitors this article that throws light on the life and teachings of Mahavira by advocate Himatlal Mardia. The life and teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer is a glorious chapter […]

Cycle of Opposites and Anekantavada

– Article Courtesy: The Times of India On the occasion of the Mahavir Jayanthi we would like to place before our visitors this special article that had appeared in the speaking tree (editorial) of The Times of India. Friday, April 2, 2004: Both violence and non- violence start by degrees. The beginnings are subtle and […]

History Of Jains In North America : “Evolution”

– J. V. Mehta, Chair, N. American Jains History Committee “People will not judge us by the creed we profess or slogan we shout, but our work, sacrifice, honesty, and purity of character” – Mahatma Gandhi Prof. Paul Dundas in his book “The Jains” writes that Jainism, India’s and possibly the world’s oldest Religion is […]

The Great Soul of Ahimsa – Sree Chitrabhanuji

Both violence and non-violence starts by degrees. The beginnings are subtle and evolve quietly into grand acts of conflict or compassion. When Nelson Mandela was released, he was told by some to get even for the monumental wrong that was done to him. However, he refused to be swayed by hatred. He said he had […]

An Introduction to Jainism

– Acharyashri Vijayabhuvanbhanu-soorishwarji The Evidence Regarding the Ancient Origin of Jainism. Jainism has been in existence from times immemorial and it is older than many religions of the world. This point is evident from the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, and the opinions expressed by Indian and foreign scholars. In his preface to “Jain Dharm […]

Discussions on Jainism & Brahminism

– Inputs from different people DISCUSSIONS ON JAINISM AND BRAHMINISM In our monthly web poll for the month of March 2004 we had asked the question about the relation between Jainism and Brahminism. The question was: Jainism is a: a. Revolt against Brahminism b. Reform against Brahminism c. Revolt and Reform against Brahminism Below are […]

Gurudev Chitrabhanuji’s Visit to Ahmedabad

GURUDEV CHITRABHANUJI’s HISTORICAL visit in Ahmedabad –Gujarat International Conference on World Peace – Shyam K. Saksena War Is Dehumanizing Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji, the well-known messenger of Ahinsa and Amity, visited Ahmedabad – Gujarat, India – from the 31st of December 2003 to the 4th of January 2004. Invited to attend the International Conference on World […]

The Pontiff With Phenomenal Icon

Swastisri Charukeerthi Panditacharyavarya Mahaswamiji, the pontiff of the Jain Math, Moodabidri was a renowned personality in the annal of Jaina religion and an exponent in Jain logic and discourses. Moodabidri is situated about 35 Kms to the north east of Mangalore and is considered as the Jaina Kashi of the south. It is here that […]

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