Jain Flag

Jain Flag

The Jain flags are used in different celebrations and are hoisted above the main pinnacle or shikara of the temple. It comprises of five colours, swastika, three dots above swastika, a curve above 3 dots and a dot above the curve. Five Colours – signifies the Pancha Paramesthis. They are arranged in the following order […]

Tirthankara Symbols

Each Tirthankara has a symbol of their own for identification them. The symbols are found in the centre right below the statue. This symbol helps us to recognize the particular Tirthankara. The symbols used to signify the 24 Tirthanakaras of the present times are as below – Adinatha – OX Ajithanatha – Elephant Shambavanatha – […]

Ashta Mangala

These are eight auspicious symbols – Swastika Shrivasta (an auspicious sign on the chest) Nandhyavarta (complex swastika) Vardhamanaka Bhadràsana (a holy seat) Kalasha (Holy pitcher) Minyugala (Fish-couple) and Darpana (Mirror). They have been considered auspicious since time immemorial and have been depicted in the Kalpasutra. According to the scriptures every Jain has to draw them […]


The Sanskrit word Om is made up of five sounds and letters; a, a, ä, u, and m. The first letter “a” represents Arihants (human beings who have eradicated all four Ghäti Karma. It includes Tirthankars who have established religious order) · The second “a” represents A-shareeri (A-shareeri means without physical body, liberated soul or […]

Universal Jain Symbol

The universal symbol of Jainism is a congregation of various symbols with each one of them having a deeper meaning. It comprises of an outline The text “Parasparopagraho Jivanam” or “Live and Let Live”. The Symbol of hand with a circle composed of 24 spokes and the text ‘Ahimsa’ the four arms of a swastika […]

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