Memorandum – Letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi

LETTER TO THE CONGRESS PRESIDENT SONIA GANDHI ENCLOSING AIDE – MEMOIRE July 18, 2004 Dear Madam, I am enclosing herewith an Aide-Memoire on Jain Minority Recognition & Welfare in Consonance with Congress Policy and CMP on behalf of the Jain Minority Status Committee of the Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha for your sumpathetic consideration. We would […]

Memorandum – Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh

LETTER TO THE UNION HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT MINISTER SRI ARJUN SINGH ON THE JAIN MINORITY MEMORANDUM July 18, 2004 v      The emblem of the Jain religion, symbolizing its main tenet, is the doctrine of Ahimsa, nonviolence. It also has mystic significance of protection & benediction. The wheel in the center of the palm is the […]

Supreme Courts Directive on Jains Minority Status

THE SUPREME COURT DIRECTS GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ON JAINS MINORITY STATUS New Delhi, July 29, 2004: In one of the noteworthy developments in connection with the minority status of the Jains, the Supreme Court has directed the Government of India to come out with a final decision. the National Commission for Minorities in one of […]

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