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MAY 2003




          Siribhuvalaya is a very interesting classic work found in Jaina literature. It is composed in arithmetic language. It was written by Kumudhendu who has called it "Sarvabhasahamayi Karnataka Kavya" and also "Vishwakavya". The exact period of the poet is unknown and is arduous to decide about the same. However the prosody and the language of the work connote to believe that the author Kumudendu  lived in the 16th century in a village called Yelavalli along with his 1500 disciples situated amidst Nandidurga near Chickaballapur.

   This work has drawn the attention of modern theatre experts, research scholars and mathematicians who imbibed the erudition contained in it. This observation applies especially to the linguists and the learned arithmeticians. It is a picturesque classic with "Mangalaprabrutha" as the first chapter.  Totally there are 26 chapters constituting it a big volume of which only three have been decoded. The author expounds that many philosophies which existed in the Jain classics are eloquently and skillfully interpreted in the work. The work is not in letter forms instead is found in mathematical scripts and that is the main reason why this book evinces curiosity. Though written in Kannada its numerical enunciation enables the people of other languages to comprehend it in a lucid manner. It is said that all arts, literature are entwined in a total of 718 languages enmeshed in a mathematical and scientific canvas thus regarding the work as highly magnificent and amazing.    

This book contains philosophy, chemistry, arithmetic, astrology, metallurgy, atomic and medical sciences and also celestial and aquatic study on biology. The author emphasizes that the rare Sanskrit scholars of Rigveda, Ramayana, Mahabaratha, Bhagavadgeetha, Tatwartasutra and Rishimandala are found in this book. He declares that many mysterious aspects are found hidden in this work. It is found that it also involves the information and calculations about the use of Base 9 and Base 2 systems used in the present computer system. This leads one to think that the knowledge of computerisation existed in the ancient period.

The eminent scholars like Pandit Yellappa Shastry, Karlamangalam Srikantaiah and Ananthasubbaraya (the Kannada key board designer) came out with various publications and discourses in the middle of the last century. They gave varied opinions about the classic; a portion of this work was published in 1953. The methodology of reading the book was first explained by Pandit Yellappa Shastry. Latter in 1955 some more portion of it was published. The scholars did not perceive its study to the core. Therefore it laid in darkness for some length of time. But Y.K.Mohan of Pustaka Shakti with the help of many admirers has printed and brought out the work in a very attractive manner. The volume contains eight chapters revised by the scholars. It has documented the opinions expressed by the scholars and the details of its editing by T.V.Vnkatachala Shastry.  

Thanking you,

-Dr. H.A.Parshwanath



New Delhi April 15: The President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in his message on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti , has said:-"On the auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, I extend my greetings to all my fellow citizens. May Lord Mahavira’s noble teachings inspire us to work for peace, non-violence and harmony among our people. Let us emulate his preaching of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct. On this day, we should take a vow to re-dedicate ourselves to work for the welfare of humanity." - News Courtesy PIB.


New Delhi, April 15: The Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has greeted the nation on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. In his message Sri Vajpayee said that Lord Mahavir preached the principle of ‘ahimsa’, which ought to be the guiding force for humanity for all times to come. May the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti rekindle in our hearts the spirit of selfless service, dedication and devotion, as symbolised by Lord Mahavir, the Prime Minister added. The Prime Minister hoped that the festival would encourage people to strive for the good and well being of humanity in general. - News Courtesy PIB.     


New Delhi, April 15: The Vice-President of India Sri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat has greeted the nation on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. In his message he said " I convey my good wishes to the people of India on the joyous occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. Bhagwan Mahavira, through his enlightened teachings, showed us the noble path of non-violence, universal love and peaceful existence to save mankind from ignorance, turmoil and moral decay. His teachings have the power to provide answers to the problems faced by mankind. On this auspicious 

occasion, let us rededicate ourselves to the Lord Mahavira’s Teachings to usher in a peaceful and humane society." - News Courtesy PIB.


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), April 13: Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of Shravanabelagola has applauded the government of India led by Sri Atal Bihari Vajapayee for passing the resolution against cow slaughter in the loksabha. He was speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the the Mahavira jayanthi celebrations at Shravanabelagola. He also said that every citizen of India should proud for passing such a resolution in the loksabha. He expressed his displeasure on the act of different state governments to abolish the Mahavira Jayanthi holiday. He felt that the preaching's of Lord Mahavira were based on the principles of ahimsa. He said that it is only the ahimsa that can save the mankind and violence will not save the mankind instead will cause havoc to its very existence. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.    


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), April 15: The Gommatesha Vidyapeetha awards for the year 2003 were conferred to five dignitaries for their meritorious contribution in the field of Jainism, art and literature. The awardees include Sri Ratanchand Neminath Koti (from Indi taluk of Bijapur district in Karnataka), Dr. Smt Saraswathi Vijayakumar (from Mysore, Karnataka), Sri P.C.Gundavade (from Shirahatti in Maharashtra), Dr. Sandeep Kumar Jain (Editor of Prakrit Vidya published from Kunda Kunda Bharathi, New Delhi) and Smt T.V.Sumithra (a singer from Tumkur in Karnataka). The awards were given by Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of Jain Math Shravanabelagola at an attractive function held here. The award encloses a sum of Rs.11,000 and a certification. It can be recalled here that the Gommatesha Vidyapeetha till now has given this award to 69 dignitaries from all over India since 1980. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.    


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), April 13: The governor of Karnataka, T.N.Chaturvedi, said that repugnance would bring disaster to humanity and people should learn from the sacrifice made by Bahubali so that they could  live in peace. Inaugurating the birth anniversary celebrations of Lord Mahavira at the Jain math Shravnabelagola he said that it was in this context that the ideals of Mahavira, who professed ahimsa, were relevant even today. Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in ahimsa preached by Mahavira, practised it and achieved his goal. Mr.Chaturvedi, who began his speech in Kannada, later switched over to Hindi and urged the people to follow the teachins of Mahavira. He had told a few of his friends in Unesco that in the event of conflicts, it was important to look into Jain scriptures that provided answers to problems that cropped up time and again.     Quoting from a Jain text, he said the teachings of Mahavira provided solutions to problems faced by society. There were several faces in the evolution of Jainism and the Tirthankaras, Who professed ahimsa, taught that all living beings in the universe were scared and it was only through ahimsa people could live in peace. It was Jainism which gave importance to environmental protection. The present world which was searching for guidelines to promote a value based society, could find them in Jainism as it spoke against the hegemony of caste, creed and culture. One of the greatest contributions of Jainism was to honour views and opinions of others. The "Anekantavada" stated that one should listen to views and opinions of others and honour them as they would help find eternal truth, he said. The revenue minister, H.C.Srikantaiah, said Mahavira who followed Parshwanatha, who preached ahimsa, practised the four restraints. Mahavira renounced worldly things as they were perishable and followed the path of supreme sacrifice. Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Jain math Shravanabelagola graced the occasion and an attractive memento of Ashta Lakshmi was presented to Sri Chaturvedi by the Jain math. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.            


Vaishali, (Bihar), April 15: The Mahavir Jayanthi celebrations at Vaishali the birth place of Bhagawan Mahavir were celebrated in the presence of thousands of disciples from all over the state. Ex chief minister of Bihar Sri Laloo Prasad Yadav did the bhoomi pooja to the developmental works under taken at Vaishali, Sri Nirmal Kumar Sethi president of Bharatha Varshiya Digambara Jain Tirtha Samrakshan, member of parliament Raghuvansha Prasad Sinha and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. Religious meetings, discussions on Jainism and Vaishala mahotsav organised by the government of Bihar were conducted on the occasion. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.   


Bangalore (Karnataka), April 15: The chief minister of Karnataka S.M.Krishna, appealed to all the people to resolve their differences through non violent means and help maintain peace and tranquility between the states of the union and between nations. The teachings of Bhagawan Mahavira were relevant in this context he said. Addressing a function to mark the 2,602nd birth anniversary of Bhagawan Mahavira organised by the Jain Yuva Sanghatan, Bangalore, Mr.Krishna commended the contribution of Jains to Kannada literature. Earlier he paid his respects to the Jain acharyas present at the venue and sought their blessings. The mayor, C.M.Nagaraj, responded to the demand of the Jain community by announcing that a prominent road in Bangalore would be named after Bhagawan Mahavira. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.


Chennai (Tamil Nadu), April 15: Governor of Tamil Nadu P S Ramamohan Rao and Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa have greeted the people on the occasion of Mahavir. In his message, the Governor said in a world threatened by violence, terror and religious disharmony, the preachings of Mahavir assume particular relevance and deserve to be remembered. Hailing Jainism as a religion preaching love, the Chief Minister said when the world was facing challenges by extremism and terrorism, following the teachings of Mahavir would be the solution. Conveying her greetings to the followers of Jainism, she said if the world followed the path of non-violence preached by Mahavir, there would be no wars. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.     


Bangalore, May 15: The derogatory remarks on Bhagawan Bahubali in a scene and song sequence in the Kannada film 'Abhi' has led to a series of protests all over Karnataka from the various Jain organisations and ardent followers. They  have said that the serene image of Bhagawan Bahubali (Gomateshwar) has been tarnished in the movie. This has hurt the feelings and sentiments of the Jains. They condemned the Kannada Film Censor Board for not reviewing the scenes and the song Sumsumne of Abhi carefully. They have urged the distributors and producer of the movie to either stop the screening or delete the portions which portrays Bhagwan Gomateshwar in bad light. They have threatened to intensify the agitation if the objectionable scenes were not deleted immediately. Puneet Rajkumar, Ramya and others are on the casting.- Jain Heritage Centres News Service.     


Lucknow, May 15: Chief minister Mayawati has called upon the Jain community to come forward for ensuring their political participation in all-round development of the society. She assured the community that her government would provide an opportunity to Jain representatives in the next Loksabha elections in the areas predominantly inhabited by them. She was addressing a function organised by the Bharatiya Jain Samaj to facilitate her at the Jain Chaurasi Mandir premises in Mathura on Wednesday. Earlier, she dedicated the newly-constructed government Jain Museum to the people.

Mayawati said that the demand of including the Jain community into the minorities category was under the consideration for a long time, but previous governments did not pay attention on it. She said that her government seriously considered the demand and accorded minority status to the Jain community. National president of the All India Jain Society Ramesh Chandra Jain appreciated the efforts of the chief minister for including the Jain community into the minorities category and said that she had fulfilled the promise made by her in this regard. He also lauded Mayawati for establishing the museum in Mathura. The All India Jain Society honoured the chief minister by presenting a golden crown to her. - News Courtesy Times News Network


The illumination of the newly built Mahavir temple and the Mahavira Bhavan. -JHC Photo

Hassan (Karnataka), April 17: The magnificent new Jain temple was consecrated with panchakalyana of Lord Mahavira from 13th to 17th at Hassan under the benign presence of His Holiness Pujyasri Devendrakeerhi Bhattarakha Mahaswamiji of Huncha Jain Math. The religious and varieties of cultural programmes were held on the occasion. Dr. Hampa Nagarajaiah, Prof Shubhachandra, M.C.Anantharajaiah and Shubhavir Jain enlightened the devotees by their eloquent discourses on various aspects of Jainism. Sri Muniraja Renjal (Moodabidri) spoke on the importance of panchakalyana on the

maiden day.   

Smt Padmini Nagaraj and Dr.H.A.Parshwanath delivered lectures on the Role of Women in Jainism and the Heritage of Jaina Poets of Hassan District respectively. Dr. P.Nagaraj the recipient of Sir C.V.Raman Award was felicitated on the occasion. A large number of devotees and the followers of Jainism were seen thronging at the function and enchanting the prayers on Lord Mahavira and the glory and pastime of Jainism . Hassan is a Jaina centre with three Jain temples of medieval and the present period. Sri Jinaraj the philanthropist and his colleagues were the nucleus of the celebrations. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Ahmedabad (Gujrat), May 15: The Department of Philosophy, Gujrat University, Ahmedabad and Pranava Bharata Foundation, Ahmedabad India, are Jointly Organizing International Conference on World Peace, Which will be held at the Gujrat University, between 29th December 2003 to 2nd January 2004. The General Theme of the conference is World Peace Problem of a Global Era. Interested scholars are requested to submit papers. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30th June, 2003. All correspondence relating to the conference should be addressed to: Prof. Dr. Yajnenshwar S. Shastri, Director, International Conference on World Peace, Dept. on Philosophy, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad-380009, Ph.: (O) 6303562 (R) 6751779, Fax: 91-079-7544099. E-mail: yshastri@hotmail.com - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.          


Vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh), April 28: A two day national seminar on The Contribution of Jainism to Indian Culture was organised at the Nagarjuna University under the auspices of Nagarjuna University and the  department of archeology. Twenty eight Jain scholars from all over India presented their papers on the topics of Jain Heritage, Architecture, Temples, Principles, Literature and Music. Jain Scholar Professor Hampa Nagarajaiah in his key note address called for the scholars to work towards the propagation of the Jain principles world wide. Smt Kamala Hampana made the valedictory address. The seminar was inaugurated by the Dr.Venugopala Reddy the vice chancellor of Nagarjuna University and Acharya Sri Vijaya Nityananda Surishwarji Maharaj greeted the occasion with his blessings. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.                  


Mysore (Karnataka), May 1: The Telugu academy of Hyderabad has published the Telugu translation of Ganita Saraasngraha of Mahaviracharya the apex work on mathematics in Sanskrit. Vidwan Sri Tennali has translated it to Telugu and Sri P.V.Arunachalam retired vice chancellor of Dravida university has edited it. It can be recalled here that the English translation of Ganita Sara Sangraha was done by Professor M.Rangacharya in 1912, the Hindi translation by  Professor L.C.Jain of Jabalpur in 1963 and to Kannada by Professor Padmavathamma professor of mathematics university of Mysore in 2002. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service. 


Moodabidri (Karnataka), April 15: Sri Shanthamallikarjuna Mahaswamiji of the Veerashaiva Viraktha math of Kalancheri has said that the teachings of Bhagawan Mahavira are relevant to all period and are called upon the people to follow the teachings of Lord Mahavira. He was speaking on the occasion of the Rathayatra Mahotsav of the Tribhuvanatilaka Chudamani temple of Moodabidri organised on the occasion of the Mahavir Jayanthi celebrations. The function was organised under the guidance of Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of te Moodabidri Jain math. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.  


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), April 13: The book consisting of the photos of Chandragiri the smaller hillock in Shravanabelagola was released by the governor of Karnataka Sri T.N.Chaturvedi. This book (both in English and Hindi) containing the photos of the Jain temples at Chandragiri have been published by the managing committee of Shravanabelagola as a part of the Akshara Kalasha Publications on account of the Chandragiri Chickkabetta Mahotsava celebrations. The photographer Sri Yagna of Mangalore was falicitated on the occassion. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.  


Gadag (Karnataka), April 15: Dr. H.A. Parshwanath of professor and Head of department of Pathology, Msore Medical College delivered a discourse on 15th April, 2003 at Gadag on the 'Comparative study of the preaching's of lord Mahavira and Basavanna' the prophets of Jainism and Veerashaivism respectively, on the occasion of celebration of religious harmony at the behest of revered Sri Tontadasiddalingaswamy of Gadag Veerashaiva Math. The speaker gave a vivid account of similarities existing between Jainism and Veerashaivism prevalent since the ancient times. Nadoja Patil Puttappa, the Journalist and Kannada activist graced the occasion by inaugurating the function. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.          


Mandya (Karnataka), April 15: Noted Kannada writer and poet Professor C.P.Krishnakumar said that the Jaina principles of ahimsa and non violence were the answers to the present western culture. He was speaking on the occasion of the Mahavir Jayanthi celebrations organised here by the Jain samaj of Mandya at the Mahavir Bhavan. He lauded the contribution of the Jain poets and writers to the Kannada literature and felt that the contribution of Jains to the Kannada literature in so vast that some times we can say that the Kannada literature is nothing but Jain literature. He claimed that its is the principles of Jainism that has influenced Mahatma Gandhiji, Basavanna and Sarvagna the Kannada  poet. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.


Delhi: To mark the beginning of Mahavir Jayanti celebrations, Jain Mahasabha-Delhi, an apex organisation of Jains, organized an inter-faith meet at Vice-President House, 6, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi. The Hon'ble Vice-President Shri Bharon Singh Shekhawat inaugurated the function by lightening the lamp of Ahimsa (non-violence) before the statue of Bhagwan Mahavir. In his inaugural address, while advocating the relevance of religious harmony, the Vice-President said that immortal teachings of non-violence, trust and compassion as preached by Bhagwan Mahavir about 2600 years ago perhaps were never so relevant before as they are today. He emphasized that the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir should be observed in our day to day life. In his welcome address Prof. Rattan Jain, secretary general of Jain Mahasabha said that in the history of mankind we learnt that people have been killed not by weapons but also in name of establishing superiority of religious scriptures. On the occasion an unanimous resolution was passed demanding the "An Inter-religion Co-ordination Forum" be formed to sort out religious disputes.


New Delhi,  May 15: The Conference for Religious Solidarity in the Midst of Communal Violence meaningful and effective will be held in Delhi from December 7-10, 2003. The opening plenary will be by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the President of India, who will speak on this important theme.  H.H. Dalai Lama is expected to give the valedictory address.  The events will be held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, as well as in the Chinmaya Mission and the India International Centre. 

The purpose of the Conference is to:

Invigorate the consciences of all Indian People regardless of religion or ethnicity regarding the need for mutual respect and harmony.

Leave a legacy of spirited groups in every state, and within every religious and spiritual community who will speak out with a united voice against intolerance, prejudice, violence and injustice Affirm the spirit of the Indian people, particularly in times of stress, and communal violence Inspire groups at the community level to work together for social and economic justice, harmony and peace.

The Chicago Organizing Committee has made a commitment to raise $15,000 in support of the conference.  These funds will be used toward bringing 600 participants from throughout India to exchange ideas and resources to create interreligious dialogue and engagement within India.  The support of this event to the Committee in the US and India can be made through, Dr. Mohinder Singh, National Institute of Punjab Studies; Sri Sri Saidas Baba, Sai Foundation International; Dr. T. D. Singh, Bhaktivedanta Institute; Fr Albert Nambiaparambil, World Fellowship of Interreligious Councils and Dr. S. Ausuf Ali, Director, Chancellors House, Indian Institute of Islamic Studies.  

The Council for a Parliament of the World’s  Religions (CPWR) Board is supporting this event and has approved a memorandum of understanding in this connection. CPWR will handle the funds on behalf of  the US Committee.  Donations are tax deductible and checks may be sent to:  CPWR, 70 E. Lake Street, Ste. 205, Chicago, IL  60601, USA; please note “India Parliament Event” on the memo line. For further Details of the4 conference contact Hemalata Pokharna. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.    


The "10th Diwaliben Progress in Religion Award 2002" was given to HH Yugapradhan Acharya Shri Mahapragyaji "for championing the course of Non-violence and Fostering Unity, Peace and Harmony amongst the people of our Country" by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Sushilkumar Shinde. This award is given every year by Shri Mafatlal Mehta (Mafatkaka), managing trustee of Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta C, Managing Trustee of Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust.  - News Courtesy: zaveri@vsnl.com


Indore (Madhya Pradesh), April 15: The sangatana puraskar established by the Digambar Jain Mahasamiti has been awarded to Dr.S.K.Jain of Bhind and Smt Priya Praveen Kumar Shah of Mumbai. The Samaj Seva Puraskar has been Awarded to Sri Mahavir Prasad Kala of Bundi and the Shikshana Puraskar to Sri Bahubali Pandia of Indore. The award encloses a sum of Rs.11,000 and a certification. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.


Chennai (Tamil Nadu), May 15: The government of India has released a sum Rs.50 lakhs for the development of the Jainology department at the Madras University. This has been released in memory of the 2600th birth anniversary of Bhagawan Mahavira. This amount would be kept in a bank and the interest amount would be utilised for the over all improvement and development of the Jainology department. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.          


Supreme Court has recently stayed a Delhi High Court order which had required classification of medicine, whether it is of vegetarian or non-vegetarian origin. The petition in supreme court was filed by the govt. which said the order of the High Court cannot be implemented as it will create confusion in the minds of consumer particularly in the case of life-threatening disease. Disclosure of contents is now mandatory for food items and cosmetic products. The order of the Delhi High court was delivered in response to a public interest petition.


The renowned advocate and social worker of Jabalpur, MP Shri Nirmal Chandraji Jain has been appointed the Governor of Rajasthan. He was the Member of Parliament for the Sivni (MP) constituency from March 1977 to September 1979. He was appointed the Advocate General of MP and held the prestigious post for a number of years. He was a member of 11th Finance Commission of India from July 1998 to July 2000.

Born in a reputed Terapanthi Digamber Jain family on 24th Sept. 1928, Shri Nirmal Chandra Jain completed MA, LLB and started practising law at the MP High Court (Jabalpur) in the year 1951. He is a brilliant orator and has had a noteworthy legal career as a High Court advocate practising both in MP and Chhattisgarh. Amongst the many high-profile cases that he won, was the famous case against the ex-CM of MP, Arjun Singh.

He was a key person in issuance of the ordinance banning cow slaughter. He was the President of the Jabalpur Jain Panchayat Sabha and a member of various National level Jain committees including Bhagwan Mahavir 2500th Nirvan Mahotsav Samiti in 1974; and the Bhagwan Mahavir 2600th Janm Kalyanak Mahotsav Samiti from 2000 - 2002. He and his wife Smt. Rohiniji Jain are deeply religious Digamber Jains. He has four children and eight grandchildren. His son Shri Rakesh Jain is a leading advocate in Jabalpur, MP. His elder daughter Smt. Alka Jain is a leading advocate in Katni, MP. His middle daughter Smt. Anita Jain is a housewife in Bhopal, MP. His younger daughter Smt. Sunita is a housewife in New Jersey, USA. He is a Parwar Digamber Jain and closely related to some of the most prestigious Parwar Digamber Jain families. He is the son-in-law of late Shri Abhinandankumarji Taraiya, of Lalitpur. He is also closely related to late Pandit Nathuramji Premi of Mumbai, Shrimant Seth Dharmendraji of Khurai, Shrimant Seth Dharamchandji of Damoh, Shrimant Seth Kamalchandji of Sivni, Shrimant Seth Rajendrakumarji of Vidisha, and Dr. Hukamchandji Bharill of Jaipur. -by Sudhir Jain & Manish Modi


New Delhi, April 20: The Deputy Prime Minister of India, L.K.Advani, called for a rigorous and continious analysis of the changing demography of different religious groups in various parts of the country. Addressing the audience after releasing the book "Religious demography of India", Mr.Advani said such an analysis was of paramount importance to maintain the integrity of "our borders" and peace, harmony and public order within the country. Written by A.P.Joshi, M.D.Srinivas and J.K.Bajaj, the book has been published by the Chennai-based Centre for Policy Studies in association with the Indian Council of Social Science Research.  Referring to some findings of the book regarding demographic changes of various religions in the past one century, he said: "Politicians should not shy away from demographic changes in India such as the North-East". He termed the book as a landmark publication.

Giving some findings of the book, Mr.Bajaj said that with the current trend of demographic changes in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the prcentage of Hindus (including Buddhists, Jain and Sikhs, for which the three authors have given a common term of Indian Religionists) would be reduced to minorities in the second half of the century. The percentage of Indian religionists in the region has dropped from 78 percent to 67 percent in a century. This, Mr.Bajaj said was a fairly large decline for a single religious community. - News Courtesy The Hindu


Bhopal, April 25: Eleven idols were stolen on Wednesday night from a famous Jain Shwetambar Mahavir temple situated at Manua Bhan Ki Tekri on the outskirts of Bhopal. The police suspect the hand of some professional gang and have announced an award of Rs 15,000 for providing a clue leading to the arrest of the thieves. The temple was closed at 7 pm as usual that evening. However, the next morning, the locks of the temple were found broken and the idols missing. Maheshdas Bairagi, the temple priest lodged a complaint with the Kohe-Fiza police. The idols made of ‘ashtadhat’ (eight alloys) were six to 12 inches tall. Interestingly, the thieves did not take the donation box. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.


April 15: In spite of the orders of the government of India and the local administration many meat and wine shops remained open  the Mahavir Jayanthi day. The administration, through an order had issued instructions that wine and meat shops would remain closed on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. Many Jain organisations have regretted that due to lack of effective check, some of the shops remained open and have called on to the administration to take steps here after so that the same does not repeat once again. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.


New Delhi, April 15 : Stressing the need for a spiritual society for world peace, Human Resource Development Minister Murli Manohar Joshi today said terrorism could be wiped out from the globe by taking the path of 'ahimsa' as shown by Lord Mahavira. Participating at an all-religion seminar on 'Terrorism and Ahimsa', organised by the Jain Mahasabha on Mahavir Jayanti, Dr Joshi said even 'Ravana' and 'Hiranyakashyapa' did not succeed in their efforts to conquer the world through sheer power.

Supporting Khawaja Hasan Ahmed, one of the participants, Dr Joshi said Islam should be understood in the light of Sufi teachings and not from the history of Muslim rulers. The Khawaja of Nizamuddin Aulia had earlier said that connecting Muslim history with Islam would create confusion. Islam should be understood the way sufi saints practiced it as these saints were critical of the Muslim invasions. Referring to Ayodhya, the BJP leader said more organisations claimed the land as theirs.

Now even the Buddhists have staked claim. But what these people did not understand was that they all belonged to this country and were attached to Ayodhya in one way or the other.  He said India was the only country in the world where different religions were treated equally. Khwaja Ahmed said nearly 800 years of Muslim rule created a divide between people. Organising such all-religion seminars was an effort in understanding each others feelings. Shankracharya Madhvanand referred to the 'Pardafaash' rally of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati in which she expressed her anger at the caste system in Hindu religion and threatened to become a Buddhist. - News Courtesy UNI


Kharar, April 15: Traditional fervor and enthusiasm marked Mahavira Jayanti celebrations in Kharar and elsewhere in this district on Tuesday. To mark the occasion, a religious congregation was organised by the Kharar S.S. Jain Sabha at Jain Sthanak here. Highlighting the life and preaching of Lord Mahavira, several prominent leaders of the Sabha, including its president Rakesh Kumar Jain, urged the people to imbibe and spread the eternal message of peace, non-violence and salvation of Lord Mahavira to every nook and corner of the world.

Stating that India had emerged as a votary of non-violence by achieving freedom through non-violent means, they said reaffirming faith in the ideals of Lord Mahavira and practicing them in true spirit in life would be the real tribute to the Lord. The programme concluded with the community kitchen in which over 2,000 persons from different walks of life took part. Celebrations were also held in Morinda and elsewhere in the district. -News Courtesy Express India.

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Belgaum (Karnataka), April 25: The Karnataka state minority commission is on the look out for "historians" with personal integrity to rewrite history about the contribution of minorities. The commission Chairman Mir Aziz Ahmed, told pres persons that the commission was embarking on this task to signify the contributions of personalities belonging to the minorities in the development and progress of the country. He said that the organisations such as the VHP and the RSS were projecting minorities in a way that suited their convenience.

Mr. Ahmad said the commission was preparing a comprehensive status report on social economical and cultural status of the minorities, including Jains, Muslims, Christians and Parsis in the state.  The report would be submitted to the government by november to facilitate the legislature to discuss the issue during the winter session and take action to implement the recommendations. The commission had decided to take up a comprehensive study of the true status of minorities. He said the the commission was pursuing its objective with pragmatism and aimed at bringing all minorities into the national mainstream by 2025 and make "reservation" irrelevant by that time. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Hyderabad, May 12 : The Jain group of institutions has evinced interest to set up a private university in the state. Addressing a press conference on Sunday, the group chairman R Chenraj Jain said that they wanted to establish educational institutes for all grades from primary school to undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in all important cities in the state. He would meet chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu shortly to discuss the matter. “We have already opened a private university in Chattisgarh and this has motivated us to establish more such centres of excellence in several emerging fields across Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

Outlining the details, Chenraj Jain said that they would set up a university in Hyderabad or Secunderabad if the government grants permission. “Further, the group would start two schools in Visakhapatnam based on the Gurukula structure but also including the latest technology,” he said. “The Jain group of institutions understands the needs of these children and would a start Jain Vidya Niketan to provide education to the poor free of cost,” he said. News Courtesy: Times News Network


Madurai (Tamil Nadu), May 15: In a recent exploration at an Ayyanar temple near Kamudhi, the Department of Archaeology, Madurai, has discovered a ninth century A.D. Jain Thirthankara sculpture. According to a communique from its Assistant Director, C Santhalingam, the sculpture was located in the vicinity of the temple, two km west of Kamudhi. The two-feet high sculpture in the Arthapariyanka asana is slightly damaged in left cheek and ear. It face is oval-shaped with well-proportioned features and is seated on a square pedestal. A halo is shown behind the head and above it the carvings of triple umbrella and the branches of Ashoka tree are found. Two attendants standing on either side carry `chamaras'.

The release also stated that archaeological officers from Madurai visited the temple last year and found two inscriptions engraved on a slab in "vatteluthu" script dating back to the 10th century A D. These inscriptions reveal the existence of Arikesai Ishwaram, a Siva temple, since early Pandya period. Maravarman Arikesari, a contemporary of Thirugnana Sambandhar (the first of the Thevaram trio), ruled the Pandya kingdom between 650 and 700 A.D. King Arikesari embraced Saivism and shed the Jain faith. It is learnt that the Siva temple was ruined and Ayyanar temple gained influence later. According to the iconographical features, it can be concluded that the sculpture belonged to the 9-10 century A.D. This indicates that Jainism flourished upto the 10th century even after the revivalistic movement of the Saiva saints during the 7th century A.D, Santhalingam said. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


As a part of  the fund raising event for the Expansion Project of its Jain Bhavan. Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) has planned a Musical Evening with  Ravindra Jain (music director of over 140 films) on Friday May 30, 2003 at 7:00 PM in La Mirada Theater. JCSC has appealed for the people to make donations to the expansion project of the Jain Bhavan. JCSC is a non-profit organization and as such any donations are tax deductible. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Ahmedabad (Gujarat), May 15: FOR the last 58 days, 80-year-old Amrutlal Vora has had nothing but lukewarm water, that too, between 7 am and 7 pm. Vora, who is a Jain, is on his ‘Santhara’, which is going on a fast until death. Vora, who hails from Navsari, is now staying at Champanknagar Flats in the Nava Vadaj area of the city. Weak and feeble after a long fast, Vora is hardly able to speak. He cannot stand any kind of sound; his stomach has caved in and a sandalwood pack has to be applied on his body to ease the burning sensations due to heat. ‘‘He has been on a fast for 58 days. The only thing he takes is warm water during the day and awaits for his ‘moksha’,’’ said Amrutlal’s son Dilip Vora. Dilip, who is a businessman based at Navsari, is in city to look after his father.

Amrutlal took to fasting in the city, under the guidance of a Jain Sadhvi, Rajmatibai, who lives at Nava Vadaj. Amrutlal, who was born in the city, spent his life as a ready-made garment merchant at Navsari. He has four children — two sons and two daughters — all of whom are now beside him. ‘‘He has almost reached Santhara and his soul may depart from his body anytime now, hence all of us are with him. About 200 people, both young and old, come to visit him everyday and to inquire about his health. Many of them sit in the room and pray for him. However, we have to be very careful as he is now unable to stand any kind of sound,’’ said Mohitaben Doshi, Amrutlal’s daughter. According to Mohitaben, Amrutlal always read a lot of books. ‘‘He used to read a lot of books on all subjects. But after he was bed-ridden following a paralysis attack 15 years ago, he started reading a number of books related to our religion. Inspired by these books and Rajmatibai, who was his cousin, he decided to go on a Santhara, so that he attains ‘moksha’ and is freed from the cycle of life and death,’’ she added. - News Courtesy Express News Service


New Delhi, April 27: Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Rajya Sabha and Chairman of the "Temple of Understanding," a global interfaith association, recently released "Education for a Global Society: Interfaith Dimensions." Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Singh said that the Temple of Understanding was an attempt to foster harmony among various religions of the world and that the fourth Parliament of Religions would be held in Barcelona, Spain, 2004. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service

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As a part of the Ahimsa day celebrations the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan had organised a book release function at its America centre on May 11. The book Jainbadri (Shravanabelagola) Ke Bahubali Tatha Dakshina Ke Anya Jain Tirth (Hindi) was released on the occassion. - Manish Modi


Guardians of the Transcendent: An Ethnography of a Jain Ascetic Community

Explores the many facets of what constitutes a moral life within the Terapanthi Svetambar Jain ascetic community, and examines the central role ascetics play in upholding the Jain moral order. 

By Anne Valley, Published by University of Toronto Press, Year: 2002, Price: Hard Cover C$70 Paperback C$27.95

Vishwa Dharma Pravarthaka - A biography of Acharya Sri Vidyanada Maharaj, written by Prof. G. Brahmappa  in Kannada has been published by Ratnatraya Prakashana, Mysore.


Shri Anupatik Sutra: Prakrit Gatha - English translation,  edited  by Amar Muni, Shrichand Surana Saras, English Translation by Surendra Bothra, Colour Illustrations by Dr. Trilok Sharma Padma Prakshan, Delhi; 1st edition 2003 Hardcover edition 2003, 386 pages Rs. 600.00.

Shri Nirayavalika & Vipaak Sutra: Prakrit Gatha - English translation, Edited by Amar Muni, Shrichand Surana Saras, English Translation by Surendra Bothra, Colour Illustrations by Dr. Trilok Sharma Padma Prakshan, Delhi; 1st edition 2003 Hardcover edition 2003, 478 pages Rs. 600.00 .

The above two books are available at Hindi Grantha Karyalay, E mail: manish.modi@bol.net.in .


In the new financial year(2003-2004) Andhra Pradesh launched 5 new express trains. They are named according to thier area of travel. A New Express Train from Secunderabad to Bikaner has been Named Tirthankar Express, Railway Minister for AP Mr.Dattatriya Said. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


The Vice President of India and Chancellor, Panjab University, has nominated Justice S.K. Jain, retired judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court as fellow of Punjab University. He has been nominated for the remaining term of the Senate.

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Bahubalikshetra (Kolhapur District, Maharashtra), April 20: Sri Manikchand Bisikar Guruji, 88, the follower of Gurudev Muni Sri Samanthabadhra passed away. He had dedicated his life for serving the Bahubalikshetra from the past 63 years. He was born at Karnaja and had passed the B.A. (1941) and M.A. exams (1946). He had become the disciple of Samanthabadhra Maharaj in 1952.  - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.     


Pune, May 8 : Renowned linguist Dr Amrut Madhav Ghatage, died early today at a private hospital here. Ghatage, 91, is survived by a son and a daughter. He was awarded the President's gold medal and bestowed with the title `Prakrit Bhasha Pandit' in 1997 for his research in Prakrit language. Born in a village Hosur in Kolhapur district in 1913, Ghatage received his college education at Rajaram Collage, Kolhapur. He received a PhD in linguistics at Bombay University and then the Rockfeller Foundation fellowship to study Sanskrit, Prakrit and Pali language. He was then called 'Editor of Sanskrit dictionary' by Deccan College, Pune, and published three parts of this dictionary. Ghatage was also invited by Bhardarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune, where he was working as Editor of the proposed Prakrit Language dictionary. Three episodes of this dictionary have been published so far.  He authored 18 books and published 71 research papers in his lifetime. - Mahavir Sanglikar


Krishanagiri (Tamil Nadu), May 4: On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Trithiaya the inauguration of Goushala and the Athithi nivas were held under the guidance of Sri Vasanthaguruji Maharaj.

Nellikaru (Mangalore District, Karnataka), April 8: The annual rathayatra mahotsav of Bhagawan Sri Ananthanatha and kshetrapala Sri Brahma Yaksha were held under the guidance of Sri Lalithakeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of Karkala Jain Math. Professor Dr. S.D.Shetty gave a religious discourse on the occasion.



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www.jaindharm.org - information of Jain Religion, History of Tirthankaras, Namokar Mahamantra, Bhaktamar Stotra, information about some important pilgrimage places in India.
http://www.hindibooks.8m.com - A shop for books on Jainism and Hindi literature. Information of the books available at Hindi Grantha Karyalay, Mumbai.


Saturday 17th May 2003 – Garbha Kalyana of Bhagawan Parshwanath.

Saturday 24th May 2003 – Janma Kalyana and Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Munisuvratha, Samadhi Day of Acharya Jayakeerthi Muni.

Wednesday 28th May 2003 – Garbha Kalyana  of Bhagawan Dharmanath.

Thursday 29th May 2003- Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Naminitha.

Wednesday 4th June 2003 – Moksha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Dharmanatha, 131st Birthday of Charitra Chakravarthi Sri Shanthisagarji Maharaj.

Wednesday 11th June 2003 – Janma Kalyanak and Diksha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Suparshwanatha.

Thursday 12th June 2003 – Pattabishekha Vardhyanthutsava of Bhattarakha Maharaj of Kanakagiri.

Friday 20th June 2003 – Garbha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Shreyamsanatha .

Tuesday 24th June 2003 – Garbha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Vimalanatha.

Thursday 26th June 2003 – Janma Kalyanak and Diksha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Ananthanatha.

Saturday 28th June 2003 – Janma Kalyanak, Diksha Kalyanak and Moksha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Shanthinatha.

Sunday 29th June 2003 – Garbha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Ajithanatha.


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