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Vol.2      Issue 11

MARCH 2004




     The beginning of the 21st century, as a continuation of its previous century, is witnessing a hazardous sequence. Culminating in the production of social extravaganza and un-equilibrium. This has caused marked encumbrance and uncertainty on the part of the people of the country far and wide. India is facing the turmoil of these subjects. At this juncture the preaching’s of Jainism stand at high esteem in all the spheres of life. The people holding the reins of administration require the stable thinking restoring peace and non-violence as the need of the hour, irrespective of the cast and creed. At the same time, the stalwarts of Jaina ethics and principles have got a greater job and responsibility. The human relationship amongst the people should be established through out the existence of mankind. The people should be educated along the lines of ahimsa in practice and percepts. It should percolate every humans being in true sense of the world.  There should be a radical change in the methodology of approaching the people towards finding a stable and permanent solution to the problem. The message of Lord Mahavira and other prophets of Jainism should be effectively propagated both among the ruled and the rulers. The spirit of the religion should always be underlined and never undermined. The religion is a means to evoke awareness among the people in the test of time. It is a tool by which a healthy and pure thinking be reckoned. Ahimsa is the harbinger of peace and happy living.  Jainism processes the inherent and potential capacity in refining the minds of the people through all the possible means. Proper thinking and identifying the fallacies in view of its correction and emolument of human virtues always be honored and practiced. Self confidence, self reliance and selfless efforts will take a long way in this direction. Religion is an asset of every human being and its fibers should well nit and scribed in the thoughts and memories of the people. The sense of positivity in resolving any crisis is much embellished. ‘Service to Humanity is service to God’ should be the motto of every peace loving individual which the very principle and preaching of Jainism. 


-Dr. H.A.Parshwanath


Nemavar (Harada District, Madhya Pradesh), March 15: The pinnacle of the Jain temple that is being constructed at Nemavar on the banks of the river Narmada is all set to make a new record. It will take over the all other pinnacles in Asia and would become the loftiest in Asia when completed. The construction works of this temple began in 1997 at an estimated cost of Rs. 40 crores. The pinnacle of the temple is 121 feet with its length being 410 feet and width 325 feet. One of the unique feature of this temple is that this temple is being constructed only out of the special red stones available at the Vamshi Shahadpur village in Rajasthan. The usual building materials like bricks, cement and iron are not used at any stage of the construction process. Hundreds of workers and artists are working day and night for the construction works of the temple. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service 


Shedabala (Belgaum District, Karnataka), February 21:  The Dharma Sammelan organised under the auspices of the Dakshina Bharatha Jain Sabha and the Bharatha Varshiya Digambar Jain Mahasabha accepted an unanimous resolution that the Charitra Chakravarthi Parama Puja Samadhi Samrat 108 Sri Shanthisagar Maharaj is the First Acharya and put an end to all the prevailing controversies. The Dharma Sammelan was organised exclusively to solve the controversy of as to whether Shantisagarji is the first Acharya or Adisagarji is the first Acharya. It can be recalled here that a few people had started claiming that Muni Sri Adisagarji was the first Acharya and thus creating a wave of confusion among the Jain community.

     The ex MLA Sri Kallappanna Avade submitted the resolution and was accepted unanimously by the Sammelan. Sri Nirmal Kumar Sethi the president of the Bharatha Varshiya Digambar Jain Sabha said that a few miscreants were trying to create confusion and there by dividing the society and he called upon the Jain community to not to yield to such false notions. Dr. Bhomaraj a senior member of the Jain samaj said that none of the Jain ascetics were given the Acharya padhvi prior to 1924 and it was only in 1924 that the Acharya padhavi was confered upon shanthisagarji. Hence he felt that the question of conflict over who was the first Acharya does not arise at all and expressed deep regrets over creating unnecessary confusion among the people. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service                     


Shedabala (Belgaum District, Karnataka), March 17: Acharya 108 Sri Subhalasagarji Maharaj (88) attained Samadhi today morning at the Sri Shanthisagar ashram at Shedabala. He had assumed Niyama Sallekhana in 1992 and this happens to be his last and final year of the Sallekhana. Thousands of devotees form Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India had gathered here to have the last darshan of the Acharya. The death rituals of the Acharya were performed here at the ashram today evening in the presence of the devotees. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service     


Bangalore (Karnataka), February 22: The national meet of the Digambar Jain (Dharma Samrakshini) Sabha was held at Bangalore in the premises of the Karnataka Jain Bhavan.  The meet was organised by the South Karnataka unit of the Sabha. Speaking on the occasion Sri Nirmal Kumar Sethi the national president of the sabha informed the gathering that the sabha which has started extending its functions outside India will start its eight independent branches in Karnataka. Sri Sethi said that the independent units of the sabha would be started at Belgaum, Hubli, Bijapur, Mangalore, Mysore, Bangalore, Davangere and Koppal. He said that though there are differences in the pooja rituals followed among the north and south Indian Digambars the sabha would not object to it and would support the local people to follow the rituals the prefered. He lauded the contribution of Karnataka in the conservation of the Jain Agamas.

   Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Moodabidri Jain Muth delivered his ashirvachan on the occasion. He felt that 'the religious awareness among the Jain's should be brought about from the grass root levels at the villages'. The national working president of the Bhartiya Jain Milan Sri D. Veerendra Kumar of Dharmasthala was chief guest on the occassion. Representatives from all over India participated in the meet. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Venoor (Karnataka), March 1:  The 400th year of consecration of the 35 feet high idol of Bhagawan Bahubali at Venoor was celebrated in the presence of thousands of devotees. It can be recalled here that the Veera Timmannajila had consecrated the idol of Bhagawan Bahubali on the hillock on the 1st of March 1604. As part of the celebrations the Venoor Jain Digambar Tirthakshetra Committee had organised a religious gathering to mark the occasion. Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Modabidri Jain Muth flagged of the celebrations by lighting the lamp. Noted Jain scholars Dr.Hampa Nagarajaiah, Smt Kamala Hampana, ex union minister and member of the parliament Sri V.Dhananjaya Kumar and ex member of the legislative assembly Sri Abhayachandra Jain were present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Hampana Said that the teachings of Bhagawan Bahubali are more relevant in the present day context than before, Smt Kamala Hampana spoke on the topic 'The Imagination of Bahubali in Kannada Literature'. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service             


Mumbai (Maharashtra), February 25: The Maharashtra cabinet has decided to accord status of minority on Jain community in the state, Chief Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told reporters after the meeting of the state cabinet at Mantralaya in Mumbai. The Jain community's population in state is nearly 10 lakhs. Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Rajasthan states have already declared Jains as minorities. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Mumbai (Maharashtra), March 8: The Jains are divided over its new status as a religious minority in the state. On February 25, the state Cabinet passed a proposal declaring the Jains a religious minority. But while many Jain organisations have welcomed the decision, others have called it a “politically motivated” move, aimed at the coming elections. They said that it was a political move to divide the Hindu community. “Jains are part of the larger Hindu community,” the opponents of the proposal say.
Worried by the differences in the community, one sect, the Digambers, passed a resolution on Saturday supporting the decision and asking the community to welcome the decision. “The resolution is being sent to all Jain sects, asking them not to talk against the notification,” said J K Jain, secretary of a community organisation (see box). Community members who have opposed the decision said that they would pass a resolution asking the government to withdraw the decision.

‘Rent Act won’t apply to places run by Jains’

We have been asking for a minority status in the state for a long time. For instance, Articles 29 and 30 of the Constitution, which protects our religions, cultures and languages, will be applicable to us.
Also, the Rent Act will no longer apply to premises run by a Jain religious group. Also educational institutions will benefit because they can reserve 50 per cent of the seats in their institutions for Jain students.
Jain temples cannot be taken over by the government. Jains who have links with the BJP, are opposing the decision because it was taken by the Congress and NCP.

‘Jains are a part of the Hindu community’

The state government’s move is wrong. Jains are very much a part of the Hindu community.
There is no particular benefit that the community will enjoy over being declared a minority. It is a move to divide the Hindus. Educational institutions run by the Jains are already enjoying the same privileges as enjoyed by other linguistic minority institutions.  
We are planning to hold a large meeting of the community and pass a resolution opposing it. The resolution will be sent to the state government, asking for it to be withdrawn.
- News Courtesy: web.mid-day.com


Mumbai, March 12: The anointment of an eight-year-old girl to a Jain sadhvi on Thursday has drawn sharp criticism from the Maharashtra State Commission for Women. Its Chairperson Nirmala Samant said on Friday that she will mobilise a political debate on the issue and talk to the police as well.

Priyal Bagericha from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh was anointed as a sadhvi on Thursday at a ceremony at Malad organised by the Jain Kothari Sangh. Hailing from a poor family, the child will now live with her guru, walk barefoot, eat from a begging bowl and lead a celibate life. Explaining the legal standpoint, Samant says that since Priyal has been separated from her natural parents—it doesn’t matter whether they gave their consent or not—the provisions of the Wards and Guardian Act would apply. The act, she explained, lays down a set of norms that specify how a minor separated from his or her parents should be treated. ‘‘Since her new guardians would not be observing these provisions, the police should have taken custody of the child,’’ she argued, sharply criticising their role in the matter. Priyal’s conversion also violates her fundamental rights such as the right to education,’’ Samant added. The parents’ consent was misleading, with their poverty probably being exploited. - News Courtesy: Expressindia.com


Harrow (United Kingdom), February 17: The design and layout of a proposed temple in Harrow Weald have been agreed by Harrow Council's development committee. Timbers, a house on Green Belt land in Brookshill which has been used as a GP's surgery but is now disused, was bought by the Mahavir Foundation, a Jain organisation, in December 2002. The foundation did not need planning permission for demolishing the building to build a place of worship for about 30 people, but the design needed council approval as the site is a designated Area of Special Character. The first design was rejected in September as the proposed ornamentation and a planned increase in the height of the building would have been detrimental to the views from neighbouring properties. But on Wednesday last week, a new plan was submitted, and committee chairman, Councillor Anne Whitehead, said: "I am glad that the design of the temple was supported by the committee. It is different, but it reflects the community of Harrow. "I hope that the residents and the Jain community will put their differences behind them and get on." But many residents felt excluded by the planning process.

John Cavanagh of West Drive, said: "The first chance I got to speak was at the meeting, and by that time the decision was done and dusted. I would have liked to have been involved." Vinod Kapashi, president of the Mahavir Foundation said: "We were very pleased with the outcome of the meeting. We are also hoping to work with the local community." Councillor Marilyn Ashton, vice-chairwoman of the planning committee said: "I agree with the idea of a temple being built, but I do not agree with the design and materials." Carole Lis from Harrow Heritage Association also thought the temple would be out of character with the area, saying it should be "more compatible with its surroundings". - News Courtesy: HarrowTimes.co.uk


Bangalore (Karnataka), February 29: Sri D. Surendrakumar of Dharmasthala has been relected as the national working president of the Bharatiya Jain Milan for the coming three years (2004-07). Rocognising the achievements made by the Jain Milan branches all over India under the guidance of Sri Surendra kumar in achieving the objectives of the Jain Milan the national meet of the milan adopted a resolution in this connection at its national meet held at Mujarfar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. It can be recalled here that at present the Bharatiya Jain Milan is functioning all over India divided into 120 divisions. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Indore (Madhya Pradesh), March12 : A Philatelic Exhibition MAHAPRAGYAPEX-2004 is being organized at Indore (M.P.) on 29th & 30th March 2004 on the theme JAINISM. It will be competitive and open to all. There will be no entry fee for the exhibitors. In addition to Gold and Silver Medals, all other participants will be given a certificate and consolation prize. There will be special cover and special cancellation on 29th March and a new commemorative stamp will be issued on 30th March at Indore on Jain Acharya. It is the first time in India that a philatelic exhibition dedicated fully to Jainism has been organised.

Interested philatelists can send their entry on the following form on blank paper upto 20-3-2004 to, The Organizer, MAHAPRAGYAPEX-2004, Pragya Pustakalaya & Vachnalaya, C/o. Ramesh Kothari,

3, Anand Nagar, Chitawad Road, Nawlakha, INDORE (M.P.) 452 001. The application form has to contain the following details:  

1. Name (in block letter),

2. Address,

3. Phone No -.

4. Title of Exhibit -

5. No. of frames required -

I hereby affirm having read the rules and regulation of MAHAPRAGYAPEX-2004 and agree to abide by the same. Further I declare that the exhibit is my own property.

 (Signature of Applicant)
Place -
Date -


For further details please contact 9425077861 from Dr. Ravindra Pahalwan, President, Indore Philatelic Society, Indore. If anybody desires to have a soft copy of the prospectus it can be had from -Sudhir Jain, Universal cables Ltd., SATNA (M.P.) 485 005, India. E-mail : mrsudhirjain@yahoo.com and mrsudhirjain@hotmail.com, News Courtesy: Sudhir Jain


Nandani (Maharashtra), February 18: The annual masthakabhishekha of the 31 feet high idol of Bhagawan Adinatha on the Rishabachala hill was celebrated at Nandani from 16th to 18th October, 2004. Along with the masthakabhishekha celebrations special pooja were organised to celebrate the consecration of the 1250th year of the Adinatha Jain temple. The Pattabhishekha Dwadashavardanthiutsav of Sri Jinasena Bhattarakha Maharaj was also held. The Swadhyay Varidhi honour was confered on the Jinasena Bhttarakha Maharaj. Muni Sri Sanmathi Sagarji Maharaj, Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Kolhapur and Sri Vrishabasena Maharaj of Lakkavalli were present on the occasion. Thousands of devotee from all over Maharashtra participated in the proceedings. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service        


Mysore (Karnataka), March 15: The book 'Ancient Jain Mathematics' (Prof. R.C. Gupta, General editor Dr. Bhuvanendra Kumar) will be released on the 20th of March at 6.30 P.M. by Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Kanakagiri Jain muth at Mysore. The Brahmi Jain Society of Canada and USA has hosted the release function in collaboration with Jain Vichara Vedike, Saligrama. Mr.Suresh Kumar Jain president of the Jain Vichara Vedike will give a brief introduction of the book. Dr. Padmavatamma professor of mathematics, University of Mysore will speak on "History of Jain Mathematics", while Dr.B.C.Basti professor of mathematics, Regional Educational Institution will speak on "Modern Mathematics of Ancient Jain Text" and professor H.S.Harishankar will speak on Brahmi Jain society & Jain humanities press. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


February 12: The Sixth Biennial Young Jains of America (YJA) Convention is going to be held in San Francisco from July 1 through 4, 2004. Arround 1000 youth from around the world are expected to participate in the convention. The primary goal of the convention is To help Jain youth take one step further in the direction of incorporating the philosophical tenets of Jainism into their everyday lives. The registrations for the convention has been started. Further information regarding the convention can be found by visiting www.yja.org/convention. Those interested in attending the convention can  register online via the website. For further clarifications on the convention please contact:  Samir Ajmera & Rina Shah. Co-Chairs, Convention 2004,  Young Jains of America, baccchairs@yja.org . - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


'The National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation' a division of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has undertaken a project on 'Cultural Heritage Atlas of India' comprising maps on different historical, religious and cultural aspects of India.   'Jainism In India' will be one of the selected themes of this project.

In this connection some authentic data/information about the present activities of different Jain Organisations of India is required. The organisation has assigned www.jainheritagecentres.com  the task of collecting the information about the Jain organisations in India.

So, 'Jaina Voice' here by requests its readers to kindly send the information in the following format:

1. Name and Location of the Centres (Town, City/district/state)

2.Type of services rendered to the society (Ex: religious, educational, social, cultural, medical, publications or any other in available).

3.Any other additional Information of Organisation.

The information can be sent to email info@jainheritagecentres.com or nitin_hp@sancharnet.in or by post to:

Nitin H.P., Webmaster and Chief Coordinator, www.jainheritagecentres.com, No.62, Sonia, 3rd Cross, Kurubarahally, Near Siddartha Nagar, Mysore - 570011, Karnataka, India; Ph -91-0821-2472531.

Friends, this is an opportunity to register the activities of the Jain organisation with the Government of India. This published work would be an authentic reference through out the world for the years to come on Jainism. So, please do not waste this golden opportunity to register the activities of your organisations. 


London, March 16:  The inauguration of the Centre for the Jaina Studies was held on the 16th March 2004, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London at 6 pm. The Centre will function as part of the Department for the Study of Religions, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG. The 4th Annual Lecture On Jainism by Professor Nalini Balbir from (l'Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle) on the topic "Thoughts on the meaning and the role of the Śvetâmbara Canon in the history of Jainism" had been organised on the occasion. News Courtesy: Dr Rajesh Khajuria 


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), March 15: The 2603rd Mahavira Jayanthi will be celebrated at Shravanabelagola Jain muth from April 1st to 7th. As part of the celebrations the annual pancha kalyana mahotsav of Bhagawan Sri Neminatha Tirthankara has been organised from 1st April to 7th April. The balalela celebrations on April 2nd, the Simhasana pooja of the Jain muth and the Saddharma Sinhasanarohan of the pontiff Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj and the conferring of the Gommateshwara Vidyapeetha and A.R.Nagaraj awards will be held on April 3rd. The Masthakabhishekha of the 18 feet idol of Bhagawan Antarala Parshwanatha on the Chandragiri hillock  on April 4th. The annual rathayatra mahotsav on April 5th. The simultaneous mahaabhishekha to the 24 Tirthankaras at the Bhandara Basadi, the padapuja of Bhagawan Bahubali on the Indragiri hillock and the Teppotsava will be held on April 6th. On these days the pancha Kalyana rituals, special pooja, utsav, aradhana and cultural activities have been organised on all the 7days. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service        


Sharavanabelagola (Karnataka), February 23: The president of the Bharatha Varshiya Digambar Jain Mahasabha Sri Nirmal Kumar Sethi called upon the young Jain research scholars to do more research upon the the last Shrutakevali Badrabahu and Chandragupta Maurya and their twelve thousand followers and throw more light upon the route followed by them during their course of journey from the north India towards Shravanabelagola. Here he mentioned the project sponsored by the government of India for tracing the Bharata Yatra Marga followed by Swami Vivekananda and developing those places as places of historical importance. He said that if on the similar lines the research on the route followed by Badrabahu and his followers are undertaken he assured of the support by the Digambar Jain Mahasabha. He said that the Sabha would be interested in developing those places of historical importance and there by making way for the conservation of the Jain heritage centres. He was speaking on the occasion of the felicitation function organised by the Shravanabelagola Jain muth to the Mahasabha Office bearers. The dignitaries of the mahasabha Sri Rajkumar Sethi, Sri Babulal Chawda (Lucknow), Sri Pavan Jain (Delhi) and Sri Takamchand Jain (Delhi) were felicitated by the Jain muth. Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Shravanabelagola Jain muth graced the occasion. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service 


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), March 15: The Gommatesha Vidyapeetha awards for the year 2004 has been awarded to five dignitaries for their meritorious contribution in the field of Jainism, art and literature. The awardees include Jain historian Dr. S.D.Shetty, Dr. Smt Padma Shekar(from Mysore, Karnataka), Jyotisha Vidwan Sri D.Sripathijois (from Nanjangud in Karnataka) and Pratishtacharya Sri M.J.Ratnarajaiah (from Shravanabelagola) for the contributions in the field of literature and Jainism and Smt Ambale Rajeshwari (from Mysore) for her contribution's in the field of art. The awards will be given by Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of Jain Math Shravanabelagola on April 3rd during the Mahavir Jayanthi celebrations. The award encloses a sum of Rs.11,000 and a citation. It can be recalled here that the Gommatesha Vidyapeetha till now has given this award to 74 dignitaries from all over India since 1980.

   The A.R.Nagaraj award given for the propagation of the works of the Jain poet Ratnakaravarni has been awarded to Dr. Mohan Alva, president of the Alva's education foundation, Moodabidri. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service.    


Dehra Dun, March 16: A district court has granted permission for construction of a Jain temple at the holy Badrinath area in Uttaranchal. However, the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee has decided to challenge the order. Dismissing a petition filed by the Temple Committee, District Judge Chamoli B K Maheshwari, in a significant decision, upheld a lower court order that had given clearance for the construction of a Shwetambar Jain Temple at Devadarshini in Badrinath area yesterday. The judge said there was no law in the country that could prevent construction of a temple, religious shrine or dharmshala at Badrinath.

However, J S Bisht, Chief Executive Officer, of the Temple Committee told PTI the committee would move the Nainital High Court against the order. A meeting of the Temple Committee has been convened on March 21 to take a stock of the situation arising out of the district court's order, Bisht said, adding it would also approach the Shankaracharyas for their intervention in the matter. "Badrinath is a very holy place, naturally, we would seek the guidance of Shankarachayas in the matter. We would seek the intervention of the religious gurus in this sensitive matter," Bisht said. The issue of construction of a Jain temple has drawn sharp reaction from some quarters in the past, with the VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS stating that it would lower the importance of Badrinath shrine, set up by Adi Shankaracharya. - News Courtesy: PTI


Bhilai (Chattisgarh): The idol of Bhagwan Mahavir was caught by Local Police squad of crime Branch Bhilai. The details of the idol about from where it was stolen is not known. It is said that the theifs had bought the idol at Jamshedpur for Rs. 5 Lacs and were now trying to sell it for a huge sum of about Rs. 1.80 Crores. The Police have estimated that the actual cost of the idol to be about Rs. 3 Crores. This idol made of astdhatu weighs 4.50 kg and is said to belong to arround 700-1000 years back. The thiefs have scratched all its details like to which place the idol belongs, when it was installed, its period and other details.
The local Samaj have conducted a  pooja to the idol in the Police station.  The Police have sent the information all over India and are seeking help to trace the idols origin and have been unsuccessful in tracing its origin. The local Samaj has requested the police to hand over the idol to them for conducting the daily pooja rituals.
Sri Sanjeev Jain of Durg has requested the help of the Jain friends and families in identifying the idol. Interested persons can contact him at : Phone 0788-5010561,2210929,5010630;Mobile: 91-98271-83503; email : sanjeevgodha@yahoo.com - News Courtesy Sanjeev Jain


Karkala (Karnataka), March 3: The idol of Bhagawan Chandraprabha set its journey from Karkala towards Tijara in Rajasthan. This 15.3 feet high padmasana idol seated on a 4 feet high base weighs 25 tons. This idol will be consecrated at the Jain temple in Tijara where the Mughal rulers had broken the idol of Chandranatha. The idol was carved by more than 20 workers under the guidance of artist Sri Shyamaraya Acharya aver a period of 3 years. Sri Narendra Jain the president of the Tijara Jain temple and his associates had taken kee interest in the project and have expressed their happiness over the completion of the project. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service     


WJC and JAINA have jointly founded "Sri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Memorial Trust”. The Trust is formed to suitably modify the current VRG's birth home with modern amenities in Mahuva, Gujarat and to have a permanent memorial in it and to take necessary steps that the Samiti may feel appropriate for raising awareness of his mission, his memorial and pursue with the Government of India the matter regarding issuing the commemorative postal stamp in his honor. He was responsible in closing down the slaughter house in Sametshikhar, abolishing poll tax on Jain pilgrims at Shatrunjaya and sending money and shipload of grains to India from U.S.A. in the worst famine of 1896-97, raising awareness in the West of the importance of Jainism as an ancient vibrant world religion, propagating the relevance of Jain tenets Ahimsa, Anekant and Aparigrah and spread Bhagwan Mahavir's message across the world and defending the Indian culture and Hindu religion under the unjust criticism in the Parliament and later on, in spite of lot of odds, by attending the first ever Parliament of World Religions held at Chicago in 1893 and visiting England, France, Germany and other places during 1895 and his subsequent two visits to the West, Europe and U.S.A. He wanted to continue these activities for a long time but unfortunately death snatched him away at an early age of 37. He sacrificed his brilliant legal career, lived and died for the cause of Jainism and service to humanity. For details: Contact Pravin C. Shah, 28 Dyckman Ave., New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040; Tel. 516-248-8265 or Email: kenpet007@hotmail.com " Indian friends can donate to World Jain Confederation (WJC) World Jain Confederation, Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate, 338/340 A Wing, 3rd Floor Lower Parel (West), Mumbai 400 013. Tel./Fax No. 91 22 5663 5823 or emai: wjc@vsnl.net News Courtesy: Jaina.org


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), February 27: On 28th February music director-lyricist Ravindra Jain turns 60. To mark the occasion, he has announced plans to start a music academy which will have branches in Bhopal and New Delhi.
“The Madhya Pradesh government gave me some land for the academy. In Delhi too, I have some space, where I plan to set up this academy. I want to set up such an academy in Mumbai too, and am working towards that. My whole intention is to keep our culture and heritage alive by teaching music to talented people,” Jain says.
To raise funds for the academy, Jain plans to organise a musical event in May. “Anybody who is keen to learn music is welcome to come to the academy. There will be special concessions for visually-impaired and underprivileged people. We will have many visiting professors from the industry, for whom we shall make arrangements,” says the blind musician.
Jain is best-known for his work in Chor Machaye Shor, Geet Gaata Chal, Ankhiyon Ke Jharokon Se, Chitchor, Fakira, Ram Teri Ganga Maili and Henna. Two of his songs — Sajna Hai Mujhe from Saudagar and Sun Sahiba Sun from Ram Teri Ganga Maili — are being currently played as remixes.
What does he think of remixes? Jain says: “They shouldn’t be done. We created good songs for the ears. Now they create dirty videos. Remixes aren’t part of our culture.”
Why has he cut down on Hindi films? He replies: “I didn’t cut down. It’s just that some of the people I worked with have are concentrating on television, and I too have been doing television projects. I have recently worked on the films Ek Aur Amar Prem and Pyar Ki Koi Seema Nahin.”
Jain says he has many dreams for the coming decade. “I had recorded
four songs for a project on Tansen with the Rajshris. I hope to complete that.
There is a serial on Durga I have begun work on too. I want to do more on these historical and mythological characters, as musically, it’s a big challenge to create songs that reflect that era,” he says. That should give him plenty of creative satisfaction. - News Courtesy: web.mid-day.com


Patna (Bihar), February 16: Vaishali is the birthplace of Lord Mahavir, Jain intellectual Rajendra Bansal said here on Sunday while delivering a talk on the topic "Bhagvan Mahavir evam Vaishali" at the Bihar Chamber of Commerce (BCC) auditorium here. The talk was organised by the Bhagvan Mahavir Smarak Samiti.

The function was inaugurated by the RJD's sitting MP from Vaishali, Raghuvansh Prasad Singh who, in his speech, spoke at length about Basokund in Vaishali, the birthplace of Lord Mahavir. He said both the Central and the state governments are working for the development of the area. "I am going to demand from the Central government to open a Jain university at Vaishali," he added.

 The speakers, including Prafful Kumar Singh Maun, Vidyanand Upadhyaya and Rishabh Chand Jain Subedar, also contested claims of other places as the birthplace of Lord Mahavir. Others who spoke on the occasion included Jain scholar Ranjan Suridev, former director of K P Jaiswal Research Institute Jagdishwar Pandey, former curator of Patna Museum Madhuri Agrawal and former assistant director of State Archives Masoom Raza Kazmi.

Earlier, Jain Milan president Lalit Kumar Jain and secretary Subodh Kumar Jain welcomed the guests. - News Courtesy Times News Network 


Bangalore (Karnataka), February 22: Sri Nirmal Kumar Sethi the president of the Bharatha Varshiya Digambar Jain Mahasabha (Tirthasamrakshan) said that the Mahasabha has given an aid of Rs. 85,31,000 towards the renovation of temples in Karnataka during the past six years.  He said that the Tirthasamrakshan started in 1997 has a corpus fund of Rs. 5 crores at present and it would be aiming at renovating the 100 most prominent Jain tirths in Karnataka. He said that at present we have around 3 lakh Jain temples all over India and we need hundreds of crores of rupees for its renovation and hence called upon the Jain community to donate generously to the sabha and there by helping in its conservation.  - Jain Heritage Centres News Service









The Shikara of the Adinatha Jain temple at Odalavadi.

The Vrishabanath Jain temple at Odalavadi Village (Polur Taluk) in Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu:  This is an ancient temple said to be belonging to 8th Century A.D. Sri Adinatha Bhagawan is the main deity of the temple. However the temple is in a depilated condition with the test of time. It has to be renovated to its original state by the liberal contribution of the patrons of the religion. Hence an earnest appeal has been made to the contributors for kind and philanthropic gesture in this connection. The bhoomi puja to the renovation works of the temple were performed on 28th August 2002 under the guidance of Sri Sinthamani Dhavalakeerthi Swamiji. Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji has blessed the renovation works. There are about 50 Jain families residing in this village.

The members of the Jain community are here by requested by the committee to donate generously to the below mentioned address:

Address of the cheque or DD to be drawn in favour of:

Sri Virushabanathar Jinalaya Trust,Odalavadi 

(State Bank of India Code No: 7580, Thatchur, Arni Tk, T.N)

Bank A/C No: 01100035174 

Note: Names of the donors of Rs. 500/- and above will be noted in the culvert at the Jinalaya.


Meridian Township (USA), February 18:  The township board on Tuesday unanimously approved a 4,140-square-foot addition to the Bharatiya Temple at 955 Haslett Road.

The project at the Jain and Hindu temple, which will cost $300,000 to $400,000, will allow for changes to bring the temple in line with religious guidelines.

Changes will include moving stone statues, building a permanent fire pit and relocating the kitchen. The project also includes a lobby, a basement, an office, a stage and a new main entrance on the east side of the building. About 1,000 people belong to the temple. - News Courtesy: lsj.com


Bangalore (Karnataka), February 29:  Jain Association International after nearly 4 years of continuous persuasion with the Government of Karnataka and Bangalore Mahanagar Palike has been successful in having one of Bangalore's prestigious Road-Infantry Road renamed after Bhagwan Mahaveer.

The Mayor, P.R. Ramesh, on Sunday renamed Infantry Road as Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Road. The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) Council had given its nod on February 14 to rename the road. The State Government had agreed to the Jain Association International's proposal in this regard. The association had urged the Government and the BMP in 2001 to rename the road after the 24th Jain Thirthankar in commemoration of his 2600th birth anniversary that year. The function to mark the renaming on Sunday was jointly organised by the BMP and the association.
The Mayor unveiled the new name plaque in the presence of the Shivajinagar MLA, Katta  Subramanya Naidu, the area corporators, M.K. Gunashekar (Vasanthnagar) and Mumtaz  Begum (Shivajinagar), and industrialist B. Shantilal.
Later, in a thanksgiving programme organised by the association in  the evening, the association Director, Sunil Sankhla Jain, said the road would be maintained properly. "We will try to make it a model road in Bangalore", he said. Messages of Bhagwan Mahaveer will be placed at various points on the road and a Ahimsa Stamba will be installed on the road. The association plans to install drinking water huts at prominent places on the road and nurse that it is free of garbage. - News Courtesy: Raj Electricals and The Hindu





Solapur (Maharashtra), February 15:  15th Marathi Jain Sahitya Sammelan will be held at Solapur (Maharashtra) on 8th & 9th March 04. The sammelan will be inaugurated by noted Marathi writer Padmashri Madhu Mangesh Karnik. The chief guest is renowned Marathi writer Professor Shivajirao Bhosale. The entire sammelan will be held under the auspicious presence of his highness Laxmisen Bhattarakji of  Kolhapur. Noted Marathi writer Surekha Shah is the president of this 15th Marathi Jain Sahitya Sammelan. All are invited to attend this sammelan.

Place: Hutatma Smruti Mandir, Solapur

For more details, accommodation and registration, please contact: Dr. Ravsaheb Patil Secretary, Maharashtra Jain Sahitya Parishad, C/o 10 Shriram Apartments Samrat Chowk, Solapur 413 002, Phone: 0217-2328477, Mobile: 9822978747 - News Courtesy: Mahavir Sanglikar


Chicago (USA), March 15: The 115th Janm Jayanthi celebrations of Parama Pujya Kanji Swamy will be celebrated at the Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington on Sunday the April 25th, 2004. The abhishek, pooja, Janma-vadhai in front of KAHAN SADGURU PHOTO,sadguru Bhakti,Life & teaching of P.P. kanjiswami by youth & Parents, taped Pravachans and other activites are organised on the occassion. Mumukshus from all over the nation are invited to participate in the program.Out of Town Mumukshus who intend to attend the program can contact committee for Registartions & information. For sponsoring the Program & or Swami vatsalaya sponsorship or hosting out of Town mumukshus guest Please contact: (coordinating committee) Jyotindra N.Doshi***(847)392-4577, jyotinjain@yahoo.com - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Toronto (Canada):  Prof. Lawrence A. Babb of Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA gave an annual Roop Lal Jain Lecture on "Jainism and Social Identity" organized by Center for South Asian Studies, University of Toronto. He dealt with the myths about five distinct groups - Dahima Brahmins, Agnikul Rajputs, Mahesvaris, Khandelval Jains and Oswals of Rajasthan. He analyzed genealogies, goddesses, observances and practices’, sponsoring of animal sacrifices and later giving up of violence of animal sacrifices of Jainism was explained. - News Courtesy: Mody Enewsletter, mody@sympatico.ca


Chennai (Tamil Nadu): A socio-religious organisation Karuna Internatioanal,  with its head quarters at Chennai and wholly devoted to the cause of ahimsa and compassion organised recently their annual convention at Chennai, where a large number of delegates and representatives from about 700 Karuna Clubs spread all over the country joined together at the All India Conference of Karuna Clubs. These clubs have been opened with the help of local citizens in various schools in the country to inculcate the sense of compassion, non-violence, vegetarianism, ecology and animal rights in the school-going children. An annual award presentation ceremony was also held on the occasion. - News Courtesy: jaincentres@rediffmail.com


Mysore (Karnataka), March 2: Noted Jain scholar Jain Sahitya Bhushan Sri M.C.Padmanabha Sharma (87) passed away at Mysore. He was the recipient of the coveted Chavundaraya award the highest literary award in Kannada literature where the meritorious contribution to Jainism is considered.
Sri Sharmaji had studied the Jain agama and Sanskrit at the Morana (North India) and was the recipient of the Nyaya Tirth and Shastri Padavi's. He had worked as a research scholar at the Sanskrit Oriental Research Institute, Mysore and Centre for Kannada Studies, Mysore. After his retirement he founded the Jain Sahitya Prasara Sangh through which had involved himself actively in the Jainism related works. The Sangh has been credited with the publishing of Many Jainism related books. Sri Sharma was also a good speaker on Jainism is the recipient of the coveted Gommateshwara Vidyapeetha Award. The various Jain Muths all over India and the then Maharaja of Mysore Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar had honoured him as a recognition of his contribution to Jainism. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Mudhol (Bijapur District, Karnataka), February 12: The Ranna bhavan built in memory of the noted Jain and Kannada poet of the 9th and 10th century Sri Kavi Ranna was inagurated at Mudhol, his birth place. Inagurating the Bhavan Sri D. Veerendra Heggde the Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala said that the contributions of Ranna and Attimabbe to the Jaina literature are worth noting. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


THE JAIN COSMOLOGY : (English), Commentary by Prof. Collette Caillat, Foreword by Ravi Kumar; English rendering by R. Norman 320 x 270 mm 200pp 108 colour plates Hardcover, Price: Rs. 3000.00 - This is a beautiful book, lovingly and lavishly produced. It has been printed in Italy and the colour plates on art paper are simply breathtaking! "The cosmos has been for the Jains, from the very earliest times, a gigantic theatre where souls play out their roles. They travel across the wild ocean of samsara, struggling from one rebirth to another, until the time comes when they are liberated and finally winthe spiritual perfection of the Siddhas. The Jains make no distinction between this vision of the transcendental world and the experience of life. Whatever is fated for the souls occurs in a world which has been made known to us by astronomical, geographical and other observations, and which thinkers of every Indian community from the very earliest times have tried to interpret. It consists of countless rings of seas and continents, one inside the other, upon which millions of stars shed their light. In the middle is the circular island of Jambudvipa, and inthe very centre of the island is Mount Meru, with its two suns and two moons...India-bounded by the Himalayamountains, crossed by the great rivers, and adorned byprincely capitals where live civilised men who can profit from the teachings of the Jinas.Jain cosmology has inspired many descriptions of thiskind. There is also a tradition of manuscript illustrationmore than 1000 years old, which depsite its ageremains amazingly fresh." Prof. Caillat holds a chair at the University of Sorbonne(Indian and South-East Asian Civilisation) and is the guiding spirit of the Centre for Buddhist and Jain studies. She is a deeply respected scholar of Jainism and indology. She has worked with the legendary scholar, Dr. A.N. Upadhye in the past.

ESSAYS IN INDIAN PHILOSOPHY : (English), By Prof. Nagin J. Shah, Sanskriti Sanskrit Granthamala (1998) 216 x 142 mm 160pp Hardback, Price: Rs.120.00 - Prof. Nagin J. Shah is one of the foremost nyaya scholars in India. He is rated alongside Muniraja Jambuvijaya as the greatest living scholar of Jaina nyaya. This work contains the following essays:-
1. The Nature of Time
2. The Jaina Conception of Space
3. On Buddhist Nirvana
4 - 5. The Conception of Isvara in Patańjala Yoga and in the Early Nyaya-Vaisesika School
6. On the Problems of Jńana Darsana
7. The Essentials of Dharmakirti's Theory of Knowledge
8. On Vyapti
9. Jainas on Testimony
"The author is critical, unbaised and often gives unorthodox and controversial solutions".
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay.

A STUDY OF JAYANTA BHATTA'S NYAYAMANJARI, A MATURE SANSKRIT WORK ON INDIAN LOGIC: (English) By Prof. Nagin J. Shah, Sanskriti Sanskrit Granthamala In 3 volumes, Price: Rs. 513.00 for the set - This is a comprehensive work in three volumes on Indian philosophy deaking with all the important problems of logic and metaphysics in the context of all the major schools of Indian philosophy. The discussions are penetrating, perceptive and profound. "The work has a clear style and can be recommended to advanced students". Bulletin of the School of Oriental & African Studies, London.

YOGASASTRA BALAVABODHA: By Acarya Somasundara, Based on Acarya Hemacandra's YOGASASTRA, A gloss on Hemacandra's classic work in medieval Gujarati, Edited by Prasamarativijaya, Pravachan Prakashan, Price; Rs. 80.00 - Demy size hardcover edition 2003, 372 printed pages.

YOGASARA PRABHRTA: (Sanskrit - English), By Acarya Amitagati : Tr. & Annotations by Dr. S.C. Jain, 2003 220 x 143 mm 246pp, Hardback: 81 263 0893 1, Price: Rs. 150.00 - The final goal of dharma is to grant eternal bliss to the soul. Jainas believe that Right Faith, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct constitute the way to eternal bliss, or Moksa. In Yogasara Prabhrta {an Exposition of the Essence of Yoga} Amitagati explains the attitude of mind, correct comprehension of the epistemological principles and the perfect observance of the course of discipline necessary to attain supreme bliss. Amitagati explains the seven principles of Jaina Philosophy with special emphasis on redemption and upliftment of souls from the labyrinth of worldly existence to the perfection and purity of Moksa.

YOGA DRSTISANGRAHA: A compendium of 8 short works on Yoga written by Acarya Haribhadra and Upadhyaya Yasovijaya Edited by Prasamarativijaya, Pravachan Prakashan, Distributed by HGRK, Price: Rs. 75.00 - Demy size hardcover edition 2003, 264 printed pages.

APTAMIMAMSA: (Sanskrit - English - Sanskrit); Critique of an Authority, Sanskrit text of Aptamimamsa; English tr. and commentary; notes; and Akalanka's Sanskrit commentary Astasati - Introduction, translation, etc. by Prof. Nagin J. Shah, Sanskriti Sanskrit Granthamala, 1999 218 x 143 mm 102pp Hardback, Price: Rs.108.00 - "Prof. Nagin J. Shah..has now brought out Aptamimamsa along with English translation, notes, comments and Akalanka's Sanskrit commentary Astasati...In the introduction Dr. Shah has made a detailed and objective survey of Nayavada and Anekantavada and their evaluation of other philosophical views. Dr. Shah has fully appreciated the force of Samantabhadra's arguments and shown the importance of his contribution to Jaina logic and philosophy". Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay.

ESSAYS IN JAINA PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION: Edited by Dr. Piotr Balcerowicz & Dr. Marek Mejor, Warsaw Indological Studies Volume 2, First published in Warsaw, 2002, Reprinted in India, 2003, Devanagari Text typeset with The Amrita Package: A Devanagari Sanskrit Keyboard Package developed by Dr. Piotr Balcerowicz, Price: Rs. 495.00, 2003 250 x 168 mm 308pp Hardback 8120819772 - This collection of essays by top flight scholars of Jainism is divided in four sections. Each pertaining to an important aspect of Jaina studies.
Prof. Albrecht Wezler, Dr. Jayandra Soni, Dr. Piotr Balcerowicz,
Dr. Christoph Emmrich, and Dr. Kristi Wiley
Muniraja Jambuvijaya, Prof. Padmanabh Jaini, Dr. Kenji Watanabe,
Dr. Johannes Bronkhorst
Dr. Phyllis Granoff, Dr. Adelheid Mette, Dr. Luitgard Soni
Prof. Colette Caillat, Dr. Nalini Balbir, Dr. John E.Cort.

Prof. Albrecht Wezler, Dr. Jayandra Soni, Dr. Piotr Balcerowicz,
Dr. Christoph Emmrich, and Dr. Kristi Wiley
Muniraja Jambuvijaya, Prof. Padmanabh Jaini, Dr. Kenji Watanabe,
Dr. Johannes Bronkhorst
Dr. Phyllis Granoff, Dr. Adelheid Mette, Dr. Luitgard Soni
Prof. Colette Caillat, Dr. Nalini Balbir, Dr. John E.Cort.

INCONOGRAPHY OF THE HINDUS, BUDDHISTS AND JAINS: With 202 line drawings and 201 half-tone illustrations, By Dr. R.S. Gupte, D.B. Taraporevala & Sons, Price; Rs. 1250.00, Royal size deluxe clothbound edition 1992; 201 printed pages.

PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION: (Hindi & English) Fourth Edition, DHARMA DARSHAN, By Prof. John Hick, Hindi tr. by Rajesh Kumar Singh (2003) 225 x 152 mm 172 pp 81 203 0873 5 Paperback, Price: Rs. 95.00, "Many of the problems of philosophy are of such broad relevance to human concerns, and so complex in their ramifications, that they are, in one form or another, perenially present. Though in the course of time they yield in part to philosophical inquiry, they may need to be rethought by each age in the light of its broader scientific knowledge and deepened ethical and religious expericience. Better solutions are found by more refined and rigorous methods. Thus, one who approaches the study of philosophy in the hope of understanding the best of what it affords will look both for fundamental issues and contemporary achievements. This authoritative new edition provides a clear, contemporary introduction to this branch of knowledge. A new chapter on recent work in epistemology of religion is incorporated." The author, Prof. John H. Hick is a distinguished philosopher teaching at Claremont Graduate School, California.

BHAGAVATI ARADHANA: (Prakrit - Sanskrit - Hindi): By Sivarya, 'Vijayodaya' Sanskrit gloss by Aparajitasuri,
Introduction, Hindi translation and critical commentary by Siddhantacarya Pt. Kailashchandra Sastri Jivaraj Jain Granthamala Puspa 36
First published in 1977, 2004    244 x 176 mm    1016 pp, Hardback Rs. 300.00,
Aradhana, aka Bhagavati Aradhana is a very important Digambara Jaina work in Sauraseni Prakrit consisting of 2164 gahas done by Acarya Sivarya in the first half of the Common Era. It explains four arahanas (Aradhanas) of darsana, jńana, caritra and tapa; and the importance of imbibing them for attaining emancipation.
There has been speculation in the past about the Yapaniya antecedents of the author, Sivarya. Theye arise mainly out of gaha 423:
vadajetthapadikammane masam pajjosavanakappo"
It is very interesting to see how the Sanskrit Tikakara Aparajitasuri deals with this gaha in his Sanskrit gloss and its critical explanation by Kailashchandra Sastri.
Sastri mentions this gaha right in his scholarly introduction. The introduction uses Premi's "Jain Sahitya aur Itihas" as its point of reference and presents a brilliant prefatory note on the text, its contents, its salient features, and makes pertinent critical observations.
The books features all 2164 gahas in Sauraseni, the Sanskrit tika by Aparajitasuri and detailed translation and explanation of both in Hindi by Pt. Kailashchandra.

CHIITTA BASE MAHAVIRA : (Hindi) Tirthankara Mahavira Jivan aur Darshan,  By Prof. Prem Suman Jain Lokbharti 2004    216 x 142 mm    160 pp    7 colour plates Hardback, Rs. 150.00

A well written biography on Lord Mahavir.

For the Above Books Please Contact: Manish Modi, HINDI GRANTH KARYALAY, http://www.hindibooks.8m.com,
Hirabaug, C.P.Tank, Mumbai 400004 INDIA, Tel. 91 22 23826739, Email: manish.modi@bol.net.in

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The main intention of this column is to provide a platform to the news of even the small villages spread all over India. We here by request our readers to kindly send the news of the pooja mahotsav's in the Jain temples taking place at the nooks and corners of the world.


Savanur, (Puttur Taluk, Mangalore District, Karnataka): The third annula pooja mahotsav of the Bhagawan Chandranatha Swamy Jain temple was held under the guidance of Sri Devendra Keerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the the Huncha Jain Muth on 5th February, 2004. The agrodhak procession, 108 kalashabhishekha, Sri Padmavathidevi aradhana and palaki utsav were organised on the occassion.


Bhopal: The 29th annual pooja mahotsav of the Sri Adinatha Jain temple at Pipalani was held under the guidance of Sri Vishuddha Sagar Maharaj on February 8, 2004.


Ananthakrishapuram (Kerala): The annual pooja mahotsav of the Bhagawan Sri Anathanatha Jain temple at the Ananthanathapuram Jain temple in the Wayanad province of Kerala was held on February 4, 2004 under the guidance of Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Narasimharajpura (N.R.Pura or Simhanagadde) Jain muth. Prof. M.A.Shubhachandra of the department of Jaiology, Mysore University gave a religious discourse on the occassion. Noted Jain scholar Sri Srikanth Bhujabali Shastri, ex member of the parliment and the chairmas of the board of directors press trust of India Sri M.P.Veerendra Kumar, Sri S.A.Bhuvanendra Kumar of Cannada and Brahmachari Sri Vijayakeerthi were present on the occassion.


Nittur (Tumkur District, Karnataka): The annual pooja mahotsav of godess padmavathi was held at Nittur under the guidance of Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Maharaj of N.R.Pura Jain muth on 22nd February.


Horanadu (Chickmagalur District, Karnataka): The annual pooja of Bhagawan Parshwanatha at the Mukthihala Bhagawan Parshwanatha temple had been organised on 29th February under the guidance of Sri Lalithakeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Karkala Jain Math. The Nagarchana aradhana to Bhagawan Parshwanatha and the Shodashapachara pooja and Kumkumarchana pooja to godess Padmavathidevi had been organised on the occasion.


Manchenahalli ( Kolar District, Karnataka): The 21st annual pooja mahotsav of the Brahmayaksha and Bhagawan sheetalanatha was held under the guidance of Sri Bhuvanaakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of the Kanakagiri Jain Math on 29th February. On the occasion the abhishekha to the Brahmayaksha by 108 kalashas and the abhishekha to Bhagawan Sheetalanatha by 1008 kalashas were organised.


Aechiganahalli ( Mysore District, Karnataka): The annual pooja mahotsav of the Brahmas Yaksha and Bhagawan Sri Neminatha temple was held under the guidance of Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of Kanakagiri on the 22nd of February.


Hosadurga (Chitradurga District, Karnataka): The annual pooja mahotsav of Bhagawan Bahubali at the Trikuta Chudamani Jain Chaityalaya was hedl on February 18. On the occasion a special pooja to the main diety Sri Parshwanatha and 108 Kalasha abhishekha to Bhagawan Bahubali were held. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


http://www.religioustolerance.org/jainism.htm : Gives information about the history of Jainism, Jain beliefs and practices and divisions among Jainism. 
http://www.ops.org/scrtec/india/jainism.html : Information about Jain and the soul, origins of Jainism, Jaina code of conduct and Vegetarianism.  


Tuesday 16th March 2004 - Rathayatra at Narasimharajapur (Chickamagalur district, Karnataka).

Wednesday 17th March 2004 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Rishabanatha, Janma Kalyana of Bhagawan Shreyamsanatha, Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Munisuvrathanatha.

Friday 19th March 2004 - Janma Kalyana and Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Vasupujya.

Sunday 21st March 2004 - Garbha Kalyana of Bhagawan Mallinatha.

Jain Society of Toronto will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 2 pm at the Center. Contact President at 905 827 7494.

Tuesday 23rd March 2004 -Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Kunthunatha.

Friday 26th March 2004 -Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Ajithanatha.

Saturday 27th March 2004 - Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Shambavanatha.

Thursday 1st April 2004 - Janma Kalyana, Kevalagnana Kalyana and Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Sumathinatha.

Saturday 3rd April 2004 - Sri Mahavira Jayanthi, Janma Kalyana of Bhagawan Mahavira.

Monday 5th April 2004 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Padmaprabha, Annual Rathayatra at Shravanabelagola.

Tuesday 6th April 2004 - Annual Pada(foot)pooja of Bhagawan Bahubali at Shravanabelagola.

Friday 9th April 2004 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Parshwanatha.

Saturday 10th April 2004 - Garbha Kalyana of Bhagawan Chandraprabha.

Monday 12th April 2004 - Garbha Kalyana of Bhagawan Sheethalanatha.

Tuesday 13th April 2004 - Janma Kalyana and Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Rishabanatha.

Monday 19th April 2004 - Kevalagnana Kalyana and Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Ananthanatha.

Tuesday 20th April 2004 - Janma Kalyana, Diksha Kalyana and Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Kunthunatha.

Sunday 25th April 2004 - Garbha Kalyana and Moksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Abhinandanatha.

Thursday 29th April 2004 - Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Sumathinatha.

Friday 30th April 2004 - Kevanagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Mahavira.


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  • a. Revolt against Brahminism

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  • c. Revolt and Reform against Brahminism

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Additions as on 1st March 2004:

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Additions as on 16th March 2004:

Lakkundi Darshan: A screensaver that gives a Darshan of the Jain temples and idols at Lakkundi one of the popular Jain Heritage Centres in Karnataka. The highlight of the screensaver are the images of the converted Jain temples at Lakkundi.



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