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Jain Inscriptions Research

­Inscriptions have always been a great source of historical
proofs that help us decide various aspects of the study. The kind of
information it provides varies from inscription to inscription. It might
provide some information related to a person, place, historical instance and so
on. Thousands of inscriptions have been found across the globe, likewise many
inscriptions related to Jainism are scattered all over India and abroad. This
section is aimed at unearthing and showcasing such inscriptions. Owing to
practical reasons it is really hard to publish all those inscriptions. Within our
limitations we plan to showcase as many inscriptions as possible.Jain Inscriptions Research
is a humble initiative by WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM that intends to unearth the vast Jain history & heritage
found in the inscriptions.

Researchers who wish to
publish their inscriptional research are always welcome to join us in this
endeavour. Please feel free to contact us either by Email (info@jainheritagecentres.com) or phone (+91 9880818869).