JHC E-Shop – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the kind of material used for making the idols?
All idols sold on JHC are made of Panchaloha.

What is Panchaloha?
Panchaloha as the name signifies is a metal that is made up of five metal.

What are the five metals used in the making of Panchaloha & in what composition?
The five metals used in the making of Panchaloha are – Copper, Lead, Brass, Silver & Brass.

Does the idols have any air bubbles or any hollow surface?
No, there will be no air bubbles or any hollow surfaces inside the idol as there are not permitted as per religious traditions.

Where are the idols manufactured?
All the idols are manufactured at Bangalore.

Who manufacture the idols?
All the idols are manufactured by skilled artisans.

Jain Idols
Is it permitted to have panchaloha Jain idols for pooja at home?
Yes, as per the Jaina tradition it is permitted to have panchaloha Jain idols for pooja at home.

What are the different sizes of panchaloha Jain idols permitted for usage at home?
Below are the different sizes permitted for usage at home & their significance –

1″ – This is the best (Sarva Shreshta).
3″ – Improves wealth (Sampat Vruddhi).
5″ – Improves wealth & happiness (Sukh Samruddhi).
7″ – Increases Cow (Govu) population (Govu Vruddhi).
9″ – There will be over all improvement in the life of the kids of a person who worships this idol (Putra Vruddhi).
11″ – This is the best & helps is achieving all work (Sarva Shreshta, SArva Karya Siddhi).

Are the idols sold on JHC manufactured as per the Jain tradition?
Yes, all idols sold at JHC are manufactured as per the Jain tradition as mentioned in the Jaina shastras.

Placing Order
How do I place an order?
You can place the orders online through the JHC E-Shop.
Alternatively you can send the details of the idols/posters you wish to have along with your contact details by email to info@jainheritagecentres.com.

Making Payment
How do I make the payment?
You can make the payments by bank transfer.

What are the bank details to make payment?
Account holder Name – Nitin H P
Account Type – Savings Bank Account
Account No. – 000201587553
Bank Branch – ICICI Bank, Commissariat Road (M.G.Road), Bangalore.
IFSC Code – ICIC0000002
MICR Code – 560229002

Order Confirmation
The orders can be confirmed after the payments are made through bank transfer. Please make sure you include the bank transfer details to info@jainheritagecentres.com and your order no.

Also please include these details along with the bank transfer details to avoid any legal hassels during the transit process of the idols:

Whom soever it may concern

your Name & Address

Sub: Regarding placement of orders for XXXX (including idol details) idols & XXXXX (include poster details) posters.

With reference to the above subject I here by would like to inform your goodself that I have ordered the above mentioned articles through JHC E-Shop from the website WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM (JHC). This is purely for my personal use for spiritual and religious purpose and not for any commercial activites or any illegal activites.

By sending these materials JHC will not be liable for any legal action and I will take the individual responsibility for any misuse of the same. The Government authories can take any legal action against me if the above materials are said to have been used for commercial or illegal or anti social activities.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,
XXXXXXXX(Name & Signature)

Despatch of idols/posters
The idols/posters will be despatched immediately after the payment is confirmed.

Waiting Period after order & payment confirmation
There will be a minimum waiting period of 7 to 15 working days after confirmation of orders & payment.
For idols out of stock there will be an additional waiting period of 8 to 10 days.
For poster out of stock there will be an additional waiting period of 3 days.

Damage of idols at the time of delivery
If the idols are damaged at the time of delivery then the customers are requested to bring this to the notice of JHC either by phone (+91 9880818869) or email (info@jainheritagecentres.com). Upon confirmation of the damage the customers can send back the idols to JHC (through courier) along with the same packing & JHC will take the responsibility to send a replacement image and reimburse the courier charges.

What is the kind of paper used for printing the posters?
All posters sold on JHC are made of 220 gsm paper.

Who have taken the images used in posters sold on JHC?
Different people who are passionate about photography & Jainism.

Does the photographers have a share in the posters sold on JHC?
Yes, the photographers have a certain share with photos sold on JHC.

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