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December 2004




     Adinatha was the great son of India who provided religious fervour to the land. Though he was born as a king he gave up his kingdom and resumed ascetic life. The incidence of Neelanjana episode inflammed the spirit of Vairagya (detachment) in the life of Lord Adinatha. Following the Neelanjana episode he distributed his kingdom to his sons. Bharatha became the king of Sakethapura state and Bahubali was the prince of Paudanapura. He assumed the great vows of a naked Sramana and undertook penance is Siddarthavana near Allahabad and about 4,000 chiefs and chieftails followed him but were unable to bear the hunger and thirst. Adinatha wandered all over India and preached the principles of ahimsa. According to Bhagavata purana he visited Konka, Venka, Kutuka areas and also Southern parts of Karnataka. The people rushed to have a sacred glimpse of Adinatha and donated elephants, horses and jewels. But they were not aware of as to how they should provide food to him. But when he arrived at Hastinapura he received Ikshurasa (Sugarcane Juice) by king Shreyamsa and then onwards Adinatha was called Dhanateerthapravarthaka. This brought immense joy to people and finally he went to a thick forest. He took severe penance and subdued himself to atmadhyana. He faced and combated many hardships. He conquered the vagaries, vanities and absurdities by observing dhyana under the banyan tree. He was freed from Gathikarmas and observed Ananthadarshana, Ananthaveerya and Ananthasukha. He attained Kevalagnana and became Jina on the Bahula Krishna Ekadashi day of the Phalgunamasa. He conducted Samavasarana the religious assembly attended by Ganadharas, the apostles and the messengers of the teachings of Adinatha and the people of all levels of hierarchy and also the animals. Rishabasena was the foremost of the apostles. Adinatha showered enlightenment in the minds of the people and made their birth fruitful.

     He attained Nirvana on the early morning in Mount Kailash on the 14th day of first half of Maghamasa. He engaged himself to pure self contemplation. This sacred day is called Jinarathri. His journey from the world of pleasures to the world of sacrifice is eventful in the histroy of Tirthankaras.

Preachings of Adinatha: He preached that people should be free from the bondage of life and develop the quality of compassion and there by one can attain Moksha. One should be free from ego and develop selflessness. One should live for the sake of others with compassion and donate for the poor and develop character and practice dhyana. He was a world saviour and was a great teacher of human race. His religion of Ahimsa (harmlessness and harmony) greatly influenced the people. Adinatha's doctrines hold a firm foothold in the religious history of India.   

     Adinatha was a Yugapravarthaka in the true sense of the world and the founder of Sanathana Jaina Dharma. He propounded the spirit of ahimsa and hence is worshipped as God of Gods. The descendants of Adinatha were called Ikshvakus.


-Dr. H.A.Parshwanath



Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), December 15: The 3000th birth anniversary (Janmakalyana) of Bhagawan Sri Parshwanatha the 23rd Tirthankara will be celebrated in a pompus way from 6th January, 2005 for three days at Varanasi, the birth place of Parshwanatha. It is conducted under the able guidance of Pujya Ganini Pramukh Sri Gnanamathi Mathaji and there by Anekantha Theory will be propagated to the world. It is also intended that the celebration be extended for a period of one year. Belupura in Varanasi is being equipped well for conduction of various programmes. The procession will start in the morning on the inaguration day with the hoisting of the Jain flag and is unique in the history of Varanasi. The public meeting will also be held on the same day. The idol of Lord Parshwanatha will be anointed with 1008 pots (Kalashas) containing sacred water followed by the National Convention of Tirthankara Rishabadev Jain Vidwat Mahasangh and also Bhagawan Parshwanath Mandal Vidhan. All the Jains and followers of Jainism are informed to take an active part in this historical celebrations. A sequel of variety of cultural programmes will be held. The convention is aimed at the elimination of superstitious beliefs and illusions prevailing and further enlightening the public about the antiquity and Jaina principles. For further details of the event please contact: Bhagawan Parshwanatha Digambar Jain Temple, Bhelpura, Post: Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). -Jain Heritage Centres News Service    



Bangalore (Karnataka), November 30: The Government of Karnataka has released a sum of rupees 25 crores for the preparations of the Mahamasthakabhishekha of Bhagawan Bahubali at Shravanabelagola to be held in 2006. The chief minister of Karnataka Sri Dharamsingh announced this in a press meet at Bangalore.

     He was speaking after attending a meeting organised to review the preparations of the Mahamasthakabhishekha. While briefing the press persons about the steps taken by the Government of Karnataka for the success of this mega event he said that here after the Hassan district in charge minister Sri H.D.Revanna would be conducting the regular monthly meeting to review the Mahamasthakabhishekha preparations and he would be conducting the same once in two months.

     He said that the Government is expecting around 25 lakh visitors for the mega event from India and abroad. He expressed his satisfaction over the preparations.

     He expressed a hope that the Hassan-Shravanabelagola railway line would be completed by March 2005. He said that the central Government would be urged upon to complete the Bangalore-Shravanabelagola railway line by January 2006 and thereby making way for the easy transportation of the pilgrims and tourists visiting Shravanabelagola. It could be recalled here that the present UPA Government at the centre have reserved certain amount for the completion of this much awaited railway line in its budget for the year 2004-2005.

     He promised that special funds would be reserved in the forth coming state budget for the year 2005-06 for the development of roads connecting Shravanabelagola, establishing a sub electricity distribution centre to ensure 24 hours electricity supply at the centre, upgrading the local hospital to 50 beds strength, construction of guest houses for the visitors, construction of a small domestic airport at Hassan for the tourists, providing continuous drinking water facility to Shravanabelagola from the Hemavathi river.

     He also said that due attention has been paid towards the beautification of Shravanabelagola, construction of toilets & bath houses, construction of small towns and at providing other necessary facilities.

     The meeting was presided over by the chief minister. The Public Works Department minister Sri H.D.Revanna, chief whip Sri Abhaychandra Jain, member of the legislative council Sri M.R.Tanga, the Shravanabelagola M.L.A. Sri C.S.Puttegowda, Sri Nirmal Kumar Surana, Sri D.Surendra Kumar of Dharmasthala, chief secretary to the Government of Karnataka Sri K.K.Mishra, state police chief Sri S.N.Borker, chief secretary of the finance department Sri K.P.Pandey, secretary of the revenue department Smt. Gowri Trivedi, south zone I.G.P. Sri Bipin Gopala Krishna, Hassan District collector Sri Aswath Narayana Gowda, superintendent of police Hassan district Sri Panduranga Rane and others participated in the meeting. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Shravanabelagola (Hassan District, Karnataka), December 1: Sri H.D.Revanna, the P.W.D. minister of Karnataka and the chairman state committee of Mahamasthakabhishekha Mahotsava celebration said that the Government has decided to make the historical event of Masthakabhishekha a great success and a memorable one. He added that all possible preparations have been undertaken to materialise and implement the same on the occasion. The central Government of India is also requested to extend all the help in this event. The prime minister and other cabinet ministers are met and appraised of the situation. A memorandum will b submitted to the Government in this regard.
All the measures have been taken to provide the basic facilities such as water, sanitation, electricity, vehicle parking venue, accomodation and guest house for the VIPs and VVIPs. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service   


     The commonly-known Seven Ancient Wonders of the World were all man-made monuments, selected by Philon of Byzantium in 200 BC which was only an individual opinion. His choice was essentially a travel guide for fellow Athenians, and the stunning sites were all located around the Mediterranean basin, the then known world. All of them had been built between 2500 BC and 200 BC. On the contrary Bernard Weber an adventurer of Swiss origin felt that the opinion of the mass all over the world should be taken into consideration while arriving at the conclusion of the 7 Wonders of the World instead of the selection based on the opinion of a single man. Hence he launched the 'New 7 Wonders Foundation' and intended to revive the scheme of identifying 7 wonders by a democratic process. For this the foundation has launched the website www.new7wonders.com where in the visitors and individuals can cast their vote in favour of their choice by the end of February 2005. A total of 77 top scoring sites will be selected by filtering among the numerous sites nominated. An international expert will shortlist a list of 21 sites of these 77 entries. These 21 sites will once again be allowed for public polling. Out of these only the top 7 sites will be selected finally under the 7 wonders of the world which would be announced on 1st January, 2006. 

     The people of the world have greatly appreciated the image of Gommateshwara for its unique serene beauty and the complexion of the image and at times have deeply felt as it should have been included under the list of 7 Wonders of the world. On the contrary they have also regretted for the non figuring of this great statue in this list. But now time has come to those who expressed real concern for the fact by exercising their vote positively in favour of including the statue under the 7 wonder of the world. Hence people are earlestly requested to vote in favour of making the statue of Lord Bahubali to figure in the august list of "New 7 Wonders" of the world. To cast your vote in favour of Shravanabelagola's Bahubali please visit the website www.new7wonders.com. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service   


Gandhinagar (Gujarat), December 15: Sri Digambar Jain Tirth Raksha Sangarsh Samithi; Digambar Jain Yuvak Sangh, Gandhinagar; Samskar Sagar, Indore; have called for relinquishing taking of food on 6th January, 2005 by all the Jains in order to pressurise the Government to take suitable action and prevent the injustice coaused to Jain community in the Siddakshetra Girinar conflict. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service    


New Delhi, November 23: To mark the 121st birth anniversary of visionary Jain industrialist Walchand Hirachand, Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh released a Rs.5 postage. Prime Minister described him as a pioneer of India's automobile, shipping and aircraft manufacturing sectors. Industrialists like Hirachand were "no cronies, fixers or lobbyists" nor did they seek subsidies or favours, Manmohan Singh said, adding that they became business leaders because of their great adventurism, entrepreneurship and hard work. He said that Walchand Hirachand was a dreamer, a visionary, a great builder, a great leader of industry. Above all, he was a patriot, and in his own way, he was an inspiring leader of our struggle for freedom. I salute his memory.

Among those present at the event were former prime minister Chandra Shekhar, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, IT Minister of State Shakeel Ahmed and former ministers Arun Shourie and Pramod Mahajan. - News & Photo Courtesy: Sudhir Jain

The first day cover and stamp on Walchand Hirachand released by the department of posts, Government of India.

Profile of Walchand Hirachand: The life story of Walchand Hirachand unfolds the life of a man fearless, decisive, devoted, endowed with intelligence and intuition, a man out of the ordinary. There was about this man an aura of a creative power which would enable him to conceive brilliant ideas and carry them to splendid fulfillment. He belonged to the genus of deep, passionately striving natures and had a mysterious, indefmable insight amounting to genius. It was this which made people salute his greatness.

     Born on 23 November, 1882 at Sholapur, Walchand lost his mother, Rajubai a fortnight later and was raised by his aunt Umabai who did not let him feel the loss. His father, Hirachand ensured that Walchand's daily routine was marked by discipline, exactitude and regularity. Even though most of Lord Mahavir's teachings are in Ardhamagadhi yet to make sure that the young lad was not bereft of the Lord's teachings in Sanskrit, Hirachand made his son learn selected passages by heart with their meaning interpreted either by himself or some scholarly expert. Walchand obtained his education at the Government High School, Sholapur, St. Xavier's College, Dhobi Talao and Deccan College, Pune.

     The early 20th Century was marked by the relentless efforts of stalwarts like Dadabhai Naoroji, Justice M.G. Ranade, G. V. Joshi and R.C. Dutt who conducted a scientific investigation of India's poverty and revealed the one-sided policy of the colonial rulers of denying India the knowledge of modem mechanical appliances by which India could convert raw materials into finished goods and enter world markets and instead, making her a market for British goods. The efforts of these patriots had a powerful effect on Walchand. He resolved to dedicate his life to remove the poverty and economic slavery of his country. From that day, his thoughts and actions had but one sole object, the industrialization of his country.

     After dabbling unsuccessfully in jowar and thereafter, in cotton trade at Sholapur, Walchand realized through personal experience that getting into contract business was remunerative. Despite opposition from his father and uncle, he went ahead on a partnership with Laxman Balwant Phatak (1874-1935) formerly a railway clerk and earned the contract for the construction of the railway line known as the Barsi Light Railway which was a success. Thereafter, there was no looking back and Walchand went on establishing industry after industry and laid the foundation for the country's basic means of transportation.

     Building bridges to connect people was next on his agenda and Walchand successfully completed the Bhorghat tunnel in Maharashtra, considered then to be beyond the capabilities of any Indian company. Over the years, Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) was formed which went on to build some of India's landmark constructin projects. During one of his many trips abroad, Walchand met the president of an American aircraft
company, which resulted in his resolve to manufacture planes in India. He established the Hindustan Aircraft Limited (HAL) much ahead of schedule and the first Harlow trainer plane manufactured by HAL took flight in July 1941. HAL was subsequently acquired by the Indian Government and since then has been building planes and guarding the Indian skies. Walchand made a mark in the fields of water and road transportation as well. His Scindia Steam Navigation Company had a fleet of 54 steamers, the largest water transportation company then. Similarly, Premier Automobiles Ltd, rolled out the first indigenously built trucks and cars in 1947.

Walchand realized that unless agriculture was modernized and made remunerative, the problems of millions of India's poor could not be solved. He concentrated on sugarcane and established Ravalgaon Sugar Farm Limited. Employing superior sugar processing technology, he produced sugar that matched international standards. Inspite of the ups and downs of business, Walchand cared for the well-being and welfare of his employees and the community at large. He also established many educational and business institutions, for instance, the Walchand College of Engineering at Sangli in Maharashtra, The India Merchants's Chambers, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries etc.

Shri Walchand Hirachand passed away on 8 April, 1953 after leaving an indelible imprint on Indian industry and infrastructure. His life's mission was to free India from her economic bondage, and to prove to the world that given the opportunity, India's skills and capabilities need never lag behind. - Information Courtesy: Department of Posts, Government of India.


New Delhi, Nov. 25:  The Government of India has said that the issue of the minority status to the Jain community is a subject matter of the state Governments and the central Government has no role to play. The decision was taken at a meeting of the cabinet committee on political affairs chaired by the prime minister Manmohan Singh. The defence minister Pranab Mukherjee, external affairs minister K.Natwar Singh, Minister for Law H.R.Bhardwaj, Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, Minister for Communications & IT Dayanidhi Maran attended the meeting.

It could be recalled here that based on a petition filed by Mr. Bal Patil (Member of the Maharashtra States Minority Commission and Chairman of the Jain Minority Status Committee, Dakshina Bharat Jain Sabha) the Supreme Court has directed the Government of India to come out with a final decision on the matter before 29th November, 2004. - Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Bangalore (Karnataka), November 21: The 2nd Conference of the Federation of Jain Educational Institutions (FJEI) was held at Jain International Residential School, Bangalore on 20th & 21st November, 2004. Dr.D. Veerendra Hegde of Dharmasthala inaugurated the conference.

Speaking on the occasion Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar lauded the Jain institutions across the country for contributing a lot to the spread of the education despite the community being a miniscule one, Mr Pawar said that institutions should be renowned not because of its founders, but through its faculty and heads who strive for excellence.He underscored the need for continuous upgradition of the skills of the teachers so that they keep abreast with the latest knowledge and groom the students. They could no longer remain stagnant, satisfied with the employment, he added. Mr Pawar also urged upon educational institutions across the country, especially those managed by the Jain community, to spread computer literacy in villages to prevent the digital divide. He suggested that these institutions should have mobile it vans that visit villages and allow rural students gain first hand knowledge about computers. Mr Pawar also lamented over the high rate of school dropouts among girl children in rural areas due to various compulsions wanted the trend to be arrested. The girl student dropouts in India was as high as over 35 per cent as against a mere 15 per cent in China, he added.

The two-day event witnessed deliberations of experts, policy makers and educationists on issues concerning to primary, secondary and higher education. Over 4,000 delegates of Jain educational institutions from across the country attended the conference. The conference was a platform to discuss the future plans of FJEI to upgrade the Jain institutions and seamlessly integrate these institutions with leading global educational schools. The conference was organised by the Jain group of institutions, runing over 25 educational institutions in Karnataka and other centres, including a private university in Chhattisgarh.

     The Jain educational institutions federation presented its prestigious Best Jain Institution Award of India - 2004 to Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College, Ujre managed by Dr.D.Verendra Hegde Dharmasthala and Best Jain Institution Award of Karnataka - 2004 to Bahubali engineering college, Shravanabelagola headed by Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji. It was conferred by the union minister of state Sri V.Rajashekharan. The award carries a cash of one lakh, plaque and citation. Sri P.G.R. Sindhia, minister of the Government of Karnataka, Sri Shanthilal mutthu the president of the federation and Sri Dharmasthala Surendrakumar the vice president of the federation and Sri Chainraj Jain president of the Bangalore Jain institutions association heartily congratulated the institutions. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service  


On the occasion of the Mahamasthakabhishekha of Bhagawan Bahubali at Shravanabelagola in 2006 WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM is bringing out an exclusive fortnightly article series on Shravanabelagola focusing on the  vast richness of the place in terms of its great history, temples, inscriptions, the Jain Mutt, the Bhattarakha tradition, the rituals observed during mahamasthakabhishekha and lot more beginning from 1st  January, 2005. Please watch out for the article series. 


New Delhi, November 27: Distinguished Indologist Professor Willem B. Bollée was presented with the Acharya Hemachandra Suri Award for his work in the fields of Indology and Jaina Studies. Renowned for his scholarship and exemplary research and editing work, Prof. Willem B. Bollée a former professor at the South Asian Institute, Heidelberge, Germany, has been a giant in the field of Indological studies, particularly Jaina studies. Dr. L.M.Singhvi presented the award at a function held at the India International Centre. The award comprises a cash prize of Rs. 51,000/- and a gold plated idol of Acharya Hemachandra Suri. Prof. Bollée delivered the Acharya Hemachandra Memorial Lecture on the occasion. The lecture series was organised by the Bhogilal Lehrichand Institute of Indology. Dr. Singhvi, Prof. Namvar Singh and Prof. Willem B. Bollée. His Excellency Heimo Richter (Ambassador,Germany) presided over the function. - News Courtesy:  manish.modi@mtnl.net.in


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), December 3: A lofty manasthambha of about 57 feet high was installed in front of Sri Adinatha Digambar Jain temple in Pepleani, Bhopal. The temple was buiklt in 1970. The manasthambha is errected to commemorate the 57th birth anniversary of Acharya Sri Vidyasagarji Maharaj. The Panchakalyana mahotsav of choumukha Jain idol to be installed on the manasthambha were observed from 28th November to 3rd December, 2004. Muni Sri Vishuddha Sagarji Maharaj conducted the 6 day programmes. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service   



  The Jains are all out once again to create history. More than 2,000 Jain Doctors from the world over will be gathering at the TERAPANTH BHAVAN on January 8 and 9, 2005. It is a unique gathering, for the different sects of the Jains are joining hands to work for a common goal. “The mission of the two-day Conference is to unite Jain Doctors globally and inspire them to apply the principles of science, blended with spirituality and strive towards the evolution of a value-based society for the welfare of the individual, the society, the nation and the world”, said, Dr Manmal Begani, the President of National Jain Doctor’s Federation.

     The Chairman of the JDICON, Dr Jivraj Shah remarked, “This is the 2nd International Conference of its kind, the 1st one being held at Koba on the 3rd and 4th of January 2004.The overwhelming response received at this Conference encouraged the organizers to arrange another Conference with newer motives and dreams to fulfill”.

     Never before in the history of the world has such an event been organized uniting Medical Professionals, academicians, activists and experts, blessed and encouraged by the Acharyas.  At the memorable meet eminent Doctors, erudite Jain scholars and experts will enlighten people with their scientific knowledge interspersed with a touch of spirituality.

     According to Organising Secretary, Dr Bharat Parmar, “The National Jain Doctor's Federation has committed itself towards correlating and implementing the scientific principles of the oldest religion for improving Physical, Mental and Spiritual health. It is a drive to remind, revive and reinstate into the minds of the people the inevitability of knowing the TRUTH behind following of the five Mahavratas – Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha and practicing them in their own capacity”.

     The importance of moral values and ethical principles has long since been forgotten. This has led to the ruin of the psyche of the Modern Man, and is the sheer cause of creating stress and stress-related diseases like Depression, Neurobiological disorders, Cardiac problems, the dreaded Cancer and AIDS. This Conference aims at rekindling the torch of those moral values and principles.

     The session will begin with Aashirvachan and Atmachintan on ‘Global Welfare through Spirituality’ by the Gurubhagwants. Reverred Munishree Nayapadmasagarji and others will deliver discourses on the Scientific aspects of the Jain religion  “I’m sure that the efforts of the organizers and speakers will not go in vain and that this event will end up creating a world of love and compassion through the services offered to the common man,” quotes P.P Acarya Padmasagarsuriswarji confidently. Dr Kewal Jain, the Co-Chairman of JDICON, will deliver the welcome address and talk about the Genesis of the JDF. Renowned Cardiologist Dr. Ashwin Mehta will talk on Heart Diseases and Jainism, and well-known Physician Dr. Farookh Udwadia, on Ethics in medicine. Distinguished Sexologist, Dr Prakash Kothari will give his views on AIDS and Sadachar. Renowned Physicians, Dr Raj Bothra and Dr Nitin Shah, from the United States will discuss Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and AIDS and Jain Unity respectively, while London based, Dr Natubhai will throw some light on Jainism in the International perspective.

     The Secular Religion has space for people who are Jains, not only by birth, but also by Karma. Dr Muzzaffar Hussain, will give share his views on World Peace through Jainism.

     The mission of this Conference is to spread brotherhood, love and harmony and to achieve good health by acquiring right faith, right knowledge and right conduct. A positive attitude and elimination of ignorance and negative feelings towards others are equally important in bridging the gap between the world's religious and spiritual people.

     Mere words have little value, if the promises remain unfulfilled. The last Conference has been really successful in implementing, awakening and bringing about a focused orientation in the society. It has led to the launch of a Vegetarian Multi–Vitamin tablet ONE-UP and a drug-bank to distribute medicines, free of cost to the poor and needy - an evidence of the impact of the principle of Ahimsa, the first step towards a compassionate and loving world.


TERAPANTH BHAVAN, THAKUR COMPLEX, Off Western Express Highway,Kandivali [West], MUMBAI-400101

For Further Details Contact:

Dr. Bharat Parmar, Tel: 91-22-23888947, Mobile: 9820070580, e-mail: liondrbharatparmar@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Manmal Begani, Tel: 91-22-22041142, Mobile: 9820038850, e-mail: begani@gmail.com

For Media Inquiries:

Raksha Shah, Tel: 91-22-26490164, Mobile: 981910 20 60, e-mail- shahraksha99@hotmail.com

Dr. Sujal Shah,Tel: 91-22-23613937, Mobile: 9820069812, e-mail: sujalshah@vsnl.com

- Article Courtesy: Raksha Shah


Mumbai (Maharashtra), November 7: The existence of God in this materialistic world is only evidenced through a few rare and divine personalities. It is to them that we owe a great obligation for acquainting us with the divine nature of God. These are the people who through their qualities, character and experience cast spiritual influence of the highest order on the fortunate few amongst all those who come in their contact.

     This year is the birth centennial year of one such person, Shri Ladakchand Manekchand Vora who led his life as a lay person, and spending most of it ridding himself of past karmas and working for public benefit. He was the inspirer and the architect of Shri Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal. He was fondly addressed as 'Bapuji' by all disciples of the ashram.

     A grand program to revere and celebrate his sacred qualities, 'Homage to a Uniquely Divine Person' was held on 7th November 2004 in Mumbai's Birla Matushri Conference Hall.

     Leading members of the Jain community, representing all Jain firkas had come to pay their respects. These included, Param Pujya Atmanandji, Shri Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai, Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi, Shri Mafatlal M Mehta, Shri J B Modi, Padma Shri Sharayuben Daftary, Padma Shri Saryuben Doshi, Shri Manubhai Shah, Prof Ramanbhai Shah, Shri C U Shah and Nemubhai Chandaria who had come to India specifically to attend the program. Shri Shrenikbhai, the Managing Trustee of the Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi was the Chief Guest and chaired the day's gathering.

     The program started with bhakti by the Raj Saubhag disciples. This was followed by lighting of the traditional divo by the invited dignitaries.

     A combination of a power point presentation and a stage performance were used to highlight the sacred guru-disciple relationship - by play acting the most divine first meeting between Bhagwan Mahavir and Shri Gautamswami and showing how the latter became a disciple of Bhagwan Mahavir.

     The presentation then continued with the details of Bapuji's divine life and an introduction to the activities of Shri Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal established through his inspiration.

     A pictorial book on Bhagwan Mahavir's life dedicated to Param Pujya Bapuji was formally launched by the Chairman and the Chief Guest of the conference, Shri Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai. The composer of this excellent publication, the well known Jain author and educationalist Dr Kumarpal Desai, who had known Param Pujya Bapuji from a very young age, recalled some of his divine qualities and paid homage to him.

     Bapuji's spiritual inheritor, Bhaishree Nalinbhai Kothari recalled various incidences in Bapuji's life which had impacted several lives and delivered a message based on Shrimad Rajchandra's writings.

     Param Pujya Atmanandji gave a brief discourse and emphasised that while it is enjoyable and exciting to celebrate events such as these, these must always be imbibed with the true spiritual essence.

Param Pujya Rakeshbhai who could not be present due to ill health had sent a goodwill message which was read by Minalben Shah.

     Shri Shrenikbhai made a closing address after which the various dignitaries and the guests were served with lunch in the nearby Sunderbai Hall.

     This glimpse into Param Pujya Bapuji's life showed us how much his life had encompassed and accomplished. We see his life as a tiny boat that had crossed a vast ocean causing ripples, the effects. -News Courtesy: Raj Saubhag


Children pray at the renovated Chandra Prabhu Jain Temple at MattancherRy.

Kochi(Kerala), December 12: By Monday afternoon, even the pigeons on the premises of the Jain temple at MattancherRy have settled down.

Aged women took a break from three days of festivity and slept peacefully inside the 100-year old Sri Dharmanath Jinalay or Temple. The premises also house the 70-year-old Chandra Prabhu Temple, renovation of which was also marked along with the festival.

Some men rested inside the reception counter and office rooms, while some others added final touches to the venue for the valedictory session.

By Monday night, the Jains in MattancherRy completed the declaration of their temple as a Jain Thirth, a pilgrim spot - the only one of its kind in the State. The Governor, R. L. Bhatia, attended the valedictory session.

Even though one associates simplicity with Jainism, the Jains in Mattanchery have splashed colours across the lanes during the festival.

There are around 350 Jain families in Kochi. History has it that they have come from Kutch and Saurastra, the present Gujarat, and settled here more than two centuries ago. "But for the festival, we had invited all the Gujarati community in Kochi. And they responded well. For the last two days, these temple premises were filled with songs and dance. Even the aged could not resist the temptation to dance," says Pravin C. Shah, president of the Shree Cochin Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Sangh, the trust that is running the administration of the temple.

With the temple being declared as a Thirth, the number of visitors is expected to multiply manifold. The visitor's book kept at the office says that around 20 foreigners visit the temple during peak tourism season.

The main festival for Jains is the Paryushan Parva - the eight-day long festival. The festival will culminate with a day marked out for asking forgiveness among community members and outsiders. "The number of visitors may not increase during the Paryushan Parva, but visits round-the-year will definitely go up," says Mr. Shah.

The officials of the temple, unlike most in West Kochi, have a high opinion about autorickshaw drivers. "These drivers bring foreigners to our temple and show them around, just like professional guides. They spread the word about our temple to the visitors," he adds.

After the Governor left, there was more to the festival. The community members honoured the efforts put in by every one of them, even the volunteers. With compassion for all living beings and non-violence being the cornerstones of the faith, acknowledging each other's virtues come naturally for them.

When night fell on Monday, the pigeons returned to their new home. For, the birdhouse inside the temple premises was also renovated along with the temple. - News & Photo Courtesy: The Hindu


Hassan (Karnataka), November 20: Rajarishi Dr. D.Veerendra Hegde the religious head of Dharmasthala was confered with the ETv-Vatika's 'Kannadiga of the year-2004' award by the former prime minister Sri H.D.Devegowda. The award was confered at a colourful function held at Hassan. This award is presented to people who have rendered yoeman service to society and the recipients by the Kannadigas through voting and is considered as one of the highest award at the state level. Dr. Hegde cited that the Kannadigas are well known for the philanthropic work and be identified as Kannadigas in the true sense in the world. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service   


Dr Hema Pokharna (Right) and Dr Manda Pokharna (left). 

Drs. Hema and Manda Pokharna from Chicago will bring Nonviolent Communications (NVC) to Bangalore, India, with an intensive training session. The nine-day workshop will be led by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, who is the Director of the Center of Nonviolent Communication, and by other certified trainers, including Hema and Manda Pokharna. Hema and Manda travel around the world teaching NVC, whose vision is a world where all people have their needs met and resolve conflicts peacefully. In this vision, people are trained using NVC to create and participate in networks of worldwide life-serving systems in economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peacekeeping. Training will empower participants to create life-serving systems within themselves and with others. 100 participants from south Asia and other places throughout the world will attend. No tuition or accommodation fee is being charged for the session which, will will take place from Dec. 13 to Dec. 22, 2004. If you would like to support the training, please visit www.cnvc.org or contact Hema or Manda Pokharna at ahinsa@mdiaccess.net, Website:  www.journeysoflife.org News Courtesy: hpokharn@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu


Moodabidri (Mangalore District, Karnataka), December 3: Sri D.Veerendra Hegde the dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala was confered with the prestigious honourary fellowship of the Tulu Sahitya Academy. Prof. Vivek Rai the vice-chancellor of the Kannada University, Hampi conferred the fellowship on to Mr. Hegde. Dr. Vaman Nandavar the president of the Tulu Sahitya Academy presided over the function. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service     


Mysore (Karnataka), November 24: Pampa the great poet who adoned the Kannada literature is said to have completed the writing of his adipurana on Karthika month of Ashtahnika parva. Following this the Digambar Jain Samaj & Padmashri Mahila Samaj of Mysore jointly arranged the series of lectures for eight days by the eminent scholars. It was inaugurated by Smt. Sheela Anantharaj and Sri N.Anantharaj presided over the function. Sri Seetharam Jagirdhar (Pampas life and Jina Vallabha inscription), Dr.Tulasi Ramachandra (Neelanjana dance episode), Dr.H.A.Parshwanath (Renunciation in Adipurana), Prof. G.Brahmappa (Non-Violence in Adipurana), Dr.T.Subrahmaniam (Religion and classics in Adipurana), A.Anand Kumar (Jainism and Theory) and M.S.Padma (Birth and Rebirth) spoke on the occasion).

     Adipurana is a great work by Mahakavi Pampa (10th century), is considered as the unique work in Kannada literature. It depicts the life of Adinath the first prophet of Jainism and his sons Bharatha and Bahubali. It stands supreme in the Jaina literature amongst all languages as compared. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service       


Bangalore (Karnataka), Nov 21: Oswal Parishad, a social organisation, on Sunday honoured 30 people and five organisations "for their services to the needy and the unfortunate". The Governor, T. N. Chaturvedi, inaugurated the function. The organisations honoured this year are Jain Seva Sangh of Hyderabad, Mahaveer Hospital and Research Centre of Hyderabad, Sri Tamil Nadu Jain Mahamandal of Chennai, JST Mahila Mandal of Bangalore, and Jain Mahila Ekata Manch of Bangalore.

Title: Vasant Guruji of Krishnagiri was honoured with the title "Jain Jyothi" on the occasion. Mr. Chaturvedi lauded these organisations for their contribution to society and stressed that service to the needy was essential. According to Ray Chand Khater, president of the parishad, the organisation is meant to be a "symbol of Jain unity". It has instituted these awards to encourage and recognise organisations and individuals involved in social work.The parishad has its office at Journalists' Colony, Raja Motor Market, Bangalore.

In 2002, the parishad honoured 19 persons and two Bangalore-based organisations. In 2003, it honoured 21 people from various parts of Karnataka and two social service organisations. Guruvanandji Swamiji, the vice-president of the parishad, M.V. Kothari, and the chairman of the `sanman samiti', Tejraj Malalni, were present. - News Courtesy: The Hindu


Shravanabelagola (Karnataka), December 10: Muni Sri Merubhushan Maharaj was confered with Acharya status by Acharya Sri Siddhantha Sagar Maharaj on his arrival at Shravanabelagola. The function was attended a gamut of Tyagis and the devotees. Ganadhar Valya Visdhana rituals and other related programmes were observed on the occasion. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service


Ummathur (Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka), December 2: The ancient Bhagawan Sri Mahavira Jain temple at Ummathur near Chamarajanagar was renovated and the poojas offered by Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of Sri Kshetra Kanakagiri on the 1st & 2nd December, 2004. The temple assumed an elegant and aesthetic shape vowing to the generous contribution made by the philanthropic organisations and the government. Bharatha Varshiya Digambar Jaina Thirtha Samrakshana Mahasabha has donated Rs. 1 Lakh and Bharatha Varshiya Digambar Jain Tirthakshetra Committee has donated Rs. 75,000. Archeological department of Government of Karnataka has given Rs. 3 Lakhs, and Dharmasthala Dharmotthana Trust has donated Rs. 3.5 Lakhs for the purpose. Sri Dhruvanarayan M.L.A. Santhemaralli, A.N.Chandrakkerthi and others participated in the function. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service   


Karmachola (Adoni District, Andhra Pradesh), December 1: Sri Padmaprabha Jain temple in Karmachola village is being rejuvinated by Sri B.J.Padmanna of Adoni. The temple is getting a new shape altogether. Karmachola was once an important Jain centre but found its debacle in the recent centuries with the advent of time. The present attempt to renovate the shrine has kindled the the message of Jainism. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service  


This column spells out the sayings and derivations of the scholars of both India and abroad alike. These will stand as testimony to comprehensively understand the interreligious relations and the views about Jainism.

Mahavira’s Teachings: Necessary For Good-Life    

Ahinsa is a basic necessity for a good life for individual, community, nation and world. Without it, there can be neither contentment nor prosperity, nor peace.

- Hon'ble Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

(Ref. Voice Of Ahinsa, Vol. II P. 92)


Sangli (Maharashtra), November 28: A mamoth Ganadhara Vidhan was observed from 18th to 28th November at Sangli under the intution and guidance of Acharya Sri Guptinandi Maharaj. Thousands of devotees thronged in Tarun Bharat Stadium & observed the religious proceedings such as panchamrutha abhishekha aradhana, preachings by Tyagis etc. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service  


New Delhi, November 24: Zee Turner Limited, the distribution alliance between Time Warner company Turner International and Zee Network, has appointed Siddharth Jain as CEO of the company. Prior to this appointment, Jain functioned as the chief operating officer of Zee Turner Limited, according to an official company statement today. The official statement said that Jain has played a key role in providing strategic direction to Zee Turner’s marketing efforts and the business growth of the bouquet, besides overseeing the distribution sales for the company.

     Prior to his appointment as COO of Zee-Turner Limited, a company that is responsible for the distribution of a bouquet of channels from Zee, Turner and third party channels like Reality TV, Jain held the position of senior vice-president (distribution). In this role, he was responsible for conceiving and developing new businesses. Jain joined Zee-Turner Limited in 2002. A proud recipient of the “Sword of Honour” and gold medal from the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Jain gave up his career with the Indian Army in 1995, before joining the media business where he has over nine years of experience in the dynamic business of distribution in the cable and  satellite industry.

     Jain has also worked at Star India as a regional manager in 1995 and moved to Turner International India Pvt. Ltd. in 1998, setting up the entire distribution network for South Asia. He was instrumental in encrypting Cartoon Network and CNN signals and launching HBO in South Asia. An avid reader, Jain enjoys listening to music and playing golf too. - News Courtesy: IndianTelevisions.com





Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Nov 16: Three hundies of a Jain Temple located on Veppery High Road were broke open and collections stolen. The incident came to light this morning. According to police there were a total of six hundies at the temple of which three were broken open.Temple authorities said the collections could have been high as the hundis had not been opened after Deepavali.- News Courtesy: newstodaynet.com


Mumbai (Maharashtra), November 28: Shree Vardhaman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, Dadar, had organised a free medical diagnosis camp for children suffering from cardiac-related problems. Dr K N Cherian from Chennai conducted the camp on November 27 and 28 at Navneen Jain Health Centre 12, Gyan Mandir Road, Dadar-28. News Courtesy: Expressindia.com

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(Dashavaikalikasutram, Uttaradhyayanasutram & Avashyakasutram)
Ed. by Muni Punyavijaya, Pt. Amritlal Mohanlal Bhojak
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Padaliptasuri's Joisakarandagam
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THANANGASUTTAM (Prakrit-Sanskrit)
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Intr. tr. into English by Dr. Nagin J. Shah
Jaina Agama Series 9 (2)
1971    250 x 170 mm    1100 pp    Rs. 40

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The main intention of this column is to provide a platform to the news of even the small villages spread all over India. We here by request our readers to kindly send the news of the pooja mahotsav's in the Jain temples taking place at the nooks and corners of the world.

Aechiganahalli (Mysore District, Karnataka): The annual pooja mahotsav of Bhagawan Sri Neminatha and Sri Brahma yaksha at Aechiganahalli has been organised on the 26th of December, 2004. The pooja will be held under the guidance of Swasti Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of the Kanakagiri Jain Muth. On the occasion the 108 kalash abhishekha has been arranged to Bhagawan Neminatha. Sri K.Adirajaiah of Kadakola village will preside over the religious gathering. Aechiganaalli is situated at a distance of 22 Kms from Mysore.     

Akkirampura (Tumkur District, Karnataka): The 3000th Janma Kalyana Mahotsav of Bhagawan Sri Parshwanatha and the annual pooja mahotsav of Bhagawan Sri Ananthanatha Swamy Jain temple has been organised on the 8th and 9th of January, 2005. On January 8th the Parshwanatha Janmakalyana utsav, palaki procession and a religious discourse has been organised. On January 9th the annual pooja of Bhagawan Sri Ananthanatha and Sri Brahma Yaksha has been organised. The proceedings will be held under the guidance of Swasti Sri Devendrakerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of the Huncha Jain Muth. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service  


www.fjei.org: Website of the Federation of Jain Educational Institutions. Gives information about the activities of the federation, its organisational structure and network.  
www.jaindoctorsfederation.org: Website of the Jain Doctors Federation. Gives information about the activities of the federation.


Tuesday 21st December 2004 - Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Aranatha.

Wednesday 22nd December 2004 - Diksha Kalyana and Janma Kalyana of Bhagawan Mallinatha, Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Naminatha.

Friday 25th December 2004 - Janma Kalyana of Bhagawan Aranatha.

Sunday 26th December 2004 - Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Shambavanatha.

Wednesday 5th January 2005 - Diksha Kalyana of Bhagawan Sri Vardhaman Mahavir.

Friday 14th January 2005 - Dhanurmas ends, Makara Sankranthi.

Sunday 16th January 2005 - Pooja of Sri Brahma Yaksha Stambha at Kambadahalli, Karnataka.

Wednesday 19th January 2005 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Shanathinatha.

Thursday 20th January 2005 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Ajithanatha.

Monday 24th January 2005 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Abhinandananatha.

Tuesday 25th January 2005 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Dharmanatha.

Thursday 27th January 2005 - Kevalagnana Kalyana of Bhagawan Mallinatha.


JHC Web poll question for the month of December 2004
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  • a. Both of them are continuous

  • b. Their functions are different

  • c. Both of them are formless

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Additions as on 1st December 2004:

Calendar Wallpapers

Additions as on 15th December 2004:

Photos of the Lord Parshwanatha Jain Temple at Hosadurga, Chitradurga District, Karnataka.



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