Lord Krishna & Jainism

(Published in February 2004 issue of ‘Jaina Voice’ a publication of WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM) Lord Krishna occupies a unique position in the Indian religious tradition. He embodies himself the luminous stature in the traditions of Jaina, Buddha and Vaishnava cults. Furthermore Krishna’s prehistoric relation with Jaina literature is blended with the core of his teachings and achievements. […]

The Pontiff With Phenomenal Icon

Swastisri Charukeerthi Panditacharyavarya Mahaswamiji, the pontiff of the Jain Math, Moodabidri was a renowned personality in the annal of Jaina religion and an exponent in Jain logic and discourses. Moodabidri is situated about 35 Kms to the north east of Mangalore and is considered as the Jaina Kashi of the south. It is here that […]

Bhattarakha Tradition

There are seen five phases in the Jaina ascetism. These include Brahmacharya, Kshullakha, Ailaka,  Digambara and Aryika. These ascetics were traveling continuously from one place to another. Hence they did not require mutt, the residential place to stay permanently in a single place. In the later days a sect of ascetics called Bhattaraka (or Bhattarakha) […]

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