Hastinapur has a very unique place in the history of Jainism, Hinduism and India. So, while we try to read through its history we come across many interetisting facts both from the Jaina point of view and otherwise. In these pages we will concentrate mainly on its Jaina significance with just some passing reference to […]


History – The history of this place belongs to the period of Bhagawan Suparshwanatha. Previously this place was called by the names Indrapur, Madhulika and Madhupuri. It was the capital of King Ugrasen. it is said that Bhagawan Parshwanatha, sanctified this place by staying here during the monsoon sojourn. Created by gods, a Jewel – […]


History – The jain temple here has a Vijaydwar-Rishabdwar-Daulatdwar and manikdwar and an ahimsa Dhwaja stambh in front of the temple. The idols of acharaya Sudharamsagarji , mahavirkirtiji, and shri Vimalsagarji are also found here. How to Reach –  Marsalganj is situated at a distance of 22 Kms from Firozabad in the Agra district of Uttar […]


History – We can find three Jain temples on a hillock at Madanpur. A 12 feet high idol of a tirthankara, and two 8 feet high idols of the tirthankaras are found in one of these temples. Many ruined Jain idols can be seen scattered on the hill. How to Reach – Madanpur is situated […]


History – Lucknow being the capital of Uttar Pradesh is an important Jain center. The six jain temples found here are very famous. The boarding and lodging facilities are available in the Sri Munnelalkagji dharamshala near Charbagh station. The jain temple here is very artistic. The Jain temples at Daliganj and Yahiyaganj are worth visiting. […]


History – The main temple of Lalitpur is situated near railway station. The 5 temples can be found in a single complex. The idol of Bhagwan Abhinanadananatha is very attractive. The 12 idols of Tirthankaras and other Gods are found in a celler temple. How to Reach – Lailtpur is the centre of the Jain […]


History – Kukubhgram is the Tapasya and Kewalgyan Bhoomi of Bhagawan Pushpadantha. The ruined temples of the Guptan period are found here. The idol of Bhagwan Parshwanatha is found in one such temple. In the northern part of the village, an 8 meters high Manasthambha belonging to 460 C AD is also found. The images […]


History – The history of this place dates back to the times of Bhagawan Padmaprabha. According to the Digambara sect, it is said that it was the land of four Kalyanas of Bhagawan Padmaprabha, also God Kuber had constructed the first samavasarana of the Bhagawan. Bhagawan Mahavira has also visited this place many times and […]


History – The history of Kashi begins from the time of Bhagawan Adinatha. The four Kalyanas of Bhagawan Suparshwanatha and Prshwanatha viz the Garbhavatharana, Birth, diksha and attainment of omniscence have taken place at this place. It was the capital of king Malla during the period of Bhagawan Mahavira. We can find a mention about […]


History – Kargaun is an atishaya kshetra and the idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha is found in the under ground temple. How to Reach – Kargaun is situated at a distance of 5 Kms from Jhansi. The boarding and lodging facilities are available at Jhansi. Main Deity – Idol of Bhagwan Parshwanatha.


History – Previously called by the names Kampilya and Makandi, the history of Kampilaji dates back to the times of Bhagawan Vimalanatha. The four Kalyanas of Bhagwan vimalanatha Chayavan, birth, diksha and omniscience have taken place here. It is also the birth place of king Harisen of the Ikshvaku dynasty. It was the capital of […]


Histoy – We can find 21 Jain temples at Firozabad. Among them the huge marble temple built by Chidamilalji is very important. This temple has the idol of Bhagawan Mahivira as the main deity. In the temple premises we can find the liabrary, museum and a degree college. The 9 mts high idol of Bhagwan […]


History – It is said that this place was constructed by the Gods and hence the name Deogarh. It was named so in during the 13th century. Here we can find many stone inscriptions belonging to the period from 8th to 15th century. Among them the stone inscription in eight languages is a unique of […]


History – Chandrapuri situated on the banks of the river Chandravati has its history that begins from the times of Bhagawan Chandraprabha. It is in this place where the Chyavan, birth, diksha and attainment of omniscience of Bhagawan Chandraprabha has taken place. This has increased the historical importance of this place. We can find a […]


History – We can find many Jain idols scattered in the forest at Chandpur. We can find three ruined Jain temples at this place with the of 13 to 14 feet. How to Reach – Chandpur is situated at a distance of 1 Kms from Dhaura.


History – The idol of bhagawan Ajitanatha at Bateshwar is very ancient. Apart from the idols of Bhagawan Ajithanatha we can find the idols of Bhagawan Adinatha, Arhanatha, Mallinatha, Neminatha, Shantinatha, Suparshwanatha, Choubis and many other small idols made of different stones  and metals. How to Reach – Bateshwar is situated at a distance of […]


History – Baranava is one of the atishaya kshetra’s of Bhagawan Chandraprabha. We can also find the lakha Mandal of the time of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. The boarding facilities are available in the Dharmashala. How to Reach – Baranava is situated at a distance of 40 kilometers from Merut and 11 kilometers from […]

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