Abbana Bettu Basadi, Mudaru –  an ancient Digambar Jain temple located in Karakala taluk, of Udupi district, Karnataka. Main Deity – About 3 feet high idol of Lord Parshwanath in padmasana. History – This is a Digambar Jain temple about 250 years old and has been worship by Sri Mrutyunjaya Indra at present. Earlier his ancestors had […]

Ancient Parshwanath Tirthankar idol found at Kanakagiri

An ancient idol of 23rd Jain Tirthankar Lord Parshwanath has been found at Kanakagiri in Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, India. Kanakagiri (Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka), September 8, 2017: An ancient idol of Lord Parshwanath Tirthankar has been found in the middle of a field at a distance of 1 Km from Jain Siddha Kshetra Kanakagiri. The […]


Main Deity – About 2 feet high stone idol of Lord Parshwanath in Kayotsarga posture. History – Sri Parshwanath Basadi (Digambar Jain Temple) is situated in the heart of Sringeri Town. This basadi was built in the memory of Mari Setty whose origin goes to one Vijayanagara Shanthi Shetty of Nidugodu village near Belur. The date […]

Keladi – Archaeology Museum

Jain idols & Inscriptions housed at the Archaeology Museum, Keladi, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India. -Photos by Nitin H.P. (HPN@JHC), Bengaluru The Archaeology Museum at Keladi houses a couple of ruined Tirthankar idols in Padmasana (sitting posture), a Brahma Yaksha idol and few  Sallekhana Memorial inscriptions called as Nishadis. The founder of the museum is Keladi Gunda […]


A ruined ancient Digambar Jain temple of 11th Century A.D. in Chikamagalur District, Karnataka, India. Located in the midst of Western Ghats. – Article, Photos, Video & Video Editing  – Nitin H.P., Bengaluru Karnataka has always been a hotbed of Jainism. We can find historical references about the presence of Jainism in Karnataka since 2nd century […]

Idol of Lord Bahubali at Venur

Rendezvous With Karnataka’s Jaina Trail

The more I see, the more I’m fascinated with temple architecture in India. This urge has been fuelled manifold since our taking up residence in Bengaluru a few years ago. For Karnataka is strewn with monuments that are as varied in their construction style and ornamentation as the dynasties that gave birth to them. One […]

Jain Route No. – KA-0007

Bangalore – Mandya – Srirangapatna – Mysore – Gommatagiri – Krishnarajasagar (Brindavan Garden-KRS) – Shravanabelagola – Kambadahalli – Kunigal – Sri Parshwa Labdhi Dhama – Bangalore. View Jain Route No. – KA-0007 – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM in a larger map

Route No. – KA-0002

Bangalore – Parshwa Labdi – Kunigal – Shravanabelagola – Kambadahalli – Bangalore. View Jain Route No. – KA-0002 – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES. in a larger map

Route No. – KA-0003

Bangalore – Parshwa Labdi – Kunigal – Shravanabelagola – Kambadahalli – Hosaholalu – Murukanahalli -Bangalore. View Jain Route No. – KA-0003 – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM in a larger map

Route No. – KA-0004

Bangalore – Shravanabelagola – Kambadahalli – Hassan – Belur – Halebidu – Hassan – Bangalore. View Jain Route No. – KA-0004 – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM in a larger map

Route No. – KA-0005

Bangalore – Parshwa Labdi – Kunigal – Shravanabelagola – Kambadahalli – Shanthigrama – Hassan – Belur – Halebidu – Adguru – Hassan – Bangalore. View Jain Route No. – KA-0005 – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM in a larger map

Route No. – KA-0006

Bangalore – Parshwa Labdi – Kunigal – Shravanabelagola – Kambadahalli – Shanthigrama – Hongere – Marakuli – Hassan – Adguru – Halebidu – Belur – Arasikere – Nittur – Gubbli – Tumkur – Mandaragiri – Yalekyatanahalli – Sitakal – Bangalore. View Jain Route No. – KA-0006 – WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM in a larger map

Shravanabelagola's - Siddhara Gundu and its heritage

Shravanabelagola’s Siddhara Gundu and its Heritage

– Article & photos by Nitin H.P. A rock boulder located besides Akhanda Bagilu on Indragiri Hillock, Shravanabelagola, Hassan District, Karnataka, India. Has 8 inscriptions – related to carvings on the hillock, Sallekhana memorials, visit of devotees & construction of a water reservoir. Seven Sallekhana memorials with & without inscriptions. Carvings of Jinas and a group […]

Bastimakki’s Grants Inscription – Dana Shasana

– Nitin H.P. Executive Director Highlights A Grants Inscription – also called as Dana Shasana. Mentions about Jain rituals, services  & festivals that were performed during that period  – Hâlu-dhâre – anointing an idol by milk, Ashtàhnihâ, Jïvadayâshtami, Srïpanchami. Provides information about Suparshwanath temple’s construction and 4 grants made to the temple. Inscription belongs to […]

Marasimhas - Inscription at Shravanabelagola

Marasimha’s Inscription at Shravanabelagola

– Nitin H.P. (HPN@JHC), Executive Director, Uniqueness – A Sallekhana Memorial – also called as a Nishadi. An example for a Kamba Nishadhi – Pillar Nishadi of a  King attaining Samadhi through Sallekhana. This is the 1st instance of a Nishadi inscribed on a Brahma stambha. Gives a detailed account of the king’s valour, […]

Renovation of Sri Parshwanath Jain Temple at Makodu

Download high res posters in Kannada & English for distribution and putting up in temples The Parshwanath Swamy Digambar Jain temple at Makodu, a silent village in the Periyapatna taluk of Mysuru district is in a very dilapidated condition and demands immediate attention of the community. The preparations are under way for the renovation of […]

Newly Found 12th Century - Sallekhana Memorial is Karmadevaru for Locals

Newly Found “Sallekhana” Memorial is “KarmaDevaru” for Locals

– Photos & Article by Ravikumar K. Navalagunda, Harihara (Translated to English by Nitin H.P.) A Nishadi stone of 12th century has been discovered in the premises of Karmadevara Gudi at Kunchuru village in Hirekerur taluk of Haveri district in Karnataka. It has been found in the midst of shrubs in an open field at […]


Kanakagiri, situated about 53 Kms away from Mysore, bears a very ancient history in the map of India in general and Karnataka in particular. It is described in the ancient works as Hemanga Desha and to where Bhagawan Sri Mahavira visited the place in his sojourn or Sri Vihara in South India. The samavasarana is […]

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