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Cherry Hill

    Main Deity – Idol of Bhagawan Mahavira

    Temple History – Serving 400 families in the Tri-statearea of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, the Jain Sangh was inaugurated in 1980 and the temple was established in 1990 in an old church. It has the 30inches high idol of Bhagawan Mahavira Swami flanked by Shree Rishabhdev and Shree Parswanath. In the Bhamti are found five moorties: Shree Siddha Devi, ShreeChakeshwari Devi, Shree Padmavati Devi, Shree Ghantakaran Mahavir and ShreeManibhadraji. On the left wall of the Rangmandap are two elaborately carved and painted marble murals of Shatrunjay and Girnar. Extensive renovations were done in 2001 creating a shikhar with Dharma Dhvaja and enlarged Rangmandap with sitting capacity of approximately 200. The amenities include separates rooms for men and women, library, restrooms and a coat room. The adjacent Temple house is used for meals and Swadhyay.  Spanning the two properties is a parking lot for about 50 vehicles. The five-member Board of Trustees (BOT) provides the overall direction for the Sangh management and a nine-member Executive Committee (EC) manage the day-to-day activities.

    Information Courtesy : Dilip V. Shah,   Secretary, Jain Sangh Inc.

    Temple Address – 3401 Cooper Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ 08109.

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