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    History – This place is known as Bhondal Village .This is the place of Janma Kalyana of bhagwan Sheetalnath (some scholars opine that Udaygiri near Vidhisha in Madhya Pradesh is the birth place of bhagwan Sheetalnath). The Bhondalgaon or Bhadalpur or Bhadrikapuri is considered to be the Sahetuk forest where the Bhagwan Sheetalnath attained salvation(Kewalgyan). Historians like Sir William Hunter and Dr Sten has proved that Kaluha pahad is a Jaintirth and Bhadrikapuri (Bhondhalgaon) is the birth place of bhagwan Sheethalnath. One could see the Jain signs and idols scattered at this place.

    How to Reach – This place is situated at Bhondhal village.This place is 77 Kms from Gaya. The road upto Ghanghri is metalled Gaya to dobhi is 32 Kms, Dhobhi to Hunterganj (15 Kms) and Hunterganj to Ghanghri is 8 Kms. Dantargaon is 8 Kms from Ghanghri and 10 Kms from Kuluhapahad.

    Accommodation Details – Lodging and boarding facilities are available in the Jain dharamshala at Dantargaon.

    Temple Type – Digambar TempleMain Deity – An idol of Bhagawan Sheetalnatha.

    Main Deity – An idol of Bhagawan Sheetalnatha.

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