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    History – The ancient name of this place is Kundgram (Vasukund). This is the place of the three Kalyanas (events beneficent the world) – Garbha, Janma and Diksha Kalyana of Lord Mahavir, according to the Digambar belief. It is said that Vaishali was a very prosperous city and ruled mainly by Lichchhvi dynasty. They were believed to be Kshtriyas belonging to Jnatru vamsha (family) and were said to be staunch  followers of Lord Mahavir. History says that the King of Magadh was defeated by the King of Vaishali. The son of Shrenik – Ajatshatru led for a split in Vaishali Sangha. He invaded it and killed Chetak, the King of Vaishali. The glory of Vaishali came to an end with the death of Chetak. This was around 2000 years old. The 2 Bighas area found at Vaishali is never ploughed as a mark of respect.

    Heritage Centre Type – Siddha Kshetra

    How to Reach – Ara is at a distance of 61 Kms from Patna. Trains, bus services and private vehicles are available from Patna.

    Accommodation Details – Boarding and lodging facilities are available at Harprasadji Dharamshala.

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    Near by Tourist Places – This city of Vaishali, which has seen many ups and downs, is full of many ancient ruins.

    • The Prakrit Jainological and Ahinsa Research Institute – established by the Govt. of Bihar.
    • Archeological Museum – established by the archeological department of the Govt. of India. Many ancient idols and ruins are well preserved here.
    • The village Kammal Chahra where the Bhagwan Mahavira had his first Aahar (food).
    • The famous Ashok pillar is also here.

    Temple Name – Bhagawan Mahavir Digambar Jain Temple

    Temple Type – Digambar Temple

    Main Deity – Nearly 16 inch high, black-colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavira in the Padmasana Posture.


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