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    History – A number of idols and Jain relics have been found here. It is stated that the temple belongs to time of King Samprati. There is a reference that outside the city stating that there was a splendid temple with 1444 pillars and 72 devkulikas (Small temples) and also a large well with steps leading downwards, were built . Even today, this stepped well is present here in its old shape. In the temple of Higharajamata, there is a broken idol of Ambikamata and on its girdle there is a mention that the idol was installed on the second day of the bright half of the month of Jyesth in the year 1261 of the Vikram era.

    How to Reach – The temple is situated in the central part of the village Bhorol. The nearest railway stations of Deesa and Bhildi are 60 and 40 kilometers away. Tharad, the village nearby, is 23 kilometers away. There is a small Dharmashala and a bhojanashalas at this place.

    Main Deity – About 2 feet 6 inches high, black colored idol of Bhagawan Neminatha in the Padmasana posture.

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