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    History – It is said that there was an ancient temple of the Middles ages. In those days, there were many Jain temples here. It is stated that Vijaysensurisvarji with his vast group of disciples, came here on the invitation of King Akbar and the idol of bhagawan Parshwanatha was installed on the tenth day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the year 1664 of the Vikram era. In the compound, there is a temple of Mahavir Swami and also we can find three other temples. In this place we can find the fine paintings of the sacred places of Shetrunjay, Girnar, Sammetshikhar and Gandhar painted on the glass.

    How to Reach – The temple is situated on the seashore near the Gandhar village. The temple is at a distance of 13 kilometers from village Parvajan on the Bharuch-Kavi road. It is 26 Kms from Bharuch via village Vagara.

    Main Deity – About 6 feet high white coloured idol of Bhagawan Amizara Parshwanatha in the padmasana posture.

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