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    Gogh is a Athishay kshetra. There are 2 Digamabara Jain temples with bhagwan Adinatha as the main deity and 3 Swethamabara temple with Navakhand Parshwanatha, Chandraprabha and Jirawala Parshwanatha as the main deities. It is said that the idol of Navakhand Parshwanatha was found from a well of the Vadva village. It was formally installed under the auspices of Mahendrasurisvarji in the year 1168 of the Vikram era. This temple, therefore, belongs to the times earlier than the twelfth century. During the Muslim rule when other temples and idols were broken, this idol was also broken into nine pieces. The Shravakas prayed and with the grace of the presiding deity the idol was restored to its original shape. But the marks of the nine pieces were left and they are seen even today. Navakhanda Parshwanatha is the name given to Bhagawan after this event. Visitors can see the Akhand Jyoti (Uninterrupted oil lamp) in the temple. There are four other idols in the temple, and also there are two idols in the village. There are many ancient and artistic idols made of the Panch Dhatu (five metals alloys). The two Digamabara Jain temples have Bhagawan Adinatha as the main deity and the idols of Bhagawan Chandraprabha and other tirthankaras can be seen in this temple.

    How to Reach – This pilgrim place is in the Ghogha port at a distance of 21 Kms from Bhavnagar railway station. Buses and taxis are available here. There is Pukka road to the Jain temple. Also, there are Dharmashala and bhojanashalas.

    Main Deity – About 32 inches high dark colored idol of Bhagawan Navakhanda Parshwanatha in the Padmasana posture (Swethambara temple). Black colored 2 feet high idol of Bhagwan Adinatha (Digamabara temple).

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