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    History – This is a very ancient sacred place. According to scriptures, in Satyayuga (the first of the four mythological ages), this city was called Brahmapur, in Tretayuga, it was called Agnikhet, in Davaparyuga, it was called Hiranypur and in Kaliyuga, it was called Tulkhet. The Brahmakshetra States that once upon a time, there were many Digambar temples here. The present temple is more than 500 years old. At a distance of one kilometer from the town, there is an ancient temple of Ambajimata. Many idols were found while digging at the time of renovation of this temple and this idol of Ambajimata was among them. Besides this temple, there is also an ancient temple of Bhagwan Adinatha.

    How to Reach – This sacred place is the center of the village of Khedbrahma near Idar . The railway station of Khedbrahma is at a distance of half a mile from the temple. Buses and taxis are available vehicles. There is also a Dharmashala at this place.

    Main Deity – Nearly 3 feet high, Catechu – colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami in the Padmasana posture.

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