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    History – Koba is one of the important centres propagating the Jain religion. Here the activities related to Jainism and spirituality are conducted regularly. All these activities are carried out by Sri Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra which was established on 26th December, 1980. This was set up in memory of His Holiness Acharya Sri Kailas Sagarsuriji Maharaj by to the inspiration of Sri Padma Sagarsuriji Maharaj. The temple of Bhagawan Mahavira is very attractive. We can find the idols of Godess Padmavathi and Bhagawan Adinatha at the cellar of the temple. Apart from this we can find different idols related to Jainism, the rare crystalline idol of Bhagawan Parshwanatha is also found here. Every year on May 22, the sunray passing through the pinnacle is made to fall on the mark of pigment on the forehead of the idol of Bhagawan Mahavira. When these rays fall on the idol it shines brightly like a diamond. Besides this temple, there is an artistic marble Guru mandir built on the funeral ground of His Holiness Kailas Sagar Surisvarji in his memory. There is a plan of writing the life events of the Acharya with golden letters in this Gurumandir. We can find foot idols of Gurudev at this mandir. There is also an Aradhana Bhavan for spiritual pursuant. In the Aradhana Bhavan we can find about two lakhs of ancient rare manuscripts. Among them there are more than a thousand valuable books written on palm-leaves.

    How to Reach – Koba is situated on the banks of the river Sabarmati on the Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar highway. The nearest railway station of Ahmedabad is at a distance of nearly 16 kilometers and the airport is at distance of 5 Kilometers.

    Main Deity – White colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavira in the Padmasana posture.

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