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    History – Among the cities of Kutch, Mandvi is an important pilgrim centre on the seashore and is a great center of the Jain religion. There are six other temples. The Dadawadi and the temple of Bhagawan Ajitnath on the port are one among them. The ancient port of Mandvi is worth visiting. There is a vast and beautiful temple of Bhagawan Shantinatha in Sri Meghji Pethraj Jain Ashram, which is at the end of the bridge in the city. This Ashram is an important pilgrim centre serving the humanity. It is a home for helpless, weak and old people to live in. This Ashram managed by the Sangha is dedicated to serve humanity.

    How to Reach – It is in the Mandvi Port in the region of Kutch. Bus service and private vehicles are available. The Jain vadi, the Pathshala and the Upashraya are there.

    Main Deity – Idol of Bhagawan Shantinatha in the Padmasana posture.

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