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    History – Under the inspirations of His Holiness Acharyadev Jinchandrasuriji Maharaj Saheb and His Holiness Sharadchandravijayji, this idol of Bhagawan Shambavanatha was installed on the eleventh day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the years 2046 and 2048 of the Vikram era in the Jain temple at Savathi. A shepherd of Bavala, Seth Shri Chhaganbhai and the family of Gokalbhai Parmar, donated 18 acres of land for this place. 200 ft. long and 108 ft. high and built on a vast piece of land, this splendid temple with 1111 pillars and 84 idols reminds one of the temple of Ranakpur. In this splendid sacred place, there are six large temples :- The first temple has the idols of the Goddess Padmavathi , Ambamata and Laxmimata, the second temple has the idol of Bhagawan Shantinath, the third temple has the idol of Shankheshvar Parshvanath, the fourth temple has the idol of Bhagawan Adinatha, the fifth temple has the idol of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami and the sixth temple has the idols of Gautam Swami, Sudharma Swami and Hemchandracharya. In front of this temple, there is Samadhi Mandir of Sadhavji Prashamprabhashriji. Chyavan (falling into mother’s womb), birth, diksha and attainment of omniscience – these four great beneficent events of Bhagawan’s life (Kalyanakas) happened here and that is why this has become a sacred place.

    How to Reach – The Jain temple at Savathi is at  a distance of 4 kilometers from the village Bavala, it is  on the Ahmedabad-Palitana highway and  at a distance of 39 kilometers from Ahmedabad. Bus service and private vehicles are available. This is a good halting  place for pilgrims, Sadhus and Sadhvis on their travel to Palitana. There are good boarding  and lodging facilities at this palce.

    Main Deity – Nearly 4 feet 2 inches high idol of Bhagawan Shambavanatha in the Padmasana posture.

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