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    History – Kangda/Kangra is the only Jain pilgrim centre in Himachal Pradesh. Its history dates back to the period of Lord Neminath, the twenty second Tirthankara. Kangda was earlier called as Susharmapura named after the King Susharmachandra, who had developed this town. We can find one Jain temple over here and is said to have been constructed by King Susharmachandra. References about this can be found in ‘Vignipti There are also some historical references stating that Bhimkot’ and ‘Bhimnagar’ as the other names of Kangda.

    There is also a mention that King Susharampur built this temple and installed the idol of Adinatha. We can find a mention of Kangada in the tirthmalas written by Acharyas and Upadhyays between the 14th and the 17 centuries. In course of time the temples here were destroyed and only this temple has survived. A Fair is held here every year from the thirteenth to the fifteenth day of the bright half of the month of Falgan. The remains found here remind us of the antiquity of the temple.

    How to Reach – The nearest railway station of Kangada is at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the temple and Hosiyarpur is at distance of 102 kilometers from Kangada. Bus service and private vehicle are available.

    Accommodation Details – Boarding and lodging facilities are available near the fort.

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    Main Deity – Red coloured idol of Lord Adinath in the padmasana posture.

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