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    History – Adaragunchi a village near Hubli is also called as ‘Adhyara Kunja’ in the history.These two words mean a group of deciple of Shri Adinatha and also denotes their place of dwelling.The idol of Adinatha is being woshiped with high reverence and devetion by the civilians of the village as ‘Doddappa’.Many fairy tales have been constructed arround this idol.Many relics of Jainism in a mutilated form are seen scattered here and there in the village.

    How to Reach – The nearest railway station to Adaragunchi is Hubli about 4 Kms. Good bus facilities are also available from Hubli.

    Temple Name – Adaragunchi Doddappana Gudi.

    Main Deity – Nearly 5ft high, gigantic black granite idol of Bhagawan Adinatha sitting in the padmasana posture (10 century).

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