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    History – Annigeri was the capital of Belvola-300 and was the sub capital of Hoysala Veeraballala. The inscription (751-752 A.D.) found in the Banashankari temple of this place gives the details of the construction of this temple in 750 AD. It says that this temple was built by a person named Kalliyammarasa who was the village officer in the Ganga dynasty. An inscription found in front of this temple says that this temple was renovated in the year 1071 AD by a Chalukyan king in memory of his mother. This inscription also gives the information about the Salekahnavrata taken by a devotee named Mahadeviyakka.

    In the temple we can find the idols of Vardhamana Mahaveera, Sri Shanthinatha in the Khadgasan posture, bhagwan Sri Parshwanatha in the padmasana posture, bhagwan Sri Pushpadantha, Chouvisa tirthasnkara and an idol of Brahmadeva. We can also find the idols of Yakshi Padmavathi, Yakshi Kushmandini and Saraswathi Devi.

    How to Reach – This place is at a distance of 40 Kms from Dharwad and is at a distance of 16 Kms from Navilagunda taluk. People visiting this place can stay at Dharwad.

    Main Deity – Idol of Sri Bhagwan Parshwanatha in the Padmansana posture.

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