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    On moving further ahead by 2 Kms from Bastihalli is found Bekka, a hamlet situated at a distance of 7 kms from Shravanabelagola. The temple here is around 1200 years old. It has a mukhamantapa, navaranga, antarala and a garbagriha. The door leading towards the garbagriha is flanked by dwarapalakas on either side. The garbagriha has a 4 ½ feet high black coloured idol of Lord Parshwanatha in Pratimayoga as the main deity.

    With only one Jain family of the priest residing here this temple is another victim of the disregard from the Jain community. While the author visited this temple the priest’s family were overjoyed to host him. As heard from their mouth, ‘you are our first guest since the past 18 months’ he proceeds further and says that, ‘people hardly come here, and we can only find people when the Jain ascetics visit the temple. But otherwise there is none.’ With this, one can understand the sorry state of affairs about the temple.

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