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    History – It is also called as Shobanapura in the stone inscriptions found in the village. It is one of the Jain centers which was ruled by a Jain king and there were seven Jinalayas here. But now there is only one temple(9th century) existing now.

    Many idols of stone and bronze are seen with clear inscription in the pedestal with detail about the names of sculptors and donors. There are also seen the inscriptions of Vijayaditya the Kalyana Chalukyan king, Thribhuvana Malla, Kadhamba Ranadheera and Yadava Mahadeva. An errased inscription found near the Hudedha well(1068 A.D.) narrates the Jain Saint Kanakanandi’s ‘Fast unto death’ to attain salvation and who thus concentrated the place by sacrificing life.

    How to Reach – It is situated about 9 Kms from Hubli. Good bus convinience is available here.

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