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    History – We can find two Jain temples at Jinjurawda. One of the temples has the idol of Bhagawan Parshwanath in the padmasana and the other has the idol of Bhagawan Mahavir in the padmasana. The Parshwanath temple is said to have been constructed in the year 1921. The other temple was constructed recently, the dharmashala and the muni nivas can be found in the premises of this temple.

    How to Reach – Jinjurawada being situated in the Athani taluk of Belgaum district has good transport facilities are Athani and Belgaum. The pilgrims visiting this place can stay at the Dharmashala in the Mahavir temple.

    Main Deity – Idols of Bhagawan Parshwanath and Mahavir.

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