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    Shanthigiri is a colony located in H D Kote Taluk of Mysuru/Mysore District.

    Main Deities – About 4 feet high marble idol of Tirthankar Shanthinath in Kayotsarga, about 2.5 feet high idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath in Padmasana.

    Jain Temples – Two Digambar Jain temples are seen at Shanthigiri
    Shanthinath Temple – This temple houses the 4 feet high idol of Tirthankar Shanthinath in Kayotsarga as the main deity. In front of this idol is also seen about 2 feet high ancient black coloured idol of Tirthnkar Shanthinath in Kayotsarga. Metal idols of choubis Tirthankar, Jinvani Saraswati, Sarbahna Yaksha, the ancient stone idol of Brahma Yaksha on a horse, Nandishwara Dweepa, and many other Jain idols are seen at this temple. We can also see a Jain religious book being kept on a Shrutapeetha and being worshipped.

    Parshwanath Temple – This temple houses about 2.5 feet high idol of Tirthankar Parshwanath in Padmasana as the main deity. A couple of stone Nagashilpas, metal idol of Goddess Padamavati and many other small Tirthankar idols are seen in this temple. One of the unique and important aspect of this temple is the Kannadi – Mirror Padmavati idol. An ancient idol of Goddess Padmavati present in this temple was lost. Hence symbolically a Kannadi (mirror in Kannada language) has been decorated with sarees and is worshipped as Goddess Padmavati.

    Location – Shanthigiri is located along the route to the Kabini backwaters from the Kabini dam cross in H.D.Kote taluk of Mysuru district.

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