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    History – The idol of Bhagawan Ajitanatha  was installed in samavat 1548 by a person named Shah Jeevraj Papdiwala. The other idols in this temple were installed by his wife and mother.We can find 43 idols that belong to the year 1548. They include idols of Bhagwan Adinatha (3 feet 4 inches), Adinatha(2 feet 10 inches) Ajitnath(90 Cms), Ajitnatha (2 feet 8 inches), Chandraprabha (2 feet 4 inches) . All these idols are made of white stone in the Padmasana. there are 4 Sanctum Santorum’s  in this temple . The main Sanctum is dedicated to Bhagwan Ajitanatha, another one is dedicated to Bhagwan Parshvanath, the another dedicated to Bhagwan Shantinatha and the fourth one dedicated to Bhagwan Adinath. This is a temple that is known as the one without foundations. It is said that yati was carrying this temple in the sky and he was forced to land it here. The boarding and lodging facilities are available in the Dharmashala.

    How to Reach – Banedia is in Indore district and 45 Kms from Indore and 29 Kms from Paavima. Bus service to Banedia is also available.

    Temple Type – Digambar Temple.

    Main Deity – About 115 cms high white idol of Bhagwan Ajitanatha in padmasana posture.

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