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    History – The entire city of Gwalior can be divided into three regions namely Gwalior, Laskar and Murar. We can find 4 Jain temples temples, 2 chaityalaya and 2 Dharmashala in the Gwalior region, 20 temples, 3 chaityalaya and 3 dharmashalas in the lashkar region and 2 temples, 2 chaityalaya and one Dharmashala in the Myrar region.

    We can find about more than one thousand five hundred idols in the premises of the Gwalior fort. The Gwalior Fort is about 5000 years old. The entire area of Gwalior fort is divided into five groups namely Urvahi, North West , North East , South West and the South East areas. We can find 24 idols in the padmasana 40 in the kayotsarga adn arround 840 idols carved on the walls and pillars in the Urvahi area. 58 feet 4 inches high idol of Bhagwan Adinatha outside the Urvahi gate, 35 feet high idol of Bhagwan Suparshwanatha in the Padmasana in Paththar-ki bavadi (stone tank) area.

    Besides the Gwalior fort the other important places to be visited in Gwalior are Gujri Mahal museum, bavadi- karan Mandir, Sas bahu ka bada Mandir and Chota mandir.

    How to Reach – Gwalior being one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh is at a distance of 118 Kms from Agra and 97 Kms from Jhansi.

    Main Deity – 58 feet 4 inches high idol of Bhagwan Adinatha.

    Golden Temple – Gwalior

    Photos by – Rushab Shah (Mumbai)

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