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    History – Kundalpur has a very ancient history and we can find a total of 64 temples here. Among these 46 temples are found on the hill and the remaining 18 temples are found at the foot of the hill. The temple no.11 of Bhagawan Adinatha on the hill is very important. The idol of Bhagawan Adinatha is called as Bade Baba among the villagers. The idols of Bhagawan Adinatha and Bhagawan Mahavira on the hill are said to be very miraculous. People believe that on visiting these temples they can fulfill their wishes. At the foot of the hill, we can find a large lake named Vardhman Sagar.

    How to Reach – Kundalpur is at a distance of 38 kms from Damoh and 16 kms from Hatta. Good bus facilities are available from Damoh. The boarding and lodging facilities are available in the Dharmashalas at Damoh and Kundalpur.

    Main Deity – 15 feet 3 inches high, brown colored idol of Bhagawan Mahavir and 12 feet high idol of Bhagawan Adinatha in the Padmasana posture.

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