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Lord Parshwanath in the main deity at Pateria. The temple is about 200 years old. It was built by Seth Radha Kishanjun Shah by the earnings of one day in the business of Cotton in V.S. 1839. The installation ceremony of this temple was organized under the graceful patronage of Garha Kota’s that time ruler Shri Harisinghjudeo Bundela that was motivated by the precept of Bhattarak Mahendrakeertiji.
It is said that in that function, Ghee became short for food, then by the order of Bhattarakji, the water of the nearby pond was used in place of Ghee. This pond is known as Atishaya Kund. It is said that prayers & worship on the first Sunday of every month are helpful for the fulfillment of various desires of pilgrims.
A miraculous pillar is also here that removes the various types of Malaria. This wonderful pillar was powered by the spells by Bhattarak Mahendrakeertiji.