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    History – The history of this place begins from the times of Bhagawan Adinath. Previously this place was called by the name Prayag. The tree under which Bhagawan Adinatha attained omniscience is found at this place. It is called by the name ‘Akshray Vatavruksha’. In a holy book  of the year 1556 of the Vikram era, there is a mention of the wooden sandals of Bhagawan Adinatha under this tree. But at present the wooden Sandals are not found here.  There is a mention of this place in the book ‘Vividh Tirth Kalpa’ of the 14th century and many other holy books. It is from this place that Bhagawan Adinatha has attained salvation. The construction of the first ever samavasarana was done during the period of the attainment of salvation Bhagawan Adinatha.  GomukhaYaksha and Goddess Chakreshvari become Shsandev and Shasanadevi at this place. the Ashram of Bhardavaj Muni and the Lakshagaru built by the architect Maya to kill the Pandavas of the mahabharatha was here. Mata Marudevi, (mother of Bhagwan Adinath) attained omniscience here .There is a Panchavati temple of Digambara’s. In the museum run by the local administration we can find many jaina idols and inscriptions. In the fort there is a pillar built by King Samprati. On it, there are inscriptions describing the achievements of king Samprati. This is sacred place even for  Hindus. The Kumbamela held once in every twelve years attracts Lakhs of devotees from diffrent parts of the world.  The most important aspect of this place is that the three sacred rivers of India viz. Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi join at this place.

    How to Reach – Allahabad is at a distance of 4 kilometers from Purimtal. The boarding and lodging facilities are available near the temple.

    Main Deity – About 2 feet high, white colored idol of Bhagawan Adinatha in Padmasana posture (in the Swetambara Temple), idol of Bhagawan Adinatha in the Padmasana posture.

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