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History – Previously this place was called as Shravangiri. The construction of the temples at this place began in the year 1300. The history of the place prior to the year 335 of the Vikram era is not traceable. Many Jaina Ascetics have attained salvation from this place. This is also the place of samavasarana of Bhagawan Chandraprabh Swami, the eighth Tirthankar. We can find 82 pinnacled temples on the hill and 16 temples at the foot of the hill. On the hill, there is broad-mouthed cocoanut basin. It is cut from a slab of stone in the shape of a coconut. There is also another slab of stone, when beaten it produces sound like that of a metal.Hence it is called as ‘Bajani shila’.

How to Reach – The temple is situated on a hill near the Anaval village. Sonagiri is situated at adistance of 60 kilometers from Gwalior. We can find many dharmashalas for the convinience of the people.

Main Deity – 12 feet high, black-coloured idol of Bhagawan Chandraprabha Swami in the Kayotsarga posture.