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    History – The cave temples of Ellora are world famous and their history dates back to the 7th to 10th century A.D. It is said that it attained the name Ellora from the word Ellacharya (the highest position given to a Jain Ascetic). In Ellora we can find as many as 24 caves that belong to the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions. The carvings and the paintings in these temples stand as an outstanding example of the art and architecture. In the caves numbered 30 to 34 we can find paintings and carvings related to the Jaina tradition. The paintings and the carvings in the Jain caves are said to be made during the period of the Rashtrakuta and the Ellvansi dynasties(7th to 10 century A.D.). We can find the carvings of Bhagawan Bahubali, Indrasabha, Bhagawan Parshwanatha during Upasarga and Tapasya, Dharanendra yaksha, yakshi Padmavati, yakshi Ambika, yakshi Siddayini, yakshi Chakreshwari, dancing Neelanajana and many other Jain carvings in these temples.

    How to Reach – Aurngabad is on Manmad kachiguda Railway line. Ellora caves are 44 Kms from Aurngabad via Daulatabad.

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