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    History – This place is at the bank of Aasana river. The idol of Bhagwan Mallinath is said to be very miraculous. We can also find a white coloured idol of Bhagawan Mallinatha at this temple. The idols of other tirthanakars are also found in this temple. The Samadhi of Bhattarak Devenderkirtiji can also be found at this place on the other side of the river Aasana. The dharamshala at this place provide the boading and lodging facilities to the pilgrims.

    How to Reach – This place is 8 Kms from Chaudi along the Khandava-Purna route in Parbhani district of Maharastra. This is 122 Kms from Wasim.

    Main Deity – Black colored Idol of Bhagwan Mallinath in padamasan.

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