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Udayagiri – Khandagiri

    History – The history of this place is said to belong to the times of Bhagawan Adinatha. The Vedic people called the people of this place, Anarya Karakandu; the king of this place was a disciple of Bhagawan Parshvanath. He was a staunch follower of the Jain religion. This place belonged to the Kalinga region. Many brave and strong Jain Kings ruled here. They inspired unbroken faith and devotion to the Jain religion Bhagawan Parshvanath often came here wandering about. There is a mention that the samavasarana of Bhagawan Mahavir was set up here. There are three other temples beside this. The inscription of the Elephant Cave here is regarded to the be oldest of all inscriptions. Some of the cave temples are stated to be from the time of Lord Mahavira and others from the time of emperor Kharvel Ist Century BC. The other caves are believed to be of 10th Century. Since the Samovasaran of Bhagwan Mahavir was held here it is known as atishay Kshetra as well, Among the cave temples, ‘Alkapuri’ Jaivijay; Rani cave, Ganesh Gumpha; Swarg Gumpha, Patal Gumpha are woth seeing. A number of inscriptions and artistic idols carved in the caves here are very fascinating and spectacular. The Udaygiri hill is just in front of the Khandgiri hill. The ancient idols in the caves of both these hills stand as a unique example of its kind.

    Heritage Centre Type – Place of Archeological importance.

    How to Reach – Khandgiri hill is situated at distance of 6 Kilometers from Bhuvaneshvar. The nearest railway station of Bhuvaneshvar is a distance of 6 kilometers. The Khandgiri hill is about 40 meters high and the Udaygirihill is about 35 meters high. It is easy to ascend the hills. Bus services and private vehicles are available.

    Accommodation Details – Boarding and lodging facilities are available at the foot of the hills.

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    Main Deity – White colored idol of Bhagawan Adinatha in the Padmasana posture.

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