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    History – An inscription at the temple states that the idol of Bhagawan Adinatha was installed by Acharya Yashobhadrasurishvarji Maharaj before the year 1029 of the Vikram era. Another inscription states  that during the period of King Jaysinha in the 13th Century, all the canonical scriptures were got written on palm – leaves by Shri Hemchandra. The last renovation of this temple was completed in the year 1995 of the Vikram era. At the time of the renovation, the idol of the Bhagwan Adinatha was installed. In addition to this temple we can find four more temples, among which four of them belong to the 12th century. In one of the temples we can find the idol of Jagachchandrasurishvarji Maharaj.

    How to Reach – Ayad is situated at a distance of one kilometer from Udaipur.

    Main Deity – White coloured idol of Bhagawan Adinatha in the Padmasana posture.

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