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    Main Deity – Idol of Lord Adinath in Padmasana.

    History – Alagramam Jain temple was built in the 17th Century. The temple is centrally located in the Alagramam village. The Temple Was Built in phases in between 17th-18th Century. Prior to its construction the Jains at Alagramam used to go to Keezh Idayalam Jain Temple on Avani Avittam day to wear the Poonal (the sacred thread). After few Years they decided to build a Jain temple in their own village. On the Day Of Avani Avittam they took a Small idol of Lord Parshwanath from Keezh Idayalam Temple to Alagramam and built a Small temple. After some time the temple construction work was initiated. The Temple was built in phases. The first Tirthankar Lord Adinath is the main deity (Moolavar) of this temple. A separate temple has been constructed for Sri Dharma Devi Amman (Goddess Kushmandini Devi) and Sri Brahma Yaksha. In addition to this a separate Pandukashila Mantapa has also been constructed.

    Location – Alagaramam is located in Tindivanam taluk of Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu.

    Special Events
    Annual Fair/Mahotsavam (Brahmotsavam) From 1894
    The Annual fair / Mahotsavam (Brahmotsavam) has been conducted over the past 125 Years since 1894 A.D. to the idol of Lord Parshwanath. It is conducted for a period of 10 days with rituals both during the day and nights. This is conducted during the Ashtaniyama (ashtahnika parva) period. It starts on the sapthami Thiti as per Indian calendar and ends on Prathama Thiti. It is usually conducted in June–July months.

    Below is a list of different rituals performed on each day –

    Day 01 – Flag hoisting ceremony. Darbar Flag hoisting at morning and main flag Hoisting (Tvajarohanam) with an image of Sarvahna Yaksha inscribed on that.
    Day 02 – Surya Vahana Utsava during morning, Chandra Vahana Utsava during night.
    Day 03 – Devendhiran Vahanam utsava during day & night.
    Day 04 – 9 Head Snake Vahanam utsava during day & night.
    Day 05 – Hamsa Vahanam utsava during day & night.
    Day 06 – Gaja (Elephant) Vahanam utsava during day & night.
    Day 07 – Nig Vimana (flight used by God’s) Vahanam utsava during day & night.
    Day 08 – Pallakki Vahanam utsava during day & Horse Vahanam utsava at night.
    Day 09 – Simha (Lion) Vahanam utsava during day & night.
    Day 10 – Mahabishekam during day and Dhwaja Avarohanam (Flag de-hoisting) at night.

    Pancha Kalyana Mahotsavam
    The Pancha Kalyana Mahotsavam wil be conducted once in 12 Years at Alagramam Jain temple. It was conducted in 1972, 1994 and 2007 Respectively.

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