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    History – Chettipatti is otherwise known as Samanar Kundu. It was a well known medieval Jain center. It has a dilapidated structural temple, locally called Vattikoil. The shrine is dedicated to one of the Tirthankaras. The edifice had a shrine and a front mandapa, both enclosed by a prakara wall. With the exception of the basement foundation, the other components of the temple have disappeared with the ravages of time. The sculptures of Mahavira, Parsvanatha and cauri-bearers which once adorned the niches of the structures are still at the site, as are the two pillars with a lion base that originally supported the roof of the mandapa. They have been placed by the side of the loose sculptures. Among the sculptural vestiges, the figure of Mahavira and the head of the Parsvanathaimage are worthy of note. Mahavira is shown seated on a pedestal without the simhasana, calIri-bearers, creeper design, prabhavali, or triple umbrella. Simplicity and grandeur are fully manifested in this icon. The head of Parshwadeva is an exquisite specimen of art illustmting the best tradition of the Cola workmanship; the five-hooded serpent canopy, the smiling countenance; his curly hair arranged in small circles, his half-closed elongated eyes, and prominent nose. These features represent the portrayal of tenth century Jain sculpture. There are also three partially carved individual sculptures of chauri-bearers which formed part of the decoration of the temple wall. A separate sculpture of a lion, the mount of Ambika yaksi, is also beautifully executed. An inscription in tenth century characters, found on thebasement foundation of this ruined temple, mentions the name of Dayapaiar and Vadiraya, two disciples of Matisagaracarya. Apparently, Matisagara was the principal monk looking after the administration of the temple. His disciples. The history of the temple after the tenth century is not known as no records have appeared to date.

    How to Reach – Chettipatti is situated in the Pudukkottai region of Tamil Nadu.

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